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A story-driven RPG about badass mecha pilots who combine into totally sweet ultimate robos and save Humanity from Big Giant Monsters.
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Roadmap Plans for April and May, and Wagoncon 2018 Approacheth!

Posted by Nathanael Cole (Creator)

Hey everyone! I wanted to post an update following up on the last bits of conversation here. I've got some big plans coming up in April and May. I've taken a little under a month off of work around then to do nothing but work on this project alone. The plan is to have an actual Second Beta draft (out of Alpha!) release to Github by no later than Wednesday, May 2nd, but I honestly expect it to be live a few days if not weeks prior to that. At this point, the main blockers are the final tweaks to the brand new character playbooks, which are still nagging at me for not being unique enough. The playtests have been really positive on them, but also confirmed that my internal nagging is more than just being a perfectionist, they really need some tweaking. Fortunately, not much! Just gotta find the right mix of ingredients to give each of them that special flavor.

This release will be public, on GitHub, for all to see. I will post the links here privately first, so y'all can have first access! No art (similar to the "Frugal Edition" of Motobushido), that's only for the final version. Plus, GitHub makes getting direct feedback a LOT easier, both from backers and from anyone else who takes an interest. For the handful of you already participating in the current Alpha development repo, that one will cease to receive further pull requests once I rebase the project and move to GitHub. Save all of the Branwen comments while you can, they'll soon be gone forever. It's been a fun ride, and thanks!

Hot on the tail of that date, starting May 3rd and into that weekend I'll be at WagonCon in The Dalles, OR. It's my favorite convention currently, a super-small but amazingly awesome small-town convention, full of kind souls and a heavenly atmosphere. I'm planning two demo games at that event, and welcome y'all to come up to the Columbia Gorge and join us there.

Branwen says thanks, too!

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