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Publishing book on professional wrestling statistics. Econometrics meets sports entertainment.

For many years, Mookie Harrington has been combing archives of results to publish unique pro-wrestling and MMA statistics at

His analysis and commentary has been used in Figure Four Weekly and Wrestling Observer newsletter.  MMA statistics he compiled were published in the MMA Encyclopedia

Now it's time to take these various materials and make it accessible to the masses in his first published e-book.

This analysis will be everything from lists (who has had the most matches in the past thirty years in WWE) to elasticity projections (can you predict the number of PPV buys based on price and stipulations?)  to cross-discplinary studies (can chess rating algorithms be applied to ranking wrestlers?). 

Econometrics + Professional Wrestling = Grapplecomputos

The estimate delivery date is December 2012, but the project may ready earlier.

UPDATE: While the project is funded, please continue to spread the word! I want to invest in this e-book so it looks good in both digital and physical form. I picked a low goal because I wasn't sure what to expect, but response has been incredible.  Thank you all and again, please continue to spread the word!! 

The goal is 97 (prime!) backers.


  • The premise of a physical tome has proved quite popular. In order to secure a sufficient initial printing, one aim of this Kickstarter is to pre-sell the majority of the physical books.

    All backers at $20 or higher levels will receive a physical copy of book along with a copy of the e-book. By the laws of mathematics, this includes pledging at rational integers such as $25 and $35 levels.

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  • I appreciate every backer enormously.

    I underestimated the interest in this project and I underestimated how many international clients there would be. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled by the response.

    If you feel compelled to donate extra to cover international shipping, please feel free. However, I am not expecting or requiring anyone to do that.

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