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A story-driven RPG about badass mecha pilots who combine into totally sweet ultimate robos and save Humanity from Big Giant Monsters.
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Posted by Nathanael Cole (Creator)
208%!! 208%!! 208%!! 208%!! 208%!!
208%!! 208%!! 208%!! 208%!! 208%!!


Thanks for your support, everyone, great job! That was a fun ride, and went way further than I ever dared to hope that it would. All the major stretch goals were unlocked, and lots of new content will now be possible. Looks like Me, Juan, and the rest of the crew have a lot of work ahead of us!

So what's coming next?

Well now that the funding drive has concluded, it'll take two weeks or more for the payments to process. I've been working on some playtest draft updates, and expect to have a new git push out there sometime before then. Once the cash hits the accounts, I'll know exactly what I'm working with, and start sending out the official new art and design commissions to the rest of my team.

What can we do to help?

First and foremost, read the playtest rules and give me your feedback. Anything great or small, all that feedback helps. What do you like? What do you hate? Have you tried anything at your gaming table? What's broken and in dire need of attention? What's perfect and never needs to change? This kind of feedback is really the main reason I launched this KS project in the first place, because it's awesome early adopters like you who can make the biggest difference in the product, and help me out the most.

I'll post updates here as well, but if you want to follow everything as it happens, either follow me on my (ridiculously active) Google Plus page, or hit me up on the Discord channel. The latter is probably the best place to reach me directly, and discuss the game and its rules and any feedback.

So bring it on! =)

And thanks again, everyone, immensely.


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