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A simply beautiful, durable USB cable with naked tip that can be inserted either way and won't tangle. The way USB should be.
A simply beautiful, durable USB cable with naked tip that can be inserted either way and won't tangle. The way USB should be.
A simply beautiful, durable USB cable with naked tip that can be inserted either way and won't tangle. The way USB should be.
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    1. Christopher Northern
      on December 20

      Great idea, but the quality of manufacture was disappointing. My 4-pack gave out over 6 months ago. The only use I had for them was my iPad.

    2. Marco Centauro
      on April 11, 2017

      My three cables have all stopped working after only a few weeks usage (I only unpacked the last one 3 weeks ago). Their design is not as solid as I expected, considering they have not been subjected to any type of misuse. Fairly disappointed considering the idea was a good one after all...

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Bustamante on March 3, 2017


      After months and months waiting for 2 replacements for the original cables that never charged, I have not seen mine.

    4. moopti Creator on February 28, 2017

      Hi, Lawrence. Sorry for the trouble. Let's get some replacement cables out to you. I'll PM you to confirm your shipping address. Note that we're not producing the cables any more, but we have some remaining that we're happy to send as replacements. Please let me know if you'd also like samples of our new truSheet total laundry care product.

    5. Lawrence Albano on February 27, 2017

      Both of my cables have failed. Pretty disappointed in their resiliency.

    6. moopti Creator on January 27, 2017

      Hi, Robin. Sorry to hear about the trouble with your cable. We'll get a replacement cable out to you immediately. I'll PM you to confirm your mailing address.

    7. Robin Thomas Russell on January 26, 2017

      My original cable broke. I got a replacement cable from you... but after months of working fine, now my device says it's not an authorized apple cable. It won't charge anymore...

    8. moopti Creator on December 1, 2016

      Hi, Russell. This is the first we've heard that you haven't received your cable. We'll resend immediately. Please PM us your mailing address to confirm that the address we have for you in Boulder, CO is correct. Please let me know if you'd also like a sample of our new truSheet total laundry care. Thanks.

    9. Missing avatar

      Russell Fisher on November 30, 2016

      Still haven't gotten my cable either, guess thats money lost

    10. moopti Creator on November 29, 2016

      Hi, Maria. Sorry for the trouble. We're happy to do whatever we can to make you satisfied. Can we send you a replacement and throw in some of our new truSheet total laundry care samples?

    11. Maria Casillas Kl on November 29, 2016

      My cable broke after two months use, not really "the last cable you will ever need" :(

    12. moopti Creator on October 4, 2016

      Wow, we got a bunch of comments here that we were unaware of until now. Sincerely apologize for the delay in responding to and resolving your issues. Seriously, Kickstarter emails were not reaching us.

      OK, so let's get everybody happy as best we can. It appears that about 11% of our cables have problems. We have sent replacements to everyone that requested them (other than the recent requests that we just received), and we're happy to continue this while our remaining inventory lasts. We decided to not renew our license on the reversible patent so we will not be producing any new cables.

      Option 2: we will make sure you get the value you expected from the dio cables from one of our upcoming projects. The truSheet is launching soon, and we have a batch that we can ship immediately. You can learn more about these at If you choose this option and still want a refund after trying the truSheet, we'll issue the refund.

      Option 3: we'll get your money back.

      We hate that the dio cable didn't work for so many of you, but we'll do whatever we can to earn your support.

    13. Chris on October 4, 2016

      where is my cable?! i backed 5 units!

    14. Missing avatar

      Titan on August 14, 2016

      You guys who have not received your cables, I think you're out of luck. Go to the website and have a look; these guys have gotten out of the cable business and are now on to their next scam, some kind of washing machine deodorant thing or other. I think we are screwed and will not receive any functional cables from these yahoos. Live and learn. I'll never buy anything from these guys again.

    15. Alpha Anderson on July 29, 2016

      I haven't relieved mine

    16. Dadaly Duong on July 29, 2016

      Still not yet received my cable. Where is it?

    17. Maria Casillas Kl on July 19, 2016

      Hello, I enjoyed the cable when it worked, but about a month into using it, it stopped working, tried out couple different positions, and it ended up breaking on the charging end. I ordered a SuperSpeed 2m. long cable. Anything that can be done? Regards

    18. Shannon Pinkerton on July 11, 2016

      Still have not received my cables

    19. Alpha Anderson on June 29, 2016

      I request a full refund.

    20. Alpha Anderson on June 29, 2016

      I still haven't received my cables.

    21. Missing avatar

      Titan on June 16, 2016

      I pledged for 2 long lightning cables and now both are not charging my iOS devices. Can anything be done about this?

    22. Missing avatar

      Alan Schleier
      on June 15, 2016

      I was told long ago that I would get a replacement cable, yet still I wait.....

    23. Gary Peh on May 23, 2016

      Hi. I got 5 cables. 2 short, 3 long. Basically 1 one the short cable and 2 of the long cables are just bad. Can someone from moopti contact me on getting them replaced?

    24. Missing avatar

      Marvin T on May 19, 2016

      Guys i really love the cables but there are so many problems with them. I already paid and received new ones. But are you going to solve th problem and send us new mfi certified cables? I got the feeling you're dumping the old microusb cables and you want to start with the new project.

      I don't hear anytime line about the new cables... How are we going to trust you with any new project?

    25. Missing avatar

      Michiel Trouw on May 9, 2016

      I also don't get any reply on my issues with the cables i bought. I still hope that you will replace them without any additional costs.....

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephen Bae on April 26, 2016

      hahaha, you first screwed us by sending untested, defective cable then asking for additional shipping charge for the replacement cable? If you are sincerely sorry about the defective cable, you need to eat $3 shipping charge and send us the new cable. (Of course, replacements are most likely defective too). I have asked for the replacement cable last year and you didn't even bother reply back.

    27. Eku Wand on April 22, 2016

      Okay … I already paid $10 to cover the international shipping cost to Germany via My account is: Pls replace my 3m dio Naked Reversible USB cables for Lightning in color grey and as you said an extra cable grey to compensate for the shipping charge. I will send the address in PayPal unless you still have it. Thank you for your concern.

    28. Missing avatar

      Michiel Trouw on April 20, 2016

      @moopti can you please respond to my complain about the lighting cable. The connection is not functional anymore and i would like a solution. I have the speed cable short version. Please let me know what to do.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michiel Trouw on April 19, 2016

      Can you please contact me....the cable i ordered from you and that i received is already not working anymore....i am very disappointed! Please contact me at

    30. moopti Creator on April 12, 2016

      Hi, @B Cohen and @Eku Wand. Sorry for the trouble. We’ll certainly replace any defective cables with available inventory. We only ask that you cover the shipping ($3 US, $10 Int’l), and we’ll throw in an extra cable to compensate you for the shipping charge. You can pay for shipping via to

      Alternatively, now that we’re getting ready to launch our new project, the truSpring Good Sheet. If we’re not able to get you the value you expected from the dio cables, we’ll certainly make up for it with the Good Sheet. Thanks for letting us know how we can best help you.

    31. B Cohen on April 8, 2016

      @creator As mentioned before, my 2 lightening connectors stopped working in about 3 weeks of use. I backed originally b/c I thought I was getting a superior quality cable. I'd love replacements if possible.

    32. Eku Wand on April 8, 2016

      I received my 1m, 2m and 3 m cables … but I must complain that the 3 m cable is not working/loading my devices … even I tried to switch the connectors to all possible combinations already! Any chance to get a 3m replacement cable which is working well? Thank you!

    33. moopti Creator on April 8, 2016

      Hi, B Cohen. I apologize for our failure to respond earlier--we haven't checked the comments as frequently as we should. Can you please tell me what problem you're experiencing with your Lightning cable, and we'll do what we can to help fix the problem? As we've alerted earlier, we're aware of too many of our backers having trouble with their Lightning cables. We'll happily replace these with available inventory. Alternatively, we'll do our best to get you the value you expected in the dio cable from one of our upcoming products. We're getting ready to launch the truSpring Good Sheet (see, which is a single eco sheet that replaces all your other laundry products. Please let us know how we can best help you.

    34. B Cohen on April 8, 2016

      I never got a response to my damaged lightning cable. Disappointed �

    35. Siegfried Glina on March 20, 2016

      Not too happy with my cables. I thought I was buying quality, but after a month they both died on my.

    36. moopti Creator on March 14, 2016

      Hi, Everybody. We'll message each of you separately, as well. We'll definitely replace any defective cables from available inventory and hope that these work better for you. We want to make sure that you get the value you expected from supporting our first project. If we're not able to offer that value with the dio cables, we'll make sure you get it from our upcoming project, the truSpring Good Sheet (tlc). We appreciate your input about the new project, and please let us know how we can best help you.

    37. Dan Ross on March 11, 2016

      So like others here, I have had two lightning cables break at the connection from cable to plug interface which is clearly a weak point. How do I get replacements?

    38. Missing avatar

      Rob Pesick on March 4, 2016

      I have been having issues with my lightening cable and just saw the latest information. Can I get a replacement?

    39. Peter Hodsdon on March 4, 2016

      I just received the email stating that 8% of the lightening cables were defective. Unfortunately, both of cables I ordered must have fallen into that 8%. One was DOA, and the other stopped working after a couple of months. Overall, very disappointing.

      What do I need to do to get replacements (which I've since thrown out)?

    40. Marc Stanwyck on March 3, 2016

      I am disappointed, I ordered 3, Paid for 3, only got 2 due to production delays, have yet to receive the last one which was paid for long ago .... If I had gotten all 3, in a timely fashion, it would have been a good deal ... seeing as I only got 2 of the 3 I paid for, they are on the expensive side and I can not say the company appears to stay on top of these types of issues

    41. Missing avatar

      Jessica Vaugh on March 3, 2016

      I'm actually having the same issue as John (posted jan 12). Neither of the micro cables I received actually "click" into the devices to charge. They just hang there and if anything moves they fall out immediately. I assumed it was that way for everyone but if not I'd like to replace them. I'm fine paying the $3 shipping if it means I'll be able to use the cords. I originally had the grey and blue 10'.

    42. moopti Creator on March 2, 2016

      Hi, Ronnie. Sorry to hear that you haven't received your reward. Your shipment went out August 11, 2015. Unfortunately, the USPS tracking doesn't provide any information any longer. We'll get another shipment out to you immediately and private message you the new tracking info.

    43. Ronnie Lee on March 2, 2016

      Where is my cable?

    44. moopti Creator on February 24, 2016

      Hi, Djerk and Sean. Sorry for the delay in responding. We're happy to replace any defective cables from our available inventory. We only ask that you cover the shipping cost ($3 US or $10 Int'l) , and we'll throw in an extra cable to compensate you for shipping.

      We haven't been able to get satisfactory replacements for the naked reversible Lightning cables so we're offering to replace any defective Lightning with a Micro and a Lightning adapter.

      Please note that we highly value our original Kickstarter backers, and we'll do whatever possible to make sure you're happy about supporting us. If we're not able to get you the value you were expecting from the dio rUSB cables, we'll make sure you get it from one of our upcoming product launches, including the truSpring Good Sheet (tlc).

      We'll private message you about your cable replacements.

    45. Sean Buenaventura on February 19, 2016

      anyword on the updated iphone cable? I see that people have been getting replacements. should I just email you?

    46. Djerk Geurts on February 12, 2016

      Hi, what to do with a broken cable? It's a lightning cable that no longer charges. Looks like there weak point is the cable entry to the lightning connector. So far my micro usb cable is fine but it looks like a weak point there too.

    47. moopti Creator on February 10, 2016

      Hi, Leon. Sorry for the trouble. We show that the replacement was shipped on the 22nd, but tracking does not show that it was delivered. We'll get another replacement out to you immediately and PM you the new tracking #.

    48. Leon Mols on February 10, 2016

      On Aug 22 I was promised a replacement for my defective cable, haven't seen or heard anything yet?????

    49. moopti Creator on January 15, 2016

      Hi, John. We haven't heard of any similar problems with the Micro cable, but we're happy to send you a replacement under our warranty program, which we hope works better for you. All you need to do is pay the shipping fee ($3 in US, $10 int’l) via PayPal to, and we’ll get the replacement out to you along with AN ADDITIONAL FREE cable to benefit you for the shipping cost. Please let us know what else we can do to help you. Thanks.

    50. John Van Mulligen
      on January 12, 2016

      does anyone have problems with their MicroUSB being loose? not the actual cable, but fitting loose inside the phone? i have a MicroUSB and a lightning, and the lightning fits nice and snug in my iPad, iPhone, etc., but no matter what device I plug the MicroUSB into, it's loose. a slight bump or movement, the cord falls out. It's been like this since I received it, but it's getting a little too irritating to ignore any longer. Am I the only one?

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