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Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
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The Cypher System Creature Deck Is Headed Your Way

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello, Cypher System Kickstarter backers!


We are super excited to have launched the Cypher System Creature Deck this week. This is the last print item from the Worlds of the Cypher System Kickstarter campaign, which means we’re very nearly done delivering on it. More on that in just a minute.

If the Cypher System Creature Deck is one of your rewards, in either print or PDF format, you should have received your fulfillment email yesterday. We’ll start shipping the deck on Monday. (If you didn’t get the email, make sure your spam filter isn’t blocking emails from us. Then go to My Account at the MCG Shop, and click on Coupons in the menu to the left. Click on the coupon for your Creature Deck. If you have more than one coupon to redeem, just return to the My Account page and click on the rest before checking out.)

This is the last print deliverable for Worlds of the Cypher System. So what’s left?

  • We’re putting the finishing touches on the Cypher System Rules Primer (we called this the “quickstart rules” in the Kickstarter). This will be a free item, available to all backers and indeed all gamers everywhere, that helps new GMs and players jump into the Cypher System. It’ll be a great tool if you have friends you’re introducing to Predation, Unmasked, Gods of the Fall, or a Cypher System campaign of your own design.
  • And we’re almost done with the Cypher Guide, a mammoth online resource that collates info from across the entire Cypher System, including Numenera and The Strange. It’s a giant index of every cypher, artifact, descriptor, focus, type, and more, with a brief description and book page reference for each. It’ll be super handy for locating game resources as you plan an adventure or build a character.

Look for the Cypher System Rules Primer in the weeks to come, with the initial launch of the Cypher Guide following shortly thereafter.

And then we’ll have done it—every single item promised in the Worlds of the Cypher System campaign will have been delivered. It’s been a long journey, but you helped us make a lot of really cool stuff!

Gods! Dinosaurs! Superheroes! (and Expanded Worlds!)


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    1. Tony Love on

      Will the new info from Numenera 2and other new sourcebooks published after the online Cypher Guide is released be updated and maintained upon release or is this something that will only be determined in the future? Lots of good books on the way, I'd say to see things go out-of-date in 2018 because it sounds like a super useful resource!

    2. Dean M Lewis on

      I have to say this is by far one of my favorite Kickstarters ever. I've been having a love affair with this game system since I first found in back 2013. In the here and now I'm just plain stuck. I periodically run other game systems, but the Cypher System is my go to Jam. You guys rock... Now I'm waiting for the fun to begin flowing in with Numenera 2. Keep up the good work MCG!!!