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Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
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Cypher System on Geek & Sundry, and More Kickstarter Goodness!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

The Kickstarter campaign for Your Best Game Ever is on fire, and unlocking lots of stretch goals. This is likely of interest to you, backers of Worlds of the Cypher System, because two of the goals so far have unlocked Cypher System settings.

The first is called The Stars Are Fire, and it is a not-to-distant future science fiction setting by Bruce Cordell where just as humanity reaches for the stars, Earth mysteriously goes dark. The book also contains lots of great info and material on running any Cypher sci-fi setting. You can read more about it here.

The second is called Stay Alive! and it is, of course, a horror setting and sourcebook by Sean K Reynolds. Vampires stalk the night… but is something worse out there? Stay Alive! also includes rules and advice on running horror games with different settings as well.

Both of these are available as Add-ons in the campaign, but backers who select the I Want It All! level and above get both of these books, as well as Your Best Game Ever in both standard and deluxe format, the brand new Cypher System Rulebook designed to be a companion book to Your Best Game Ever, and… probably even more great new Cypher books, considering the campaign still has more than two weeks left to unlock more goals.

Check it all out here!

Callisto 6

Have you heard? Geek & Sundry just announced that their live play web series, Shield of Tomorrow, is ending and a new show, Callisto 6, is taking its place. 

The show will have the same cast and the same GM (Eric Campbell, who happens to also be one of the consulting experts on Your Best Game Ever). However, it will utilize a brand new cyberpunk/sci-fi/superhero setting built by Eric Campbell and Sam de Leve for the Cypher System. Monte’s been consulting with them to help pull things together and we’re really excited about the show. You can bet we’ll be there watching and we think all Cypher System fans should check it out. If Shield of Tomorrow is any indication, this will be a great show, with a fun cast and a great GM.

Callisto 6 will air stream on Twitch and Alpha every Friday starting on August 17.

Please join us in watching what’s sure to be a fantastic RPG show!


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    1. Jan Stals on

      Not interested until I get my Numenera Destiny/Discovery pre order.