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Keep your 3D printer and expand its potential. The Palette lets your 3D printer create an entirely new range of items!
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    1. Chris Labelle Creator on

      Hey Ivan - really good question.

      If there's filament in the extruder, you'll be cleaning that out and pushing your new filament through. When the Palette's loading bar is complete, stop extruding. If you continue extruding past that point, your first few layers may be off calibration.

      If you do extrude extra, The Palette will add that amount to one of the upcoming pieces.

      From what I understand, you do this to purge your nozzle. On this note, there's two things. First, we recommend adding a skirt (this helps purge the nozzle further, and is accounted for in the piece length via the .gcode file). Don't extrude anything through your nozzle after The Palette tells you to stop loading (it will beep at you as an audible notification).

      Does that answer your question? Happy to add some clarity if needed

    2. Ivan Hoe on


      In "Context": ...Calibrating at the beginning of a print is important – if you were to accidentally extrude a large amount of extra filament (say…. 10+ cms) your print would be thrown off calibration at the beginning.

      Qn: usually before printing any item, I would manually extrude about 5 to 10cm of melted filament, then after it's been extruded, I'll quickly press the print button in Cura.
      With your above statement, will it throw the calibration at the beginning?


    3. Missing avatar

      dnewman on

      Thanks, that answers my question. Just wanted to confirm what I had been expecting all along (modulo just where the scroll wheel would live).

    4. Chris Labelle Creator on

      @chan - thanks for the support!

      @Luke - The transition tower handles the transition region for colours. When going from black filament to white filament there will be a grey transition region. This is what the transition towers are for

      @dnewman - the easiest way to use more than one printer with one Palette is to move to scroll wheel. We're going to include a few sections worth of velcro with each Palette to attach the scroll wheel to more than one machine.

      In terms of the calibration - you'll need to calibrate The Palette to each printer (one calibration cube per printer) in order to teach The Palette about each printer's extrusion multiplier.

      The distance from The Scroll Wheel to the tip of the nozzle will likely vary as well. Even though the Teflon tube's size will not change, the distance from the printer extruder's input (where the teflon ends), and the tip of the nozzle may vary. The first measurement is focused on this length (scroll wheel to nozzle tip), not scroll wheel to extruder opening (the length of the teflon).

      Does that make sense? If not, let me know and I can clarify

    5. Missing avatar

      dnewman on

      Thanks for the answer. So to use a single Palette with two or more printers, I would either (1) obtain additional scroll wheels, or (2) move the scroll wheel, or (3) something else? Presumably the per-printer Palette calibrations would be unchanged provided I do not change the printer's filament guide tube and I seat it consistently into the scroll wheel and hot end? (Thus keeping the filament distance the same for each printer.)

    6. Missing avatar

      Luke Pierce on

      Excellent presentation - I can see why you wanted to break this into two parts.
      I assume the "transition towers" handle the color change since the scroll wheel to nozzle distance will not be completely accurate.

      I like Mosaic's design concept which should work with almost any printer. I look forward to using it soon!

    7. Chris Labelle Creator on

      @dnewman - The scroll wheel is needed outside The Palette in order to track the amount of filament being pulled in by the printer. It attaches onto the back of your printer (we provide you with velcro), so there's not modifications necessary to your printer.

      @Simon - thanks for your support! Much appreciated

    8. Missing avatar

      dnewman on

      With the finished units, will the scroll wheel be inside the Palette or will it be external to the Palette as you show on Charmander?

    9. Simon Dupuis Howard on

      Can't wait! Great update guys! Keep up the good work!