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Mosquita y Mari is a feature length film that captures the intricacies of youth, love and survival.
888 backers pledged $82,468 to help bring this project to life.


It is with immense gratitude and utter joy that I say, LO HICIMOS!! WE DID IT!!

This has been a crazy emotional ride for all of us...I mean, honestly, there were moments when I doubted. When I feared that we wouldn't make it. And then people around me, people like yourself, would send me a message of hope. I heard things like, "I know you're gonna make this goal! Keep pushing, mija, you have to believe in us!"  And every time I heard those words I felt this surge of inspiration and my wonderful social media and marketing team (Laurie & Char) would come up with brilliant ideas and we'd push, and in the end, the donations came.  And I have to say that SO MANY of you did the pushing for took this on! You organized parties, went out to family and friends,  took to the streets and tweeted and retweeted the hell out of our call to action!  Other filmmakers like the Bratt Brothers, Nekisa & Dee from the film Pariah, and Maryam from Circumstance reached into their communities and helped us bridge our audiences...and they did...and they will continue to grow because of this!

I am honored by all of your energies~!  Now we move on to pre-production! Now we start the search for the girls who will play Mosquita & Mari so we can give this film life!  So please, make sure to LIKE our MyM Facebookpage!/mosquitaymari and follow us on twitter!

Your rewards will come...since we're moving on to pre-production FAST we probably won't be able to send out rewards till Fall!  Unless we find some volunteers to help with that ;-) And some rewards that have to do with visiting set...well, we will be in touch with you soon!!

And finally...please make sure you have your donations in your $ accounts. Amazon will be withdrawing so we can then take that $ and go into Huntington Park, LA and make Mosquita y Mari.

ABRAZOTES!  The journey has just begun!

Aurora y MyM team