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Ubertooth One is an open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform that can be used for Bluetooth sniffing and more.
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acceptance testing

Yesterday I opened up a box from China and found that 991 Ubertooth One packages had arrived intact! Since this is the first time I've ever had them (or anything of such complexity) manufactured, I decided to do some testing of my own. The factory went through a test procedure of my design, but I wanted to validate the results, both to make sure that the factory testing caught the types of failures it was intended to catch and to determine if there are additional failure modes I should test for in the future.

I started with a sample of 68 units and found that 3 of them failed.  To make sure this wasn't a freak result, I continued testing more units. Unfortunately the failure rate continued at about 5%. I don't think this is terribly bad for the first production run of a brand new product, but I don't want to ship you guys boards with that high a failure rate.  It wouldn't be fun for 5% of you backers to receive bad units and have to wait for replacements to be shipped, especially since more than a quarter of you are international, so I am going to personally test every single board before it is shipped.

It will take a while to test so many boards, but I will work on them at every opportunity until they are done. I don't expect to ship any on Monday as I had hoped, but I will get them out to you as soon as I can, possibly shipping rewards for different pledge levels on different days.

If the anti-static bag containing your Ubertooth One ends up looking like it was cut open with scissors and re-sealed with a household iron, that's because it was! Consider it a mark of quality.

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    1. Creator David Kraft on May 16, 2011

      I can't remember how late each windows release shipped, but I can remember how bad the bugs sucked. And how insulting and costly the service patches were.

      Keep up the great work.

    2. Creator Dylan on May 15, 2011

      Thanks Michael, your diligence is certainly appreciated!