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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 1 2015 10:00 PM UTC +00:00
Moonspike LimitedBy Moonspike Limited
First created
Moonspike LimitedBy Moonspike Limited
First created
pledged of £600,000pledged of £600,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, November 1 2015 10:00 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Mike Howard on

      I just finished your survey and did a quick recheck of the project page. Maybe I missed it, but I did not see an independent audit of your budget. Without that, it's hard to believe the project managers are serious.

      I think you did a fair job of selling the technical side, but not the project management.

      Also, the goal is a one-shot - like buying a really big firecracker and setting it off. Some of us are attracted to more long term objectives - like a moon orbiting satellite which broadcasts video or stills to someplace we can access - think moon-cam

    2. TheMightyBoosh on

      what happens next? do we get somesort of comment from the creator??

    3. Missing avatar

      Hannes on

      I am so sad that this didn't get funded. Please, please try another way of getting this project startet.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    5. August Sturm on

      Better luck next time!!

    6. Ricky Wright

      I still want a Patch ......

    7. Missing avatar

      Davide Viganò on

      It's sad that this didn't get founded, keep dreaming of the moon! I hope you'll try this again!

    8. Harry Torque on

      Bummed this didn't get more traction. Hope you can find an angle to better market this and relaunch!

    9. Moris Borgar Rubeksson on

      The idea is good, but you need to think of new ways to gain attention and to convince people to join your project.
      Also, perhaps a project without a time limit would help out?
      I only learned about this on the last day.
      And I'm in no position to really back you with more then the lowest tier level right now.
      By allowing people to back at a higher level it's possible for those willing to back you to make small monthly contributions if they so choose.
      Worked great for Star Citizen.
      You might want to look into some other kind of reward system too.

      Oh, and to reduce costs...
      Considered launching from a balloon/lighter then air launching platform?

    10. Tony Koskinen

      Great Project! Just pledged... I hope this still gets funded!

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Chris Lee on

      The moonspike payload is small enough to be a projectile. Could you consider exchanging the complexity of the last stage (propulsion system, reaction control system, guidance system, etc.) for a rifle-inspired launcher attached to the previous stage?

      Even commercial bullets can achieve 1-2 km/s speeds. Depending on your lunar target, this could be sufficient deltaV for translunar injection to get from a low earth parking orbit to a ballistic lunar trajectory. Then you could develop the last stage later once you've achieved your goal and can attract additional support for development of the ability to loft larger lunar payloads. Just a brainstorm idea. Good luck with the endeavor.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark S.

      @White Fox, yeah that's what it is. At 49 I am now pretty confident that I won't make it to the moon in person. So the thought of supporting a bold amateur project to fire a rocket to the moon and getting a few of my own bits 'n bytes there, is exciting! Thanks for the cue, I'm gonna increase my pledge right away :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Yap kien pong on

      I have faith in this project. I hope it will be kickstarted!

    15. White Fox

      I get that you want to build a lunar rocket.....fair enough. But what your campaign promises the punter is what, exactly? Sending what is basically a USB memory stick to land in the grey dust of the moon's surface? :-)

    16. Missing avatar

      Ron Brooks

      Just a suggestion - partner with various groups - The Planetary Society, National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation for extra support. Pitch your idea to them and you can mostly likely attain additional funding from their current membership pool.

    17. Missing avatar

      Per Hungeberg Møller on

      If you should not reach your goal of collecting the £600,000 by November 1st, then I suggest that you use some of the money you have collected to build a 1:1 Mockup of the Moonspike rocket with as much detail as possible. Then travel around to potential big company sponsers and show of the mockup rocket to attract possible sponsorships for continued work on the real space mission. As you get sponsorships signed you could add that companys name/logo to the mockup rocket to show others who is sponsoring you.

      Kind regards
      Per Hungeberg Møller

    18. Joshua Gillette on

      I don't see how these guys can build a rocket for what they are asking. I would be willing to bet a small fortune they are going to go through several rockets while testing. No I don't know the cost for these rockets, but they have to be expensive considering they are all custom built. Not to mention the current cost of delivering 1lb to the moon is currently around $50,000 USD.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Lee on

      Where is the feasability study mentioned in the video? The website (moonspike.com) is just a single picture that links back to the Kickstarter Campaign.

    20. Missing avatar

      Yap kien pong on

      I tried to be optimistic but looking at the current progress I am a bit worry. I love to see the project kick started and I myself have already pledged high. I hope more is coming. By looking at the previous similar projects, they are quite successful in hitting their targets. Maybe moonspike should check out what are the strategies used and try to emulate. I agreed with some of the commentators that the choice of pledge is a bit on the high side, perhaps lowering the pledge and offer some good stuff may attract more people. Good luck !

    21. Anthony Henderson on

      Sadly this isn't going to hit target. Maybe work on a PayPal campaign after Kickstarter. Would love to see this work.

    22. John Rap

      Any chance we can get a remote controlled rover on their with video capture? I was thinking we can make an Xbox Live Indie game where gamers can remotely control the lunar rover, for $1 per minute; no-one allowed to purchase more than 10 minutes per week.

    23. Michael Vergalla on

      Whats you plan for slosh mitigation in the toroid?

    24. Francesco on

      Good luck.
      As clarification, the backer5 level (89) does it include all form previous levels (like photos and so)?

    25. Rob Guinness on

      Best of luck to the whole team!

    26. Cobblestone Productions Pty. Ltd. on

      @Zac was going to say the exact same thing - God Speed MoonSpike! Good Luck!

    27. Zac Bruce on

      As a kid I always thought if we all just chipped in a little we could send a rocket back to the moon.. Thanks for making that a reality. Good luck guys!

    28. Nabil Nazer on

      Awesome and ambitious project! Good Luck guys!

    29. Missing avatar

      Graham Reeds on

      Will you being breaking new ground or retreading a worn path (ie: will you being using a aerospike or using a traditional bell)?

      @Markuss - Could be a FlowMetrics rocket pump.

    30. TheMightyBoosh on

      Good luck with mission.

      As supporter of Lunar Mission 1 too, good to see space related projects. My only concern is that pledges are tiered to high level rewards very quickly. Would be better I think to have more for sub 50 - 30£€ range for folks to buy into. All the really good stuff is out of the reach of most folks

    31. Missing avatar

      Markuss on

      Would like to hear more about this piston-less turbopump.

    32. Susan Witterick

      Backed. But just wondering about the permits and permissions you will need for this? Will you actually be able to launch, pass through civil airspace, not take out a satellite etc?

    33. Peter Largren on

      Thank you for giving us this magnificent opportunity to be a part of a project of such greatness and awesomeness! *thumbs up* :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael on


      Yes I agree with you, images would be great!

    35. Missing avatar

      Garik Pettersen on

      This is great! Lets get it up to the moon!!�

    36. Blue_Glaucus on

      I think you'll find it hard to get backing with these rewards. Any space project that includes photos from space get far higher backing, I know it goes against your design and weight, but if it could be worked out to fit a camera on board then offer pictures looking at earth, moon, or both. There would be a far better chance of backing. Anyway fantastic project and keep up the hard work, you guys are inspirational.

    37. Anthony Henderson on

      I've pledged low but would go higher if there are plans for better rewards

    38. Christopher Craddock on

      Happy to donate our experience and engine to the cause! Let us know how we can help www.rocketstar.nyc.

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Great project! Just backed the project, it would be nice to be a part of this!

    40. Missing avatar

      Per Oresjo on

      Great initiative!

      One tiny detail, you may want to change the video somewhat or add a disclaimer. Currently in the video you are promising "All Moonspike backers will secure at least 1MB of storage capacity to send their digital memories to the moon."

      That is obviously not true for the £3 backer level.

    41. Marc on

      Guys, you need to get in touch with Scott Manley :D Hyped for this btw.

    42. Fabio Balzano on

      Viva la fuerza de las ideas, la ambición, la independencia desde el sistema capitalista, viva la fuerza de los sueños, hasta siempre la energía de explorar nuevas ideas, viva el hombre común, viva la energía de la vida, viva Dinamarca!

    43. Missing avatar

      JonathanD on

      Light the candle! Good luck boys.

    44. amigacooke on

      Or as it should have been:

      These guys are nuts!

      I like that, have some money.

    45. amigacooke on

      These give are nuts!

      I like that, have some money :-)

    46. Missing avatar

      Christian Oesch on

      Fly me to the moooon...

    47. Moonspike Limited Creator on

      Thanks for the typo spot John!

    48. Missing avatar

      John O'Sullivan on

      I think I found a typo...

      > Big Data Founder VIP - 1TB of data payload

      I suggest you change that to 1GB of data payload before someone pledges for it.

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