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$161,731 pledged of $650,000 goal

Update #7 - Ships & Ship Management

As mentioned earlier this week here is some more detailed information about Ships and Ship Management in Nexus 2:


Ship configuration is the base of all tactics and as such one of the most important elements of the game. Here the player decides what the purpose of each ship will be. Will it be a shield breaker? A recon ship? A stealth ship with a cloaking device? Maybe a device attacker with tons of heavy lasers which can punch through any shield? 

What equipment works best with which ship also has to be taken into consideration. For example lasers are best used on faster ships, which can maneuver better. 


The player controls huge spaceships. We categorize them according to their purposes:

 • Support ship 

• Corvette 

• Frigate 

• Destroyer 

• Cruiser 

• Heavy Cruiser 

• Battleship 

• Freighter 

• Squadrons (Fighter, Bomber, Gunboat, these are carried by the above ships) 

At any given point in the game, the story dictates how much and what kind of ships the player can have. Most of the ships stay with the player throughout the game (some will join only for a mission or 2). 

With the exception of the flagship, Angelwing, all the ships can be lost temporarily. In this case the player gets a replacement ship at the next friendly base. The new ship will be manned by the lost ship's rescued crew, and – for the easier narration – the ship is going to have the same name that its predecessor had, it’ll only have a identifier behind its name (for example “Sparta” -> “Sparta – B”). 

There is a possibility, that the player has to complete a mission without a replacement ship – this might happen if according to the story there is no way to go to a friendly base between two missions. 

In the vast majority of the cases though the ship configuration screen is available: 


The player can refit and repair his ships between missions. Sometimes this might not be an option (no space station/support ship nearby or a subsequent mission occurs very soon after the other) for dramatic reasons, but this will be rare. 

 As the game progresses, more and more new equipment become available. Mostly these are upgrades for existing devices, but there will be plenty of new ones too. These can be fitted to the ships on the ship equipment screen. 


The replacement or purchase of equipment cost resource points. Every device has a predefined number of resource points needed to install it on the ship. 

The amount of resource points available depends on the actual situation such as how many ships are at the base, whether there are higher ranked officers, or how much time there is to do repairs or modifications. If however we have priority at the given base with tons of time, then there will be plenty of resource points. Basically it depends on the story. The above explanation also means, that the resource points can’t be “collected” and used later. 

The player can influence the amount of resource points by raising the ship’s Repair skill. It is important to note that every ship has separate resource point pool. 


Each ship can be equipped with dozens of weapons, shields, engines and other devices. The number of available devices and equipment is limited though; all the bases have predefined stocks to choose from. The player has to think carefully which ship will get which upgrade. 

Some devices cannot be changed, because they are mission critical equipment or integral parts of the ship/ship class. 

The installable equipments of a ship depend on: 

• What kind of repair capacity the station has (e.g. on a little station the player can only replace the weapons, but not the engines, and the generators)

• What can be put on the ship (eg. one cannot put a Siege laser on a Destroyer) 

• Whether the player is authorized to buy the specific equipment (we may show some unavailable devices beforehand, to give some imperative to play more) 

• Does the player have enough resource points to buy the equipment. 

The equipment can be put into the following groups: 

• Weapons 

• Shields 

• Sensors 

• Defense systems 

• Generators 

• Boats (Fighter, Bomber, Gunship, Commando) 

• Other 


A new feature is the customization of squadrons. The armament of fighters, bombers and gunboats can be changed on a new GUI panel. The player can choose from different lasers, bombs, torpedoes and flaks, but every change costs resource points as well. 


Repairing a damaged ship is free (or takes only very few resource points), as we don’t want to additionally punish the player (he probably had bad tactics/equipment, we don’t want him to burn his resource points on repairs instead of changing the necessary weapons/devices). The rearming of weapons which use finite ammo is also free; this includes the Fighters missing from squadrons and the dead Commandos too (but only if their shuttle is intact).  


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    1. Netzbummler on

      Sorry too say that, Bismarck, but there isn't really a lot to show. I know that most gaming sites in Germany have published at least a news article about this campaign, but there has been no follow-up due to lack of material from the devs. A few tiny concept art pictures, but that was it in terms of tangible assets. Instead, the devs rely too much on us in spreading the word. If they keep this up, this campaign is doomed.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bis18marck70 on

      @Jonas Vesterberg. They have tried but it seems the big Gaming sides have no interest in publishing this

    3. Aaron Neumann on

      Now, you guys this is after Planetary Annihilation and Obsidian's kickstarter projects... I got a suggestion for you MWE, wait until everything tappers off with the Kickstarter projects and then use some of your resources to get this project viral.

    4. Jonas Vesterberg on

      This seriously needs more EXPOSURE or else this kickstarter is doomed.

    5. ATel on

      'i'm interested to see a non-human freighter ships,and what sorts of "protect" missions will we have with them. (that first noah mission was the pain in the a** for me e)

    6. ATel on

      John Au Yeung , every ship in the game is a little carrier, and there is one (as i recall) Raptor's "with enlarged hangars" support ship.(in NTJI).
      Maybe they meant support also as carriers.

    7. GeoModder on

      You can save mid-mission in Nexus - TJI. Just press the escape button. :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Max Chudnovsky on

      I liked proposal. Don't fix what's not broken. The only thing I hated in first one was how scripted missions were and lack of ability to save mid mission. I would love to see game more open worldish. Like privateer with capital ships.

      Also, why not hoarding resources? It makes management more interesting. Do I buy additional laser or should I keep resources so I can get more expensive weapon next mission.

    9. GeoModder on

      @buryck: Sounds only logical if you consider that a space navy isn't in the business of "selling" its equipment. Stuff just goes back in the depot for later use...
      IIRC, resource points in Nexus - TJI represented the labor needed to install/remove the choosen devices.

      Controlling freighters seems to be new, at least I can't remember controlling a freighter vessel in Nexus - TJI. On squadrons, are they customizable only inbetween missions, or during the mission as well?

    10. Anders T.N

      @ buryuck: Maybe there can be a buyback system. Were damaged modules give a lower bonus than those with 100% integrity?
      @ Robin Chaddock: Great questions hope they will be answered. Still can't imagine people being on the fence. After all 25$ means that even with a drawback or two the game will still be great value. Hell it will still be better than Diablo 3 (which i paid 40 euros for).

    11. Missing avatar

      Robin Chaddock on

      I don't want to sound negative.... but the above update reads like it was copy/pasted from the Nexus 1 project proposal/design document.

      I've already backed the project, but for those on the fence I imagine they'd like to know specific areas that Nexus 2 is going to improve upon Nexus 1.

      The destructible sections mentioned in the video sounds interesting, could you elaborate upon this?

      Are the character portraits going to be realtime rendered & lip-synced to the dialogue, rather than the raster animations used in Nexus 1?

      Will the game have cutscenes flushing out the back story?

      Given the intrinsic beauty of the game, are we likely to see a cinematic camera window that tracks events of interest? (e.g. the cinematic window seen in Startrek Armada)

      Are the weapon mechanics going to remain akin to the scissors/paper/stone of the previous game?

      Is multiplayer going to be included, if so is it going to be more flushed out than the original?

      Given that hardware has moved on a long way in the past 8 years, will we be seeing nebulae & other more exotic space anomalies that would have been performance prohibitive in nexus 1?

    12. buryck on

      One drawback Nexus 1 had is that you can't sell the parts fitted on the ship when you want to add new ones. No need for full resource points refound, but at least 25% of initial cost would help buying new, more expensive stuff.
      So... the Angelwing will be the main ship again. She didn't show us all of her tricks, she's more than just a """bucket of bolts""".

    13. shockedder

      Do the commandos/fighter squadrons gain experience too ?
      Will it be possible to take over a ship with them ?

      Superb update thank you.