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$161,731 pledged of $650,000 goal
$161,731 pledged of $650,000 goal

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    1. Scott on

      It's a real shame that nothing happened here.
      I would love to see another game like Nexus.
      Cinamatic space battles oh yes......OH YES PLEASE

    2. Andreas Jahrn on

      Unfortunately, Most Wanted Entertainment is no more. For latest news on Nexus, visit

    3. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      I would love to see another shot at nexus 2 kickstarter. I think the timing was off and the lack of press hurt it then. I really think it has a chance now with the interest in space games at the moment.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mazryonh on

      Hi, this is the "lighthouse keeper" for Nexus (I posted a lot earlier on this project's page) with an important request. The Most Wanted Entertainment webpage (the developers behind this Kickstarter and the original Nexus) hasn't been updated since 2012 and still contains announcements for 2010.

      Were any of the backers here Hungarian or currently live in Hungary? Can anyone who fits that category check out if MWE is still in business? No one there has answered my e-mails in a while. The physical address for their offices on their webpage follows below:

      110 Váci út, 1133 Budapest, Hungary
      Phone: +36 1 999 1960

    5. Geikichi on

      2014 : second try fort nexus 2 ? ^^

    6. Alex on

      I still hope we will get a Nexus 2 someday !

    7. Geikichi on

      I hope someday we ll have some news

    8. ATel on

      At least tiny news about future of the project exist?

    9. Theodor Mihalache on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    10. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      This and the Pro Pinball KS are the ones I most wish had made it. However Pro Pinball have announced a second KS for next month so maybe there's still life in this too?

    11. Martin Grešák on

      Hello all nexus fans i made very nice SHIPS, GRAPHICS, STORY, 2013-showcase of old NEXUS:TJI also as my last tribute to this amazing game so every1 interested watch and comment.…

    12. Amenomade on

      @Owner of the page
      If you read.
      You need pre-prod content to show and discuss, little artwork and no in-depth discussion can't make enough interest for peoples that didn't know the first game. I think it cost you to have TB made a video for you, it's something important, and you do little around it. If you need advice on how to do a Kickstarter, just ask the community, before, like a month before, build something solid, spread the word, and be ready to do sleep only 5h per day for the time of the Kickstarter, because you need to interact with the community, not only update and review, it's Crowdfunding, and the crowd, it's us, not some news website. You can't start a Kickstarter with nothing, like you did, you need to work on it for some time, to be able to convince us about you, your game, and your motivation. This comments section is made for you, it's your tribune, on the last 200 messages, 3 are from you, and it's hey check this interview, ok we will talk with him and thanks we will ask him an interview. If you don't understand, just ask, there is no shame, we are all the same, it just, you can make something for us, and we will happily help you, and it's the first step to the success. You can also rework your approach and be super badass, it's cool too.

    13. Geikichi on

      Maybe ! Let s hope they will realise that the community wants to play nexus 2. They lost a battle but the war is not over ! ^^

    14. Ruinous on

      They should take a leaf from Dark Triad's post (failed) kickstarter campaign. They've been continuing to do updates and comments in preparation for a revamped push. Its such a shame MWE have gone radio silent. Maybe if Thunder Wolves is successful we'll see a better try at getting Nexus 2 funded?

    15. Geikichi on

      Maybe it's time to try another campaign :)

    16. Ruinous on

      I'd been thinking about this game recently and wondering if there is still any hope of it seeing it, or is this truly dead & gone?

    17. Revan on

      I am quite disappointed by the developer interaction with this kickstarter. Its almost like we believed more in this campaign than they did. At star citizen we had daily interaction with Chris Roberts. With planetary annihilation we had it about ever week and both of these did amazingly well. If you do not take the time to connect with the fans and prospective fans your going to fall short.

    18. Netzbummler on

      Have a look at David Braben's Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter. Now compare it to Star Citizen. Do you see the difference? It doesn't matter if you have a big name - what matters is your commitment to your project and your fans. While Chris did everything right, David might actually manage to completely screw his Kickstarter up. The same goes for Nexus. If you have a "small" name and are more of a niche title, you have to work twice or thrice as hard for your Kickstarter to get funded. MWE didn't, and they failed.

    19. Joel Segerbäck on

      Not sure just doing what Chris Roberts did with Star Citizen would be fully applicable here. Nexus does have a fanbase, but it's nowhere near the size of the fanbase for Wing Commander. Chris Roberts is one of the big household names in video games, up there with Peter Molyneux, Brian Fargo, John Carmack and Gabe Newell. Anything he says or does is guaranteed publicity, the same isn't true for an indie studio. In terms of funding goal and popularity of the previous title, I think the Conquest 2: Vyrium Uprising campaign would be the most similar, and like this it failed it's funding goal. Not to say it would be impossible for a project this size to get funded, but for something like this, it takes a lot of effort to just gain media attention, something Star Citizen and Wasteland 2 didn't really have a problem with.

    20. Roland on

      Devs I think if you have more footage and game demo to show, and have more concrete plan with much information, you can succeed. Just look at Star Citizen, smahed world record in crowdsource funding of , at $6.2 million. There are definitely space fans, you just need a good enough pitch and publicity, by wirting to gaming press and engage the community!

    21. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      I agree that it is sad that this fell short, but that seems to be happening recently. Just check out: which also looked really good in the "fun" category. The only one left, near as I can tell, is… which looks great, I must admit. The only thing bugging me is how long it will take to actually get the product, but hopefully the wait will result in a really fantastic product.

    22. Neo on


    23. Katrar (∞) on

      I have come to view projects like this, that exhibit such an utter lack of any effort to communicate with their funding community as not only amateurish, but disrespectful. It's this aura of disrespect that predisposes me to not participate in HD Interactive's next KS effort, if it happens. Harsh, maybe, but zero communication is different than poor communication.

    24. David Y on

      I'm sad to see this project fell short of its goal. I sincerely hope that the dev team keep this project alive and personally, I will gladly back and support it again and as many time as it takes to see it realised. The Jupiter Incident was a master-piece of a game and I don't doubt a current-gen follow up will be equally amazing.

      More gaming sites need to know about this project to get word spread and of course, FB, Twitter and social media can help a lot. I hope to hear more about this in the future.

    25. Missing avatar

      MadJackMcJack on

      I only found out about this game because of a TotalBiscuit video that popped up in my recommended videos tab. A real shame, as I loved Nexus and was gutted that the second one never emerged. Here's hoping they learn from this and flood the Internet with word of this game, get the word out.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dean McCraw on

      I have to say, I loved the first game but it was pure luck I found this. I didn't see any mention of it on the RSS feeds or websites I check regularly although I've added RockPaperShotguns kickstarter feed recently, it might've been on there. It was pure luck I found this.

      I think 650k was a stretch even with proper advertising, but the fact there was essentially no publicity for this, combined with being launched at the same time as Project Eternity and Star Citizen doomed it before it started.

    27. Robert Gill on

      Agreed - hope you guys try again. Publicity for smaller niche games is really low - we need to get the word out there more effectively.

    28. Aletheides on

      This is a sad day for gaming... Please try again guys. This kickstarter didn't fail due to Nexus 2 being a bad product. Rather due to lack of knowledge of this being on kickstarter, the word didnt spread well enoguh and due to lack of an active community manager who could keep up the contact with the community throughout the kickstarter. Crowd funding is like a flame. If you don't feed it fuel constantly it will diminish and finally die out.

      This is what another company learned from the same experience.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stefan Heibel on

      Like others I'm sad to see this project not get funded and I hope you guys continue to try and push forward with the project using another means or maybe another kick starter.
      However I agree with what most others have said. This project needs more advertising, in every way. That means more interaction with your fans and more posts on here (or elsewhere) to spread the word and generally keep people upto date. So this is especially important if your pushing for a lot of money like this project was.
      Good luck in the future!

    30. Morten on

      Sad to see this go as I'm enjoying Nexus at the moment, but we the Internet will just not invest in anything we do not feel apart of. That means that more energy has to be put into running the kickstarter campaign.

    31. Drakan on

      A message of support to the developers. Cheer up guys, you had thousands of backers. You were simply unlucky that you were up against Star Citizen at teh same time.

    32. Gypaetus on

      A little message to cheer on your project. I hope you find another way to fund this project ! I enjoy you first Nexus, I wish i could play to your Nexus 2 !

      I'm with you !

    33. Le Goulu on

      Yup, need EPIC VIDEO ! And another month, and i give 50++$ easy

    34. Gino Bales on

      This game needs a better marketing plan. Expecting to raise over half a million dollars with only pictures, a really old tech demo and an unknown team would be a tall task for any studio no matter their. Hopefully, the developers have been working on something substantial to show investors if they decide to try crowd sourcing again.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jefferson Clay on

      Ok, that's it... 650 grand was too much. How about relaunching with a lower goal? -I personally would be perfectly happy with an extension of the first game.
      New missions and ships plus an extension of the story (where did the Angelwing come from?!?)...

    36. Missing avatar

      Christopher Wilson on

      All the best guys, I was really rooting for you. I hope that you can try again sometime soon and bring us your vision some time in the not too distant future.

    37. Strijkbout on


    38. Andreas Bech on

      it's so sad that so few people want games like nexus or homeworld back.

    39. Sven Piper on

      It is a pity that the game not funded. The 1st Nexus game is one of my all time favorites and I would enjoy to play a 2nd part.

    40. Joe McCormack on

      Perhaps during the next reboot they could offer the game on USB as an option...still looking forward to getting the t-shirt when things do get funded. =)

    41. Shane Cunningham on

      Damn. Look like this one's a dead duck.

    42. Missing avatar

      Thor on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    43. Scott Lowrie on

      Yet another abandoned kickstarter >>

    44. Atarun

      @DanteOne: I agree with @Neo here. The devs made an update that was a mere list of external links to interviews. That's cool, but devs present on Kickstarter at least once in a while to react to backers' issues is a must. As it is, it really feels like they've given up on this campaign days ago.

    45. Neo on

      Yeah, I'll comment. If it bothers you then I'd suggest you skip replying to my comments.
      Tell me when was the last developer's interaction with backers here? Or on Facebook?
      It's not my problem you don't wanna see the truth. I backed it here and I'll back it again if they show more professionalism and readiness with something more than concept art, interviews and relying on the fame of Nexus1.

    46. Atarun

      Unless I've missed it, it's been 17 days since the last dev comment on Kickstarter...
      If you've given up on us, devs, the least you could do is cancel this campaign, methinks.

    47. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      @buryck: Linearity is not a problem, but a game needs to be able to handle players not doing things in exactly the expected manner in a more graceful manner than crashing. Look up the notes for the original patch to get a reminder of the state the game was released in. You really didn't have to do anything all that out of the ordinary to break the game.

      @Jann Siller: It's great that you never tried any of the actions that lead to crashes, but plenty of fans of the game will acknowledge it has its fair share of known issues and workarounds. Mission 3 is particularly notorious one for example (simply due to the number of players likely to encounter it because it's early in the game), where if you deploy fighters before completing certain other actions the game will crash.

      Regarding widescreen, I'm aware of the mod, but it's not perfect as briefings are cut-off and it's obviously not as nice as having proper in-game support.

      Of course, there's also the issue of internet play, and it would also be a great opportunity to do something about that (like switching a peer-to-peer system [since hosting servers likely isn't viable] and Steamworks).

      In any case, I don't really want to rant about Nexus 1, my point was that regardless of whether you think Nexus 1 is fine as is - updating it up can only ultimately be a benefit to them - and I would presume would require a *much* less significant resource and time investment than a full blown sequel.

      People have commented that news of the Kickstarter didn't reach enough people, and perhaps that's true, but there are threads about it in any place that fans of Nexus 1 are likely to visit. Maybe the harsh truth is that there aren't enough people interested in a Nexus 2 because there aren't enough fans of Nexus 1.

      If that's the case, the best way to get more people interested in a Nexus 2 is not only more publicity - it's making more people fans of Nexus 1 (though I guess that is still publicity in a manner of speaking). You do that by breathing new life into the game with a patch that fixes the remaining problems and modernizes it just a bit (all the original art assets are still fine - it just needs programming work). Couple that with a Steam sale (assuming HD Interactive has any control over the sales of Nexus 1 anymore - Steam does list them as the publisher) - you get people buying and playing Nexus 1 again and they'll want Nexus 2. Heck, if HD Int./Most Wanted are still the owners of Nexus 1, then perhaps if the "re-release" does well enough profit from its sales could even directly contribute to Nexus 2.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mazryonh on

      "Are we too late to defeat the Entity?"

      No. Neither are we too late to save Nexus 2. The interest is clearly there--it just didn't reach enough people. Still, there are a number of things the devs could look into doing, aside from making enough calorie counters to fund alpha development so that there's more to build hype around (for that matter, Christian Allan of the Takedown Project here on Kickstarter only asked for enough money to fund an alpha version of his game so promotion could snowball--then again, shooters, even the tactical kind, have always been more popular than space games), or making a video based on my "You belong in space" script idea.

      I know the devs at MWE have mentioned their stance against making licensed games, but there's still an enormous opportunity for them to make a lot of money and earn a lot of recognition, if after they establish the foundation of Nexus 2's engine work, they would make a licensed tactical fleet command game for Battlestar Galactica (strictly based on Ronald D. Moore's version) or Babylon 5, using Nexus-style gameplay mechanics. Both sci-fi series are beloved by the fans and could get MWE the attention and "bankability" to easily get the funding they need for their creative endeavours, because such a game with Nexus-style gameplay would easily outstrip anything else that's one the market in terms of licensed games (or in Babylon 5's case, be a great first step).

      I would also implore the devs at Most Wanted Entertainment to seriously consider taking some time to develop other side-story titles based in the Nexus universe. A lot of fans are asking about a more extensive campaign based on the Terran hard sci-fi ships seen in the first chapter of Nexus 1. If they can get the basics of Nexus 2's engine working, I don't think such a small prequel campaign (possibly based on the 2080 Corporate Secession War in which Marcus Cromwell fought before he got put in stasis?) would be too difficult to make, since much of the 3D models and textures from Nexus 1 can still be reused, albeit in a higher-res form, and a lot of us are curious as to how Marcus' life turned out before he was shoved in the freezer. It might also be good if MWE makes a flight simulator game based on Nexus as well (either in the Noah-Gorg war or the Terran Corporate Secession War), since there are still a lot of fans of that genre (Vincent Van Diemen included). Depending on the control schemes and whether the complexities of piloting a space fighter using Newtonian mechanics are included, such a game could be marketed to the burgeoning Ipad market.

      Till that time, I guess it's back to the lighthouse for me.

      "So sleeps our angel,
      So continues our vigil.
      Until the new dawn . . . "

    49. DanteOne on

      Update #9 · Oct. 23, 2012 ...

      Neo next time really dont comment...

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