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Improve your shaving experience with this beautifully minimal tool, compatible with low-cost blades available worldwide.
Improve your shaving experience with this beautifully minimal tool.
Improve your shaving experience with this beautifully minimal tool.
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    1. Hammad Malik on May 10


      Is it possible to make a change to my survey results? I do like the silver, but if I could change my razor to black that would be awesome!

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua Kim on May 9

      Hello, can you provide an update as to the timeline and process? Are you on track to deliver next month? Thanks!

    3. Morrama Creator on May 3

      @Brad Hermann @Timo Magenheimer @Mark Thompson we've cross checked and we have all your information so there is nothing you need to do. Apologies for any worry; we sent the email out to anyone who we weren't 100% sure had filled it in so there were a few people on the list who shouldn't have been. If anyone else is having this problem, just drop us a direct message and we will get back to you within 24hrs. Thanks for your patience. Look sharp, Morrama team.

    4. Brad Hermann
      on May 2

      I had the problem as well and I also answered the survey right away and checked again and sure enough, there is my info under the "Survey" section of the project. I don't know if I should be relieved or not that I am not the only one having this issue...

    5. Missing avatar

      Timo Magenheimer on May 2

      I also got the problem, that I answered the survey, but got another Mail, saying I did not. Where and how can I fill in my address manually?

    6. Mark Thompson
      on May 2

      Hmmm.... I just received an email marked "Urgent" about submitting my address for the reward, which implies that I've not done that. I have. I submitted the survey when it first came to me, so it looks like you've got some back end issues. I responded to the mail, but I'm concerned that you may have either not received survey results from Kickstarter, or they're corrupted somehow...

    7. Jason M Saucedo on April 25

      Love that travel case! Looks great, and thank you!

    8. Brendan Cawley on April 17

      Sorry for the spam, reading down I see travel is a hot topic

    9. Brendan Cawley on April 17

      Stunning product, can't wait to get my hands on it.

      Quick suggestion, it would be amazing to have a travel case for the razor considering I'm almost permanently on the road. A great inspiration point is the flat, pressed case used on the Caran d'Ache 849 Ball-Point Pen [ - just down the street from you ;) ]

      Give it a thought, it would be such a nice way to sell in stores as well.

      Thanks guys!

    10. Missing avatar

      Talal Al Gergawi on April 17

      Which shipper will you be using for International shipping?

    11. Zaghloul Saad
      on April 8

      hello guys,
      how you are going to send us the survey via Kickstarter ,bickerkit or similar ?

    12. Lulu Greenbom on April 8

      what are your thoughts regarding keeping the razor submerged in olive oil/ alcohol? will it help maintaining the razor unoxidised and/or sterile relatively as opposed to just keeping it in the open air?

    13. Missing avatar

      Tendai Muzwidzwa
      on April 8

      Pledge doubled for 2 razors

    14. Ari Kela
      on April 8

      I added 10£ for the stand.

    15. Morrama Creator on April 8

      @Tendai Muzwidza, yes no problem. @Steve & @Ahmed awesome, we've made a note and will be in touch next week to confirm colour choices for the razor.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tendai Muzwidzwa
      on April 7

      Hi there,

      Can I double my pledge value to get 2 razors?

    17. Missing avatar

      on April 6

      I added 10 pounds for the mug.

    18. Missing avatar

      on April 6

      Hey guys, I added 10 pounds for the mug as well.

    19. Morrama Creator on April 6

      Hey followers...can't reveal all just yet, but we haven't let your comments go unheard and are waiting on some samples that will solve all of your travel worries. Updates in due course... watch this space.

    20. Reuven on April 6

      +1 on the travel case

    21. Ronak Nothingman on April 6

      Adding another voice to the chorus but a travel case would be awesome.

    22. Missing avatar

      Aristyo Rahadiyan
      on April 5

      Hi again, saw your update. Don't forget about the carrying method of the razor! with such amazing design, it would be a shame to not be able to carry it to travel.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tory Toews on April 2

      When will we here about the testing feedback from March 20th to 30th?

    24. Morrama Creator on April 1

      @Aaron Desatnik, if you add £10 to your razor/stand pledge we will make sure you get the mug as well. Just drop is a message when you've done so. Thanks for the support, Morrama.

    25. Aaron Desatnik on March 31

      How do I get the mug and the razor/stand? It won't let me get both.

    26. Missing avatar

      Spencer Gagne on March 29

      Hi, I have also upped my pledge by £10 to include a stand. Thank you!

    27. Missing avatar

      marc gervait on March 27

      Any plans to add a simple tool to snap the blades in half? Something to take along when travelling. The blades beeing so brittle, a slight Vee should be sufficient.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alban on March 22

      How about a cover for the head of the razor?

    29. Morrama Creator on March 20

      We are exploring options for how best to carry Angle Razor when travelling. Don't worry guys we've got you. Look sharp, Morrama

    30. Missing avatar

      Tory Toews on March 19

      Even a silicon sleeve would be good for travel.

    31. Jason M Saucedo on March 19

      Would also be interested in a travel case. Leather would be great. Plan to bring it with me on my trip to London in Oct!

    32. Morrama Creator on March 19

      @Shant G, yes there will be a choice of silver or black once we finish the campaign. Thanks for backing.

    33. Missing avatar

      Aristyo Rahadiyan
      on March 19

      Hi, as several backers asked before, is it possible for any stretch goals for carrying case? I'd love to be able to bring this to my travel.


    34. Missing avatar

      Shant g on March 18

      I just pledged to receive one once it’s ready. I have a question. Do we get to choose between silver or black color before it’s shipped?

    35. Missing avatar

      Tory Toews on March 14

      With a double edged safety razor, the weight of the razor does the work. With a straight razor, lighter is better. Sharper is better. Good face prep is essential with a preshave oil so the blade is less likely to cut you. Practice on a balloon covered in shaving cream, then on your arm, then try your face.

    36. Morrama Creator on March 12

      Hi @Oscar, the razor is balanced at the top of the handle, where you would hold it between your thumb and forefinger. It is not weighted like a straight razor, however it has a similar weight to other shavettes on the market. The pressure required is something that would vary from person to person and learned with practice. The feedback we've has so far has been positive so we hope you'll give it a try. Thanks for your comments and the support so far, Morrama.

    37. Missing avatar

      on March 10

      Quick question...i have never shaved with a straight razor before, I mostly use and electric trimmer. However I want to be able to trim and maintain my hair between barber shop visits. Most videos and instructions on shaving with straight razors say to let the weight of the blade do the work however the head or your angle razor looks quite light. Where is most of the weight of your razor located? Is more pressure needed than with a traditional straight razor or safety razor?

    38. Tagapayo on March 10

      Never mind, I totally forgot I asked that question already. Sorry @morama

    39. Tagapayo on March 10

      Do we just double our pledge amount if we want two?

    40. Nico Del Rosario on March 9

      +1 to Shaun M’s comment. Bringing the stand while traveling isn’t feasible and a sleeve case would be an awesome add-on.

    41. Missing avatar

      Shaun M on March 9

      @Morrama It wasn't so much for keeping the blade covered because as you say it can be removed, it's more to stop an expensive item getting scratched, bent or dented when travelling.

      Thanks for having a think about it


    42. Jason Huebel on March 7

      BTW, really excited to get this razor. I tried a straight razor and didn’t enjoy the maintenance required. I’m using a Merkur 34C safety razor with Israeli Personna blades now. Thought the Angle would be a good middle ground.

    43. Jason Huebel on March 7

      I came to comment about a travel case and see that’s already been mentioned. I would love to have one as a stretch goal, even if the case is something very simple. Perhaps even something that clips over the head?

    44. Morrama Creator on March 7

      The Angle is designed to remove the blade during travel and even if you don't plan to use it for a few days. We'll have a think about the carrying of Angle, thanks for the comments and support so far, Morrama

    45. Prasand J. on March 7

      Love the design. Though I think that the inability to fold down, would present a problem for travel. Is it possible to perhaps do a carrying case as a stretch goal?

    46. Missing avatar

      Shaun M on March 6

      Hi, would you consider adding a travel case/leather pouch as an optional buy? This would be far more useful in my opinion than a mug or cloth.
      Many thanks

    47. Jesse Abernethy
      on March 6

      In preperation for this I bought a folding straight razor with disposable blades and I don't think I like it all that much.. I've been using a more traditional double sided razor for years now and have good success with them, I really dig the style if this though. I'm so torn on what to do now!

    48. Morrama Creator on March 5

      Adding extra money to your pledge will add extra items you've asked for. We will survey the backers at the end so just add a note when this goes out and we'll send your extra items along with it. Thanks for your support so far, Morrama

    49. Missing avatar

      YH Kang on March 4

      I have upped 10£ in order to add stand.

    50. Missing avatar

      Lloyd on March 4

      Will there be any difference between the 2 finishes in regards to wear due to usage? Kind of curious how would the finishing affect the shave if its "coating" would be scratched or damaged

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