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VERY High Quality with SAPPHIRE available - horlogerie, montre, armbanduhr, reloj, relogio, 手表, часы, 腕時計, klockor, horloge, orologi
VERY High Quality with SAPPHIRE available - horlogerie, montre, armbanduhr, reloj, relogio, 手表, часы, 腕時計, klockor, horloge, orologi
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    1. Missing avatar

      michael gregg on

      I'm in California and looking for legal recourse against this project.

      It sounds like the AG in Colorado doesn't seem to care a lot.

      Anybody know of any way to go after this guy?

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Koerber

      Fortunately I have this page on a change detection site and it notified me of the update.

      I've looked at the website and I can't tell who's behind it. Why do you think it's Terry Allison?

    3. Missing avatar

      Gregory Krieg on

      For anyone who is interested...It looks like Terry now has a new business.

    4. Jeremy P. on

      Terry is a repeat offender...See the Royal Custom project. Thankfully it was obvious to anyone familiar with his scams and he cancelled it before kickstarter did.

    5. Jeremy P. on

      For anyone who might not have read the initial comments after terry took our cash, many of us contacted the Colorado AG. He really didn't do anything but forward the case onto the BBB.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexis Rolon on

      I live in FL. if anyone does anything legally please feel free to contact me.

    7. Dennis Sorensen on

      I live in Denmark and can't really do anything either. But this is by far the most I have ever been lied to by anyone. So disappointed! And this was actually quite a lot of money for me. I honestly just hope that he will *never* get the chance to do business again, where he has the potential to cheat and lie to his customers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Turhan Djemal on

      I guess this is dead now - what an asshole that guy was. Hope he ends up in prison where he belongs!

      I'm all the way over here in NZ so can't help but I hope someone contacted the CO Attorney General.

    9. Conor Nolan on

      Is this completely dead or has anyone had contact with 'the creator'

    10. Missing avatar


      Interesting development here:
      Looks like state's AG will pursue fraud projects if someone contacts them. Chris is NY and below is the contact information of the AG office:

      If any backers are from CO, they should contact CO Attorney General. There is increased awareness of fraud using Kickstarter platform. Let us home CO AG takes it up as well.

    11. Steven Chiang on

      Very bad case in Kickstarter, nothing worth to look back here. Even a Chinese made watch will better than this dream!

    12. Danio on

      Hello everyone, just wanted to share again that if you are still looking to crowdfund and add an incredible, elegant and unique looking watch to your collection or even start one as I was trying to do with the Montrex, you have only a few more hours left to support the William Shatner designed fully automatic watch. Down to the final hours and the project ends today. You'll have to get it at full price which will more than double the cost so hurry up and check it out:

    13. Danio on

      Hi Mike! Wow, great to know you are still here with me. I know it sounds crazy, but I too hope Terry gets his act together and realizes that finishing what he started here will go a long way to repairing his name and brand. I just don't see how he can be successful at anything else without finishing this project all the way through. Frankly and sadly, I think he's created more enemies than friends after this project. Oh well.

      Did you get a chance to look at the watch I shared designed by actor William Shatner?
      Only a few days left and then it's over with early bird prices, not to mention they are truly limited edition time pieces.

    14. Mike Danseglio on

      Thanks Danio, I believe most backers of this project have stopped reading. I still hold out hope that Terry will fulfill my reward at some point.

    15. Danio on

      Not too sure if many are reading here, but since I got burnt $400 of my hard earned money off this project, I did run across one that is really good. It was influenced by actor William Shatner, a beautiful automatic (not Chinese like Montrex would have been), and even has elements of asteroid from space in it. Check it out and well worth your viewing if any of you are interested:

    16. Danio on

      hmmmm...i just rand across this...he did say rebranding... check the city and state guys and tell me, just a coincidence? even the artwork, setup...

    17. Ilai Magun on

      I was one of the "lucky" ones that got a watch, but as of today it has stopped working.

    18. Gary Merinstein on

      I wouldn't be surprised to hear that one of the KS backers swindled by Terry is setting up a server on the net to watch the boards, crowdsourcing and news sites for Terry's future schemes and dump an info pack to the local news agencies, public advocate, local DA, etc. so that people are fully informed before they decide waste any more money on Terry.

    19. Missing avatar

      SonOfSlam on

      Terry, you have consistently acted in bad faith through this debacle. I have no hope to actually see a watch out of this. What I want is a refund of the money I gave you. What will you do to make this happen?

    20. Missing avatar

      Sebastian R. on

      How is the project fulfilled if you send us a watch with a different brand, case, etc.? What will these watches even look like?

    21. Montrex Watches Creator on

      Hey guys... the re-branding will be done soon. This will include different style of case, packaging, etc. Soon this project will be fulfilled. Best wishes.

    22. Jo on

      another new project and even not reply our complains here, what kind of people they are???

    23. Jo on

      hey where's my watch ??? Where's your conscience ???

    24. Maxime Vandermeersch on

      How could you ask us to support you in a new fraud ??? What about MY MONEY ?

    25. Montrex Watches Creator on - Please check out this great project and lend it your support! Thanks! :-)

    26. Jo on

      I am IN if their's hope for my watch or my money back

    27. Missing avatar

      Turhan Djemal on

      So out of interest, do you have debt collection companies in US? Surely if we all got together a claim of this magnitude would interest them? We have a binding legal contract with Terry and he either owes us product or a refund. The problem we all seem to be facing (especially those outside US) is we individually have very little hope of tracking Terry down.

      So why don't we get a list of those who've been stolen from and pass this over to a debt collection agency? There must be over $50k of stolen money and a debt collection agency would have very little problem serving Terry and freezing assets as required.

      Anyone interested? Or does it not work the same over there?

    28. Missing avatar

      SonOfSlam on

      David, needless to say if you find any information on Terry (location, etc.) I think many of us would be most appreciative if you would share it here.

    29. Gary Merinstein on

      That phone number from "Vegas" is the same cellphone Terry had in Colorado. He probably has it with him while partying.

    30. Jo on

      hi there , I am from Indonesia . I've been e-mail for few times to Terry or kikstarter and they never reply my e-mail. I just want my watch or my hard earned money back . Could anyone help me solve my problem ?

    31. David Starmer on

      Terry, If you are even reading this. I have filed a civil claim against you. I'll get you served, don't you worry. It may take a while, but you will. I look forward to having a judgement against you and getting my money back, and then some, for the criminal act you have undertaken against me.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alexis Rolon on

      so... i believe in a product, give them $350.00 so they may finish it, and they never deliver it; go to Las Vegas and the site that helped in this transaction has no responsibility?
      I think i got it =) Thanks Kickstarter

    33. Missing avatar

      Bruce Noe on

      Well According to his facebook page, he is now in Las Vegas. guess we know what our money went to:

      Here is what is listed on his facebook page:

      Contact Information
      Mobile Phones

      (720) 289-0764


      Las Vegas, NV, United States

    34. Missing avatar

      Turhan Djemal on

      I complained to kickstarter and asked how someone from New Zealand can attempt the US$740 that has been stolen from him. Just a canned response saying they aren't responsible!!! They didn't offer to refund their cut of the stolen money of course. That kickstarter are profiting from fraud and getting away with it is somewhat alarming.

      And while each of us has very little ability to push Terry into some responsible behavior, a company the size of kickstarter, no doubt with their own legal department, certainly could. Such a shame they prefer to leave us all high and dry. Very disappointing.

    35. Gary Merinstein on

      No illness because Terry was selling his movements on last month. He's just a thief.

    36. Matt Fischer on

      Hello? Is this thing on? How about an update? Or, are we back to whining about how mean people are, which in turn, leads people to treat you exactly how you deserve to be treated. Update!

    37. Jo on

      Could anyone help me how to get my watch or refund my money back ?
      Any solution or help are appreciate, thx .

    38. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Also in my last voicemail/email i left him i mentioned we are just all wanting to hear about what's going on and an update on here would be much appreciated. Maybe he is swamped or there are family things but either way it's not asking too much for some sort of update I don't think.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Alright so I got my independant watch, it had an issue so I emailed Terry he said to ship it back and they'd fix it. (One of the numbers was messed up). That was actually a pleasant experince. I got the watch back after continuing to email in about 3-5 days. Then i happily wound it up and wore it... for a day. Later that day it froze up completely. It didn't wind and the hands wouldnt move, the gears werent winding correctly. So i contacted Terry again, he said ship it back again for a replacement movement and he'd fix it right up so i did.

      First he said it would be a few days, then he said at least 2 weeks. I tried to stay in email contact to be sure. I haven't heard from him by email now since August. So i think I'm never getting it back. I desperately did some sleuthing and found his stores number and I actually got him on the phone at one point about 2-3 weeks after I sent it and he stopped emailing. He said he was really backed up but working to get everything out soon. I called again a week ago and left a message after no email response and no one picked up the phone this time. I had faith in him this whole time but now I think that may have been misplaced. If you do some googling you can find the number and probably other contact information but I dont know that will help. I hope I get my watch but I'm considering it a loss at this point.

    40. Missing avatar

      andrew o on

      Hey did anyone get their money back who did it through amazon on a non amex? if so what process did you use?

    41. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I got my money back from Amex about 1 month ago. I suggest you guys do the same as it seems like he has been playing everyone from the start. I know everyone was excited to receive their watches (I was too) but there comes a point when you need to just cut your losses and take the money back.

    42. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Parr on

      Thank you Steve Cooper for leading us to the Website which indicates quite clearly that Terry , by the location listed , is still in the watch business , and has , according to his E bay clients , an excellent review history going back several years - which makes this whole scenario totally bizarre...
      perhaps its a case of illness rather than deliberate deceit ?

    43. Jo on

      Where is my Watch ?

    44. Gary Merinstein on

      I think I would prefer that Terry had died; he deserves to.

    45. Steve Cooper on

      Good news is Terry doesn't appear to have shuffled of this mortal coil.
      Bad news is he appears to be offloading Resonance Carousel Movements through his ebay shop
      and has been trying to sell them for the last month. Bargain at $30!!!!!!.
      OUR movements from OUR watches????

    46. Ilai Magun on

      I am one of the ones that did get a watch. I got a white regulator in the box. the only thing I did not get was the extra strap I had asked for. I was one of the lucky ones I guess.

    47. Missing avatar

      Daniel Gallini on

      Dammit, I just want my watch. I have had so many extremely positive experiences through Kickstarter. I really believe Terry is working hard over there. Hopefully he doesn't disappoint.

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