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Cthulhu themed audio soundtrack complete with sound effects, music, and ambient loops for your table top game.
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Pledge Levels Unmasked!

The Follower -- the Cthulhu Rises soundtrack

The Cultist -- Cthulhu Rises + the Fantasy collection (Dungeon Crawlers, Adventurer's and Traveller's soundtracks) 

The Obsessed -- Cthulhu Rises + the Fantasy collection (Dungeon Crawlers, Adventurer's and Traveller's soundtracks) + your own track (all gone!)

The Cult Leader -- Cthulhu Rises + the Fantasy collection (Dungeon Crawlers, Adventurer's, & Traveller's soundtracks) + the Sci-Fi collection (Cyberpunk, The Final Frontier, & The Dark Future soundtracks) + the Kickstarted collection (EPIC Battles & the Dead of Night soundtracks) + the add-on (for free) Backgrounds (see below). For more info view the previous Kickstarter. PLUS a copy of the 4 personalized tracks.

Add-On: $20 for the Backgrounds soundtrack (see below)

NEW!-You can now add-on any of the previous soundtracks for $20 each. (note: some of them haven't been released yet but you will be notified of the release date after this Kickstarter closes)

The time has come to present our second Ambient Environments Kickstarter to bring you the latest soundtrack in our RPG/Table Top Game/LARP series, Cthulhu Rises! A horror-based Cthulhu-themed soundtrack and sound effects for your gaming purposes.

You’re a GM that loves to enhance their environment in order to provide an immersive experience for your players. Or a war gamer who likes to set the mood by enriching your environment with the sounds that one might hear on the battlefield. Or maybe you’re a game store owner or a LARP organizer and you need to provide a backdrop that will work for any setting.

Setting the mood is one of the more difficult tasks of a GM, and yet one of the most important to keep players engaged in your environment and story. These high-quality loopable MP3’s (320 Kbps/44.1K), each a glorious 10 minutes in length, are meant to help GMs inspire their players. They have been play tested, gamer critiqued, and are ready to be brought into your living room or gaming store. 


Backgrounds Ltd. Soundtrack - $20
(included with the Cult Leader pledge level)

Yes! There is one add-on. A whole new soundtrack that Ambient Environments will released is being offered for the first time here as an add-on to promote this Kickstarter. How do add-ons work? Just alter your pledge level and type in the amount above the pledge level you currently have. That's all! When the Kickstarter comes to a close, I'll ask you in a survey what the extra funds are for and you'll get your soundtrack asap. Yep, these tracks are already complete and you'll get them within a week of the Kickstarters close. 

It's limited because it won't be offered as a set like this again. Save and get it here. See below for more details! (note: the tracks marked with a "bg" is to denote it from previous AE tracks with the same name.)


Cult of Followers:

Clash of the Ancient Ones:

Storm of Evils:

Hastur Awakened

SAMPLES from the Backgrounds Ltd. Soundtrack


Creature Dwelling

The Dark Forest:

The Tunnels Deep:


Troubadour's Tavern:

The Pirate's Cove:

Forest of the Fae:

Samples from the CyberPunk Soundtrack:

Fire Fight

Car Chase

More Sample Please...
Wanna see more? You can check them out on Ambient Environment's Sound Cloud page.


$2000: 1 more track to the list - 9 in all! UNLOCKED!

$2500: 1 more track to the list - 10 in all! UNLOCKED!

$3500: Add another track to make 11 - UNLOCKED!

$5000: Make it 12 tracks + Backgrounds 2 UNLOCKED!

$7000: 13....thirteen!!! The lucky number of tracks!*

$10,000: I'll hire another composer/sound designer and you'll get your tracks within a month from close of this Kickstarter!

more to come...

Ambient Environments launched it's first campaign to help build up its audience in June this year with great success! Now we're back with another one, albeit, a small one. However, with a great following. We've gotten fantastic feedback and we've been able to deliver a wonderfully rich product series. Now, back by popular demand, we present to you the last of the soundtracks that we'd like to deliver to your game environment. If you'd like to see what the last KS had to offer, here's the link: click here!

The Cthulhu soundtrack still needs to be created and will be delivered, estimated in April of next year. However, if you're a $75 or $100 pledger, you'll get your fantasy bonus tracks within a week or two of the ending date of this Kickstarter campaign. If you ordered a special track, we'll work out a schedule to get it to you when you need it.

Proud to be a day-1 project!

Kicking it Forward
I plan to give back to other Kickstarter projects at least 5% of what's earned on this campaign. And of course, I'm obsessed with Kickstarter and games so I can't help myself. 

Risks and challenges

With any project, the risk of completion is equivalent to the number of “moving parts” involved in bringing the product to life. With this project, the number of variables is very low. I’m creating all of the music myself. I am also very good about communing with backers. Backers will be updated frequently during the Kickstarter campaign and updates will continue even after the Kickstarter has ended. I'll be available to answer questions throughout the project, and also be available to support people in downloading their tracks after release.

Beyond this, I want to hear from you and how the music has been used in your games! I'm eager to hear your stories, to listen to your advice and I'll be willing to make changes if needed. Thank you for your interest in the project!

*Track titles and content are subject to change. The samples are tracks in the early stages and are merely "samples" of what's to be expected but may not reflect the actual track...because the actual track will be even better!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25

    The Follower - Get the entire Cthulhu rises soundtrack. That's 8 tracks, 10 minutes in length each. That's 80 Minutes of audio. You also get all stretch goals.

    Estimated delivery
    93 backers
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  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $75 or more About $75

    The Cultist - Get the entire Cthulhu rises soundtrack (80 minutes of audio) + the entire Fantasy Collection from Ambient Environments (all 3 soundtracks-13 tracks each 10 minutes in length! That's over 390 minutes of audio..470 minutes total ! See the banner). You also get all stretch goals.

    Estimated delivery
    20 backers
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  3. Reward no longer available

    Pledge $125 or more About $125

    The Obsessed - Get everything from the $75 level + create your own Cthulhu track. Just tell me what you want and I'll create it your personal 10 minute Cthulhu track!

    Estimated delivery
    Reward no longer available 4 backers
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  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $200 or more About $200

    The Cult Leader - You get everything from the $75 pledge level + all soundtracks from the previous Kickstarter + the add-on "Backgrounds" soundtrack. That's 10 soundtracks in all.

    Estimated delivery
    5 backers
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