Moonspike | We're Going Back to the Moon

by Moonspike Limited

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      Roeland van den Bergh on

      Filled out the survey, not sure if everything got through.
      Just wanted to say:
      The really cool and new part about your project is that you're doing stuff on the moon via crowdfunding. But why is it necessary to build your own launcher? It's like trying to climb mount everest, and insisting to build your own airplane to get to Nepal.

      There's already plenty of good rockets that can get you to space, but almost no one is going to the moon. In my opinion, the launcher makes the project very long term and uncertain. If you would focus on the moon part, maybe you could do more than just crash a pin there. For example send pictures back, maybe even land there?

      Still, if you guys just want to build rockets, I get it, rockets are awesome. And I will probably support you anyway!