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This is the Kickstarter project for my new upcoming album. It's heavy & you can be a part of it! MONTSTER WORLD DOMINATION 2013!
This is the Kickstarter project for my new upcoming album. It's heavy & you can be a part of it! MONTSTER WORLD DOMINATION 2013!
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"Before The Mourning Son" video released today!


Hey everybody!

In case you haven't seen it yet,

The "Before The Mourning Son" video came out today! Check it out and crank it up!

Less than a week until the album comes out now!

I hope everyone who got the album as a Kickstarter incentive is enjoying it! There were only a couple of people who had trouble with the links fortunately.

Thanks again for your help and your patience with this!


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Update: Update coming soon. That's the Update!

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Hello everybody!

I wanted to update you with the great news that I should have an update for you soon!

Albums...why do they take so long to make! (or) ?. That could be a declarative statement or a question.

You record it, then get on a schedule to mix it (I've learned from this process it's good to walk away from it, forget about it, and come back fresh), and find the right person to Master it. That's like putting the icing on the cake. It could make a good cake bad and a bad cake good.

Well, I'm happy to report this process has been completed!!!

A few things have changed...

I got signed to Metal Blade records after the CEO, Brian Slagel, heard the rough, raw tracks. Here is there press release on the signing (in case you haven't seen it already):

PLEASE Tweet this out, Like it on Facebook, Share it on Facebook - maybe even let Metal Blade know how excited you are to hear it?... Anything you can think of! I need your support now more than ever. Tell your friends, your family, anyone you can.

It's time to mount up and get ready.

I'm so excited to have Metal Blade behind me. They've been around for 31 years now and there aren't a lot of record labels that can say that.

They are making plans on the release and everything needed to get this thing out there. Manufacturing, planning, promoting, etc. There are some really cool ideas floating around.

*IF you have an outstanding Kickstarter incentive, can you email me and touch base at: This way we can communicate one on one. All incentives for the album WILL be delivered as stated. Since you've all been so patient, I might have to throw in a couple of surprises along the way. Thank you again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I'll have more news very soon. I just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten about you and we are getting closer. Can you feel it?

ALSO - feel free to share all of the links at the bottom of the Metal Blade press release. I'm on iTunes Radio now also.

And you can always say hello at @montepittman on Twitter or on Facebook.

Until then, my friends! love, Monte

Back home from Copenhagen!

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are all doing great! All is great here! I've been home a week now from Copenhagen (still trying to get caught up)! Some incentives have gone out. Others aren't far away. We knocked out the album in under 2 weeks! Drums, bass, and guitar were all recorded live (to tape!). The difference is amazing. You will hear for yourself. We are all VERY happy with how it came out. Mixing will start in about a month. So - we are on schedule. I'm playing June 22nd & 23rd on the Vans Warped Tour - doing an acoustic set on their Acoustic Basement stage. I hope to see you out! 

 ALSO - Saturday, March 2nd - we are playing the Whisky. Here is the Facebook invitation. That would be awesome if you shared it with all of your friends! This show is being professionally filmed! I'm bringing out everything but fire breathing dragons (unless I find some by then). We'll be playing some of everything - old ...and new... I hope to see you all there! 

 Also - I updated my soundcloud page - so you can listen to everything there and for free! Feel free to share that with everyone and anyone too! 

 Thanks again! Have a great day!


Incentive Fulfillment Begins

The lucky backers of the NAMM Set List incentive receive a special surprise of a signature from Alex Skolnick of Testament!  Alex joined the band during the NAMM 2013 showcase midnight on Friday, 1/25.

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