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A modern contact lens case designed for refined simplicity.

UPDATE | Because of the amazing and supportive creative community, I've reached my goal after only 4 days! There's no reason for the momentum to stop here! The more pledges, the more MOON Cases I can get out there.  XO B

Thanks for checking out my project.

I am passionate about designing and making products that refine the everyday. To take a second look at the mundane objects that we use daily and re-think our interactions with them.

Why redesign the contacts lens case?

It's a routine that many of us go through at least twice a day and it's an object that holds a prominent place on the bathroom sink.

But it's an experience and product that gets overlooked. Many of the currently available cases are designed with functionality in mind but without much thought put into the user experience. Screw caps are great for travel but not for quick daily interactions. And plastics have many great properties but often feel very cheap. Right and left indicators aren't always necessary.


I chose Corian® for very specific reasons. First, it’s a hypoallergenic, non-toxic material, and non-porous so it doesn’t harbor the growth of bacteria and minimizes the risk of infections. Second, it’s a beautiful material. It has a pleasant weight and smooth texture that gives it a premium feel. Third, it’s a great material because it’s hard, but not brittle, making it easier to find local CNC manufacturing to work with.

Local Manufacturing

These cases were manufactured less than four miles from where they were designed. Using local manufacturing allowed me to minimize the environmental impact, contribute to the local economy, and work face-to-face with the managers and operators to ensure that they met my design intents. It was a wonderfully collaborative process.


For this first collection, I chose natural colors that complement everyday spaces. 

How you can help :

Your pledge will help towards the purchase of materials, and the first manufacturing production run. With a pledge of $40 or more, you will receive one MOON contacts lens case, at a fraction of the retail price ($60). 

Shipping to the US and Canada is included but please add an extra $5 for international shipping.

Many thanks :

I'm very excited about producing these cases and having people use it. Designing products that people love to use is my passion. 

Additional thanks to my husband, The Munsons, The Tsens, David Whetstone, the Cinco product team, and Small Parts Manufacturing for all the support that made this possible.

Thank you! 



  • Shipping to the US and Canada is included. For international shipping, please add $5.00 to your pledge.


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  • This case was designed specifically for the home. There was a need for a case that complemented the bathroom space and designed for everyday interaction. For travel, I would recommend the plastic screw cap cases. They're specifically designed for that. :)

    The best comparison I can make is the difference between your ceramic coffee mug and your travel mug. Both are designed for their specific use. I believe that by solving for one interaction, it will create a better product and experience.

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