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Motobushido is a game about really sweet duels between really badass samurai who ride really awesome motorcycles.
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Savage Worlds Motobushido Needs Playtesters!

Posted by Nathanael Cole (Creator)

Hello folks! So a while back, I got contracted to write a Savage Worlds version of Motobushido for Pinnacle. To make a long story short, that version (three books!) is now completely written, and is being geared up for an actual public release.

But before that can happen, I am in desperate need of external playtesters. I need people that are not me to read the books, run them, and give me feedback on the setting, the writing style, and most of all: the mechanics.

Is your gaming group well-versed in Savage Worlds? Do you have a strong interest in playtesting the Completely Written and Ready for Layout books? Do you want to provide feedback on them, and get recognized playtester credit in the final print? If so, comment here, or message me directly! I'll get back to you one on one, and hook you up with the details of our playtest distribution and discussion forum.

And to provide some teaser inspiration, here's a sample of the cover art for the new book!

And that's just the first one! I've got two other books in the set as well, each with their own art. I'll save those for later!


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    1. Kyle Rakoz on

      Would love to get in combed on the play test again! Not super experienced in savage worlds but can comment on writing and mechanics.

    2. Kyle Rakoz on

      Would love to get in combed on the play test again!

    3. Echelon Game Design

      Oh man, I wish I could help... but I'm not comfortable saying I'm familiar enough with Savage Worlds (which is reasonable, since my group doesn't play it). I look forward to seeing the end result, though.