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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 15 2017
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 15 2017

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    1. MOTUS Creator on

      Thanks for the kind words Wil, we're looking at a few different options for our next steps. We have a Facebook group where we get a lot of great feedback from our backers and fans, please join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/motusvip/

    2. Missing avatar

      Wil van Beers

      Verry sorry and disappointed that this campagne didn't see it through. I really liked the concept and could see/saw great potential use cases for it. Hope there will be a relaunch shortly???

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael J Robinson on

      Pretty much every day I think of another use for the MOTUS. Can't wait for it to arrive!

    4. Johan L Mattsson

      I think ( Sorry Swede ... ;) ) I got it. Applied for your VIPgroup I got invite for. So maybe I can "show and tell" more there. :) But thanks for the reply.

    5. MOTUS Creator on

      Hi Johan, thanks for you question. The way MOTUS works is that you place it on the perimeter of what you will be filming and point MOTUS where the action will be. MOTUS will rotate 180 following the TAG inside the perimeter. The motors can spin 360 it's just how the TAG is located that is the constraint. best, Jon

    6. Johan L Mattsson

      Can this spin 360? As in can you put it in the middle and skate around it in circles?

    7. MOTUS Creator on

      Hi Drew- thanks for the question. Yes, we actually have three different settings in the MOTUS app for the reactivity of MOTUS to your motions. Slow, medium and fast. Exactly like you said, the fast is much more high strung for faster moving sports and the slow is more for presentations or film-type applications. Hope that answers your question.

    8. Missing avatar

      Drew Gauley on

      Is it possible to adjust the reaction time of the unit as it follows the tag? Sometimes I'll likely want fast reactions for sporting events and smooth, slower reactions for more film-type applications.

    9. MOTUS Creator on

      Thanks everyone for all the great MOTUS use cases and other comments - keep them coming!

    10. Missing avatar

      Zeene Chang on

      I've tracked the development of Motus from the beginning and have had a sneak peak at working prototypes. I am super impressed with the end product! My background is in hardware development and it isn't easy getting to such a feature rich 1.0 product so kudos to Jon and his team! I also love that the use case has expanded beyond action sports and, as a newly minted vlogger, I'm psyched to add this to my tool belt of equipment for self-filming.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dior Wu on

      Can wait to use Motus to film my tennis and swimming strokes! No need to beg my friends to film myself. Will be great to film my kids' performances also so I can enjoy the performance rather than holding camera phone all the times.

    12. Jose De Castro on

      Can't wait to strap the beacon on my 2 year old and capture our play time at the park!

    13. Missing avatar

      Nigel Fung on

      Looking forward to getting mine ASAP. Motus hype is trending here in Toronto with a big BUZZ around it at Joyride 150. 2nd unit will be use by my cousin in the film industry to track workplace activities behind the set.

    14. MOTUS Creator on

      Thanks for the support and comment Jonathon!.
      I checked out your social media- cool pics- I ride a little MTB myself. At first I thought it looked like California, definitely not East coast US, but then I saw Australia on the website and it made sense!
      I think you set up MOTUS where, like you said, where it will cover several sections using the "Pickup Rider" feature so that it's pointed where right at the spot where you will come into range. You can also use the smart record rules to start the recording at the distance where you come into range so you're not burning battery and storage while MOTUS is waiting.
      Best, Jon

    15. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Willis on

      I film and edit Mountain biking videos, and rather than having a static external shot of the bike on a certain section of a trail, I can set up the MOTUS in a spot which will cover several sections at once! @Mtn_Bike_Geek on most Social Networks for more of an understanding of how I would use it.

    16. Joe Johnston Collaborator on

      Awesome! Thanks Daniel for sharing how you're going to use MOTUS.

    17. Daniel Pifko on

      Also, I'm getting this kind of feedback from my parent friends when I ask about using it for their kids' soccer/field games: "It would be fantastic, not only do the parents capture every play their kid makes but the parents get to watch the game without messing with the camera"

    18. Daniel Pifko on

      I am *very* much looking forward to having a Motus. I regularly record my kids in their activities, and this will allow me to concentrate on watching them rather than messing with my camera (and, probably, making poor videos). We'll have the Motus going for my kids' dance classes, trips to the motorcycle motocross park, martial arts classes, and more. I'm also thinking that our family friends with kids in soccer, football, tennis, and other field sports will be wanting one before long. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      olesyadream on

      Cool product, guys! I can't wait to try it out!

    20. Joe Johnston Collaborator on

      Hi Ilicco. We can definitely make a video for you!

      We actually just did a Facebook Live test in our VIP group on Facebook a few days ago: https://www.facebook.com/groups/motusvip/

      But we'll make a new one in the next couple days for YouTube Live. And maybe a Kickstarter Live as well!

    21. ilicco elia on

      Hi - good luck with the campaign - I noticed you say you can use "any other video app" as long as the motus app is running in the background - can you make a video showing this in action - for example using the Facebook app to stream live or the YouTube app as an example? Thanks

    22. Kristoffer Jägestedt

      Finally live:)

      But what's up with the shipping?
      Is taxes and tolls included?
      Best regards

    23. Joe Johnston Collaborator on

      Hi Paul. We added a VIP BUNDLE with 2x MOTUS for you. Thank you for your support!

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Chang on

      I already ordered (1) unit @ the VIP price of $299. I would like to order another @ the VIP price of $299. Please advise. Thx u :)