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Transmit or receive any radio signal from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz on USB power with HackRF.
Transmit or receive any radio signal from 30 MHz to 6000 MHz on USB power with HackRF.
1,991 backers pledged $602,960 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Joel Cardoso on December 21

      I have sent several emails that my HackRF got returned due to licensing issues as you sent it by post and the post office wanted me to produce a license for using this device which I could not obtain as this is a hobby for me.
      Unfortunately several emals have got no response from the campaign owner? I am surprised and saddened by no response whatsoever

    2. Creator Stephan Forth on October 16

      Still did not receive my HackRF! No response from campain owner! I am really upset! :-(

    3. Creator Rob Barrette on June 22, 2015

      Still shipping?

    4. Creator Fusspils on May 14, 2015

      Thats a brilliant idea Jason thanks. I checked out his website and he's giving away free Hack RF systems to some lucky contestants, maybe I can bag a Hack RF after all!

      I suggest that anyone else who is still waiting patiently for their "early bird" reward of this product apply as well.

    5. Creator jason on March 18, 2015

      Rather than complaining here, why Don't you try contacting Michael from other means like twitter... things happen with email like it getting filtered with junk mail

    6. Creator Fusspils on March 17, 2015

      I share your pain George, I for one won't be backing anything by Michael again! These devices are available elsewhere for sale which bothers me the most, not much point in being an early backer if you can pick them up online sooner!

    7. Creator George Kontopidis on March 13, 2015

      As of today, March 13th, 2015, I have NOT received my unit; I was one of the first supporters of Michael's work and prepaid more than one year ago. I do not like complaining, but after THREE polite emails to him, I got no response. The only thing I am requesting is A RESPONSE by the creator.

    8. Creator Tom Poliquin on February 24, 2015

      I am a bit frustrated too. I have not received my unit yet.

    9. Creator Fusspils on February 23, 2015

      Very frustrated not to have received my HackRF yet even though they've been available through other channels for quite some time. Has anyone else received their HackRF recently?

    10. Creator Adam on February 17, 2015

      For those backers awaiting their portapacks:

    11. Creator PEI-HAN LEE on February 2, 2015

      Spend over $3xx and get nothing! :(

    12. Creator GiligainIsland on January 19, 2015

      Note: if you didn't receive product yet, it would be better to request follow up outside this Kickstarter comments, but instead use the websites listed under the creator's bio. (Seems it's been currently 6 weeks since creator has visited his project).

    13. Creator Jordan Bell on January 13, 2015

      I completed my survey back in September and have yet to receive mine. An update would be nice. Thanks.

    14. Creator Slim Babay on January 1, 2015

      Hi Michael,
      I haven't heard back from you and I submitted my survey in September. Can you give us an update? Thanks

    15. Creator Bruce Nelson on December 30, 2014

      It's been quite a while and I have not received my HackRF. Mike - please let me know what's going on! Thank you!

    16. Creator PEI-HAN LEE on November 18, 2014

      Hi Michael,
      I don't get my HackRF.
      I'm already waiting for 3 mounths.
      How should I do?

    17. Creator silverk on October 11, 2014

      Hi Mihael.
      Do You know already when portapack will be shipped?

    18. Creator Klaus Drechsler on October 6, 2014

      Received mine today in Darmstadt. Processed in Hamburg on September, 29. No custom charges.

    19. Creator Michael Tepper on October 4, 2014

      Arrived today in Berlin!

    20. Creator Stephan Kleisinger on October 4, 2014

      Arrived today via DHL. :-)
      Processed by customs in Hamburg on October 2.

    21. Creator Kalus on October 2, 2014

      I got my HackRF delivered today from DHL. It was also processed by the customs at Hamburg.

    22. Creator Thomas Emig on October 2, 2014

      Recieved today in munich.

    23. Creator Rainer Müller on September 29, 2014

      My HackRF also finally arrived in Germany with delivery via DHL. It was processed by customs in Hamburg on September 26.

    24. Creator Stephan O on September 28, 2014

      My hackRF one package arrived this weekend!!! Sadly I have no time to spent for it now...

    25. Creator Rolf-Dieter Klein on September 28, 2014

      @blueStar it was deutsche Post either DPD oder DHL (was so happy about the package I didn record this) but not UPS !

    26. Creator Michael Riedel on September 27, 2014

      Received in Munich! ;)

    27. Creator Kristian Beilke on September 27, 2014

      Yes it finally arrived in Berlin yesterday. Customs in Hamburg processed it on the 25.

    28. Creator Goran Lazaroski on September 27, 2014

      Yippie. Finally my HackRF One package arrived. It was delivered by DHL. I am very excited about getting started.

    29. Creator Goran Lazaroski on September 26, 2014

      It seems like the packet has arrived. I have a yellow card with the info to get the packet the next day at my local post office.

    30. Creator blueStar on September 26, 2014

      Sorry, my last comment was for @Rolf-Dieter Klein, not @helder

    31. Creator blueStar on September 26, 2014

      Did it come wit Deutsche Post or some other postal service? I once hat a bad experience with UPS where they made the customs for me (I was unaware that they do) and I then had to pay a small customs fee and a hefty service charge for UPS that they did customs for me. I like to do it myself, because the customs office ist only 10 minutes from here and it is much quicker.
      The biggest issue is that for our German parcels the tracking does not work. Dave Jones does not deliver to Germany for that reason, too much trouble to deliver to certain countries including Germany. A shame.

    32. Creator Rolf-Dieter Klein on September 26, 2014

      It just arrived in munich directly at the door (small custom fee was necessary as cash), that expains the delay but better than traveling to the custom.

    33. Creator helder on September 26, 2014

      @ Michael Ossaman, i wonder why you do not answer the emails??espcially when i need it ASAP otherwise it can be returned to you since customs do not let me take it...
      i have not got it yet too in Portugal because i need an invoice, customs are asking me...

    34. Creator Maximilian Graf on September 25, 2014

      I'm from germany, too. Also still waiting...

    35. Creator Stephan Kleisinger on September 25, 2014

      I am also still waiting for the package to arrive in Germany.

    36. Creator Michael Tepper on September 24, 2014

      +1, I am also still waiting for the package here in germany

    37. Creator Klaus Drechsler on September 23, 2014

      I am also still waiting for the package here in germany.

    38. Creator Goran Lazaroski on September 22, 2014

      I am also still waiting at germany for my packet which was on his way at 7th of august 2014. I have asked our local post office for more information but there are no information in the system about the packet except that the packet is transfered from USPS to "Deutsche Post".

    39. Creator Thorsten Klages on September 22, 2014

      Still waiting too.....yes there is no advantage being a Backer. A buddy has purchase it by an german distributur. He could play with it the time i am wating for it, very very bad.

    40. Creator Rolf-Dieter Klein on September 22, 2014

      STill waiting.... meanwhile I can purchase the HackRF from a german distributor , I might have gotten if faster there !!! There is no advantage of being a Kickstarter funder - very bad.

    41. Creator Kalus on September 19, 2014

      I still waiting too and wrote an email to NooElec a few minutes ago.

    42. Creator Rainer Müller on September 15, 2014

      I am also waiting for my delivery to Germany. I asked NooElec, and their answer was that they are unable to investigate international packages until 45 days have passed from the ship date. I hope that means just a bit more patience…

    43. Creator Kalus on September 9, 2014

      NooElec wrote to wait about 30 business days for international shipments which is about 6 weeks. So after 19th of September I will take further actions if necessary...

    44. Creator Thorsten Klages on September 9, 2014

      also waiting now 4 weeks, without any information

    45. Creator Rolf-Dieter Klein on September 9, 2014

      also waiting now 4 weeks

    46. Creator Kalus on September 8, 2014

      I got no Hackrf too. Tracking informations have not updated since 10th of August. But i am still in hope for about two weeks...

    47. Creator John on September 5, 2014

      Still waiting for any sign of shipping of my HackRF.
      I did submit my address details a few days late but that was weeks ago.
      Any updates please?
      Many thanks.

    48. Creator Rolf-Dieter Klein on August 30, 2014

      same shipping information sine then no sign of the package and the tracking does not work. Hope all custom documents are ok like invoice and including conformity letter as RF device ) otherwise might get stuck or even return (like the pebbles some time ago). The german custom especially cares on kickstarter projects as far as I have heard.

    49. Creator Stefan Hauser on August 29, 2014

      Stephan O: Got a notification that I have to pick it up at customs two days ago, and did so yesterday. No problem getting it through.

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