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Give the gift of literature this holiday season!!!
Give the gift of literature this holiday season!!!
360 backers pledged $12,825 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mouse Books 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @ Sony - We'll research your order and direct message you right away. Thanks for letting us know.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sony 6 days ago

      Hi, I am yet to receive my books. Whom do I contact?

    3. Stuart Bradley on December 23

      Wonderful books, love the staples! I am giving them ALL away so I had to order more.

    4. James M.
      on December 22

      I was just skimming over the books, mainly to get the titles of the individual Russian Christmas stories*, and it appears that the questions in the back are the same for all three books. Was that done on purpose? I was expecting each text to have its own set of questions. I realize that takes extra time and effort to develop questions for every single book though. Having one set of questions for a given theme / three-pack of books is a reasonable alternative, makes sense, and maybe that's a good way to go if these types of questions will appear in future books. I would prefer not to see the exact same set of questions in every book though -- I think readers will start to ignore them if that's the case.

      * The first story's title doesn't seem to be given, but a web search for some of the text turned it up quickly enough: Papa Panov's Special Christmas.

    5. Terri
      on December 20

      Received mine today, you guys did great:)

    6. James M.
      on December 19

      My books are taking slightly longer to arrive than I would have expected for USPS first-class mail, but it's not a big deal. I'll still get them before Christmas, as promised here. It'll just take another day or two for reasons I don't quite understand. *shrug*

      Also, this has got to be the fastest Kickstarter fulfillment of physical rewards I've seen -- under 1 week! Thanks to Mouse Books for getting a head start on things during the campaign to ensure that we could get our rewards in time for the holiday. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Minty on December 19

      Already started reading The Gift of the Magi. Can’t wait to read the rest!! Thanks again :)

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    8. Mac Jones
      on December 19

      Books arrived in Los Angeles yesterday and they look great. Can’t wait to gift them out. First Class Mail was light years faster than Media Mail. Cheers!

    9. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 19

      @ Mark - KS support is pretty solid.

      @ Mike - We are so happy with these books. eDOC is an outstanding partner for us. The copper staples are my favorite detail.

    10. Mike Berg on December 19

      Thank you! I received my books in the mail yesterday!!! I can't believe how quickly they arrived. They are beautiful and will be enjoyed.
      Blacksburg, VA

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner
      on December 18

      Issue resolved. Thanks!

    12. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 17

      @ Mark - We don't handle any transactions; thats all kickstarter. I think you should email their support team. Generally, I've found them very good.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner
      on December 17

      Hey guys. I’m new to Mouse Books and can’t wait to get them. However, I backed the yearly reward and my CC was charged $61.00, $20.00 and $35.00. Not sure what happened but can you look into it? I believe I should have only been charged $61.00 for the yearly subscription unless I misunderstood. If so, please clarify. Thanks!!

    14. James M.
      on December 17

      It looks like these are on their way! � I see a tracking number in my USPS account for a package coming from Illinois, which I'm assuming is this one. The estimated delivery is the 21st, so they should arrive before Christmas add promised. This may be the fastest delivery of physical rewards I've seen, within a week of the campaign ending!

    15. Stuart Bradley on December 16

      Congratulations Mouse Books! The books do look beautiful.

    16. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 15


    17. MoistVomit
      on December 15

      another happy day in Kickstarter/book land. Now onto the next Mouse Books campaign.....!�

    18. Jasmin Castagnola
      on December 15

      Congratulations on another successful campaign! Looking forward to more of your quality products <3

    19. James M.
      on December 14

      Since I won't be available at the time this closes, I'll send an early congratulations on a successful campaign! :)

    20. James M.
      on December 12

      A bit of an aside, and I know you're busy with this campaign right now, but have you given any thought to offering a storage solution for our growing Mouse Books collections?

    21. Maybeline Perey on December 11

      So many exclamation points! I'm just happy to back a great thing again.

    22. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 11

      @ Minty - thank YOU!

    23. Missing avatar

      Minty on December 11

      Congrats on being funded. I can’t wait to start reading the new set!!

      Also, thanks for the sweet message! :)

    24. Railway Station Press on December 11

      Looking forward to those Holiday books!

    25. Stuart Bradley on December 11

      Congratulations Mouse Books!

    26. James M.
      on December 11

      Yay -- fully funded! I knew we were going to get there sooner or later. I'm glad we're finally there.

    27. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 11

      @ MAYBELINE - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28. Maybeline Perey on December 11

      Congrats on funding! I knew I was waiting so long to pledge for a reason. I upped it to get over that bump.

    29. Stuart Bradley on December 10

      My wife had her old friends over for the weekend and I stayed in a hotel. When I came home they were all excited about Mouse Books and wanted to know more.

    30. James M.
      on December 10

      Yes, only ~$125 to go now. I'm tweeting again. :D

    31. Stuart Bradley on December 10

      Homestretch! Go Mouse Books!

    32. James M.
      on December 10

      We're closing in on the goal -- only ~$200 to go now! It's just a matter of time before we pass it and get this thing done! :)

    33. James M.
      on December 8

      @Mouse Books: Thanks, I did see that a little while ago. It's good news for us backers and starting production early should certainly guarantee delivery by Christmas. Now we just have to bring this home for you. :) I don't doubt we will, but the sooner the better. I shared the campaign again on Twitter and Facebook, hoping to get more eyes on the project.

    34. Avery Rogers on December 8

      That [? In a little box] was supposed to be an emoji Christmas Tree :)

    35. Avery Rogers on December 8

      Hi Mouse Books! To help get us over, I just upgraded to a pay it forward to an at risk Youth subscription...thanks for giving us that option...Merry Christmas �

    36. Stuart Bradley on December 8

      Looks like from Update #3 we are going to have Christmas stocking stuffers.

    37. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 8

      @ James - See Update #3

    38. James M.
      on December 8

      With the 25th being Monday, a holiday, and USPS not working on Sundays, the real target date for delivery by Christmas is Saturday the 23rd. Since Mouse Books said they'll be using first-class shipping with USPS, as long as they get out by about the 20th, we ought to get them in time. Even sending by the 21st would probably be OK, but the 20th is a little safer. Worst case scenario is that we don't cross $10k until the day the campaign ends on Friday the 15th, and they only have a few days (that include a weekend) to get the books printed, sent to them, and shipped to us. We know they've started a bit on that already though (they showed us a cover in the last update), so that will help no matter what happens. But this is why the sooner we cross the goal, the better -- it gives Mouse Books more time to get things done in time. We've got to keep sharing and trying to get as many eyes as possible on this project; more views, more backers. I shared again this morning on Twitter. :)

    39. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 8

      @ Mac - shipping first class. Should be 2-3 days.

    40. Mac Jones
      on December 7

      Will you be shipping the holiday books the same way as previous orders? I believe it’s Media Mail which unfortunately seems to take over 5 business days to get to me in Los Angeles. Just trying to wrap my head around the total time from printing to packing to shipping if the books will arrive before the 25th.

    41. James M.
      on December 7

      I see that we're up to 250 backers now, and around 86% funded. I think we're still on pace to hit the goal early, which would be good because Mouse Book can start production before the campaign ends. And while I'm confident we can reach the goal, we're getting close enough that I'm getting anxious to see us cross the line. :) I'll feel better when we do get there; hopefully it'll just be a few more days.

    42. Stuart Bradley on December 6

      I love the new look of the inside cover!

    43. James M.
      on December 5

      @Jamie: Thanks, but I didn't track and plot things out myself. I went to this project's listing on kicktraq,com where they have the info and just reported on that. BTW, those stats are still about the same, but the high projection is lower now. Still, we're 3/4 funded now, well on the way to a successful campaign. If we keep sharing this (I've been doing so probably twice a day on Twitter), hopefully it will bring in more backers to get us to the goal sooner rather than later.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jamie Bean Whiteley on December 5

      @James...your posts are awesome. Mouse books are my favorite too. Love that you plotted out the funding!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jason Hale
      on December 5

      @Shannon: What a wonderful story! Kudos to your daughter for being curious and keeping an open mind! We need more of that kind of thing...

    46. James M.
      on December 4

      200 backers and 2/3 funded. We're getting there! :)

    47. Mouse Books 2-time creator on December 4

      @ Shannon - BEST. COMMENT. EVER.

    48. James M.
      on December 3

      FWIW, Kicktraq currently has us trending towards almost $14k with a projected total ranging from a bit over $13k to almost $22k. The projections have us crossing the $10k goal somewhere between days ~12.5 and 16 of the campaign, which would be about December 5/6 to the 9th, if I counted correctly. I know any sort of trend/projection has its pros and cons, but this seems like a good sign that we should be able to reach the funding goal before the campaign ends, giving Mouse Books a chance to get production started early, which would be good since we know they're willing to do that -- it would help ensure on-time delivery. If we keep up the sharing, maybe we can cross the goal within a week! :)

    49. Shannon P
      on December 3

      I recently found myself relatively alone at home, enjoying some peace and quiet and a mousebook. My hubby had taken five of our kids out, and it was just me and our 14 year old at home. I put my book down to go start dinner and she (being a 14 year old) picked it up, laughed at the size, and made some “funny” jokes about books being obsolete.

      Twenty minutes later I walked through the room to find her curled up in the chair reading the book. It led to some interesting discussions, and she is now devouring a second book, taking notes and making interesting observations.

      Thank you so much for these books!

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