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Ubertooth One is an open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform that can be used for Bluetooth sniffing and more.
Ubertooth One is an open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform that can be used for Bluetooth sniffing and more.
441 backers pledged $53,001 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

still going. . .

Here's something they don't tell you when you are starting your Kickstarter project: It will never end!  :-)

Just a few days ago I had an undeliverable reward package returned to me from Spain.  There are still a couple people who haven't given me their shipping addresses.  I hope they are alive.

As far as I know, all the other backers have received their reward packages and their Ubertooth Ones are working fine.  If you are still waiting on a package or have any other problems, please contact me.

I will be at DEF CON this weekend, and I look forward to seeing many of you there.  Please introduce yourself if you spot me.  I plan to give an Ubertooth Update talk at noon on Saturday in the Wireless Village, and I expect to be hanging around the Wireless Village and Hardware Hacking Village fairly often.  I'll give away an Ubertooth One at the Ubertooth Update talk.

Look for HakShop and Wall of Sheep in the DEF CON vendor area.  HakShop will have Ubertooth One and the Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit for sale.  Wall of Sheep will have the Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit.

Today I posted a new release (r314) of Project Ubertooth.  The release notes have been posted to the ubertooth-general email list on sourceforge.  Be sure to subscribe to the list for future release announcements.

Ubertooth One at SparkFun

Yesterday SparkFun Electronics announced availability of Ubertooth One:

If you are just getting into electronics or would like to, SparkFun is an excellent place to shop. My first Ubertooth prototype was built with a development board from SparkFun. It is the fourth online retailer to carry Ubertooth One and is the world's largest open source hardware company.

I couldn't be happier with the four outlets now carrying Ubertooth One. This is a product for a special audience, and I have a hard time imagining anyone better able to reach that audience:

This is the last of the four outlets I established a relationship with during the Kickstarter period. Going forward, the best place to find information about where to purchase Ubertooth One will be the Great Scott Gadgets site:

The Kickstarter phase of this project is slowly winding down. I have a handful of packages to prepare this weekend, and another handful of backers still haven't submitted their shipping addresses. If your address was in on time, you are located in the United States, and you still haven't received your reward package, let me know. If you are in a different country, give it another week and then let me know. The amount of time needed to get through customs seems to have varied considerably even for recipients in the same country.

what you are getting

By now, I expect that everyone in the US has received their reward packages, and I've heard of several deliveries in other countries as well. On the assumption that late is better than never, I'd like to clarify what you should find when you open your package.

$15 reward package:

  • 1 Ubertooth One printed circuit board. These were manufactured from r217, a slightly newer hardware revision than the fully assembled boards. The differences are around the voltage regulator, replacing some 0402 parts with 0603s for easier soldering.
  • 1 Kapton solder paste stencil, also r217.
  • 1 piece of heat shrink tubing that can be used to protect your Ubertooth One once assembled.
  • 1 Great Scott Gadgets sticker made to fit the optional P3A-260906U enclosure.
  • 1 Throwing Star LAN Tap printed circuit board.

$30 reward package:

  • 1 Ubertooth One PCB (as above).
  • 1 stencil (as above, and I'm going to stop writing "as above" now).
  • 1 Pogoprog serial programmer, assembled and tested.
  • 1 piece heat shrink tubing.
  • 1 sticker.
  • 1 Throwing Star LAN Tap PCB.

$100 reward package:

  • 1 Ubertooth One, assembled and tested, packaged with a 2 dBi dipole antenna. These were manufactured with the LPC1756 microcontroller.
  • 1 piece heat shrink.
  • 1 sticker.
  • 1 Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit.

$180 reward package:

  • 2 Ubertooth Ones.
  • 2 pieces heat shrink.
  • 2 stickers.
  • 1 Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit.

$220/221 reward package:

  • 1 Ubertooth One.
  • 1 Ubertooth One special edition with LPC1759 and P3A-260906U enclosure (with sticker).
  • 1 large dipole antenna (7 dBi) with magnetic base.
  • 2 pieces heat shrink.
  • 1 sticker.
  • 1 Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit.

It took me a while to find the right antenna to include with the special edition package. I determined early on that it should be either a directional antenna or an omni-directional antenna with significantly more gain than the regular 2 dBi model. I opted for the latter, partly because I found a part that looked good and partly because I wanted something well suited to the currently available software capabilities, i.e., broad surveying with Kismet. When looking for the right part, practicality demanded that I establish some size limit; the limit I chose was that it easily fit inside my laptop bag.

The one aspect of the antenna that disappointed me was the strength of the magnet in the base. If you try to use it on the roof of a car, you'll find that it doesn't stay in place at highway speeds. I considered retrofitting all of the bases with stronger magnets, but I was running short on time. Then I discovered that there are restrictions on the shipment of strong magnets, and I would have to figure out how to comply with the rules of several different countries! So that modification remains an exercise for the reader.

I ended up with special edition boards of two different types, some with white solder mask and some with black. The black ones are identical to the fully assembled base model except with an LPC1759 in place of the LPC1756. The only differences between these two types are cosmetic (and can't be seen if used with the included enclosure). The story of how I came to have two different kinds of special edition boards is long and best told over a beer or three.

At first I wasn't certain how I would fairly distribute the differing boards, but a solution presented itself when I counted up the boards and looked at the final list of pledges: I had the right number of working boards to give a white one to the 25 people who pledged highest. If you pledged $221 or higher, regardless of your reward selection, you should receive a white board. I know it isn't much, but consider it an extra thank you for your generous support of the project. Note that most of these backers had pledged $221 or higher even before I added the $221 reward level. Also, back in March, I shipped a bonus ShmooCon edition prototype board to the backer with the highest overall pledge.

Thank you all so much for your support of this project! I sincerely hope that the reward you receive meets your expectations. If you have any problems with shipment or a device I sent you, please let me know right away at or on the ubertooth-general mailing list if it is a technical problem others might learn from.

Happy hacking!

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fresh code

I posted a new release (r238) on this week.  Highlights include:

  • assembly diagrams to make building hardware easier,
  • UAP discovery in the Kismet plugin, and
  •, a new real-time spectrum analysis application.

If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out the demo video that Jared put together for the spectrum analyzer (which he wrote):

Also, there is a new "getting started" page that I suggest everyone read:

The Evergreen post office hates me.

Almost every package was shipped today! There were just a few non-standard reward packages that I wasn't able to put together until tonight. They will go out in Tuesday's mail. Otherwise, If I had your shipping address by Saturday, your package is already in the mail. If you submitted your address late, I will ship your package as I am able.