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Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
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The Cypher Guide—the Final Reward of This Campaign

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello, Cypher System Kickstarter backers!

It’s a momentous day. Today we unveil the Cypher Guide, an awesome resource for players of any Cypher System game (including Numenera and The Strange). The Cypher Guide is a mammoth online resource that collates info from across the entire Cypher System. It’s a giant index of every cypher, artifact, descriptor, focus, type, product, and more, with a brief description and book page reference for each. This new resource is super handy for locating game elements as you plan an adventure or build a character. As of today, the Cypher Guide contains content from Numenera corebook, The Strange corebook, Cypher System Rulebook, Gods of the Fall, and Predation. We’re in the process of adding data from the rest of our publications, and expect it to be fully populated within the next few months. Going forward, content from new titles will be added to Cypher Guide as those titles are published.


You can check out the Cypher Guide now. It’s free for everyone to use.

The Cypher Guide was a major undertaking, and we think it’ll be an incredible resource for players for years to come. The release of the Cypher Guide would be a big announcement all on its own, but we have another piece of big news to share today: The Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter campaign is now complete!

We released the Cypher System Creature Deck in early January, and the Cypher System Rules Primer, a free quickstart guide, last week. The Cypher Guide is the final deliverable of this campaign.

Check out all the things you helped make possible:

That’s an impressive list. We’re really thrilled to have been given the chance to make all this come to life, and to help establish the Cypher System with so much great supporting content. Thanks for making it all possible!

Gods! Dinosaurs! Superheroes! (and Expanded Worlds!)
—Charles and everyone here at MCG

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    1. Jody C. aka The Bunny of Doom on

      This is awesome. Thanks again to the MCG crew. One thing I would like to ask/suggest, going forward, when offering clothing please take into account there are those of us that are; big and tall, fat, plused sized, obese, etc. We would also like to show our support by wearing the cool merch you offer, and I'm sure the majority of us requesting farm animal sized clothing are willing to pay more. Congrats on a well done Kickstarter campaign.

    2. ToastyJustice on

      Jason Fehr me too. I would love to see an API for the Cypher Guide. Although it seems like they may have published it by using blog format.

      I looked at it and it seems a bit limited - only the core books. If it can evolve to provide references to the various Character Options books as well, that'd make it really wonderful.

    3. Jason Fehr on

      Congrats on finishing the campaign.

      I would love for a future KS to include an API for the Cypher Guide. I have my own little app I use for running games. It would be great if I could integrate this info into that. Would save a lot of typing and copy/pasting.