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Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
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    1. Eric Bennett on December 8, 2017

      I believe they have forgotten about us :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin on December 7, 2017

      @Jerry You are not alone :-(

    3. Jerry Bocci on December 6, 2017

      @MCG (Darcy, Sean, or whomever else reads these):
      There's a problem with my order for Unmasked (print, PDF, and conversion glimmer). I sent an inquiry to support@ last week (30 Nov), and was told (by an automated process it seems) that my issue would "be addressed soon". So far, however, I've heard nothing. Any chance one of you could take a look and let me know what's going on?

    4. Frank Reiss on December 4, 2017

      I asked the author of Unmasked on Twitter why he changed the setting, and her replied:

      „Hey! As I wrote it, it kept pulling me back to the "origin story" of the DMD; the book became that origin story. I imagine the "modern" world of UNMASKED would feature DMD. This is where that "comes from". Hope that helps!“

    5. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on December 4, 2017

      I do think MCG owes us an explanation of why Unmasked changed from it's original concept. Unlike the other MCG kickstarters, this one gave very little previews of the various products and projects.

      If there's a change in a product before release, that should be disclosed fully to the backers, because your asking for money up front to develop a product, and the descriptions given set the expectations of the audience. With this particular KS in general, some people may have only been interested in 1 or 2 of the 3 products (I know I didn't care about the Predation one at all), so that increases risk. I mean, a simple statement with this Kickstarter saying "in playtest, people didn't like the setting, so we changed it", etc. Otherwise, it feels like the textbook definition of "bait and switch".

    6. Stefan Radermacher on December 4, 2017

      After finally ordering my Unmasked copy, I've been checking out what might still be missing from this campaign, so I'm wondering: have the digital wallpapers ever been released, and if so, how can I get them? And what about thew Quickstart Rules PDF?

    7. Missing avatar

      Scott on December 3, 2017

      I received my copy of Unmasked last week and have had a chance to look it over and I find myself disappointed by the finished product. The description originally shared during the Kickstarter made it sound a lot more akin to a 90s style RPG ala World of Darkness or Underground with psychological elements at play whereas what we got feels more like someone trying to knock off Stranger Things with all the 80s nostalgia. All the other books we funded were to my liking but this one has left something of a bad taste in my mouth unfortunately. I don't know, perhaps more communication during the creative process would have helped.

    8. Eric Bennett on December 2, 2017

      I messaged them as well and not heard anything. I'm hoping to still get my copy of Unmasked :(

    9. Missing avatar

      Martin on December 1, 2017

      @Eric I pledged for the Unmasked PDF but have heard nothing from them. PM'd them a couple of days ago asking about it and I'm waiting for their response.

    10. Eric Bennett on December 1, 2017

      When was this finally released? I had it as an add on, but have not received any email regarding a coupon for their site or shipping information.

    11. Philipp Tsenin on November 30, 2017

      @ John R. Troy @Frank Reiss
      Had the same impression. Not that I did not like it, but somehow I had some more 90s vibes in mind. You know, World of Darkness-like.

    12. Frank Reiss on November 27, 2017

      @John I had the same impression after flipping through the book: Different setting, different tone, etc.

      Ultimately I think they just changed and expanded the setting to include multiple play styles - and to get on board of the 80s hype train ;-). There are a lot of examples in the book to give the game a darker or more serious twist. You could easily adapt the original idea for Unmasked (from the quote you posted) without changing too much. I would have liked to see this background fleshed out in the book, too. The focus on dark, psychological horror sounded cool!

    13. Missing avatar

      John R. Troy on November 23, 2017

      After downloading and reviewing unmasked, it doesn't seem like what we originally backed:

      Or drift to the edge of insanity. They'll say you're dangerous. Insane. That you suffer from Dissociative Mask Disorder. Your parents and the doctors and the press and the military—they can’t believe what’s happening. They can’t believe what you can do. And they wouldn't believe the price you pay.

      Unmasked is 192 pages of super-powered psychological horror. Like the other campaign settings funded by this campaign, it’ll have setting info, new character options, creatures, cyphers, and everything you need to run a complete campaign.

      Instead, the game we got appears to be an 80's pastiche/homage, with nothing of the original concept advertised. I've reviewed the updates here and I see no announcement of the change in tone from the original campaign.

      Why did this change?

    14. Darcy Ross Collaborator
      on November 2, 2017

      Hi Antonino!
      Unmasked itself is only up on the store for taking pre-orders of the product, it's not out yet but you backers will absolutely be getting it first.
      We can't wait to get it into your hands! Glad you enjoyed Day One.
      - Darcy

    15. Antonino B Oliveira on November 2, 2017

      Hi MCG!
      I have seen that Unmasked us available on the store. Shouldn't we backers have received out copies? At least the PDFs?
      There was nothing on my Coupons area besides the Day One (that was awesome, I need more!).
      Thanks in advance for answering,
      Antonino Bossolan

    16. Kenneth McComber on November 1, 2017

      Just finished Unmasked day one. Cruel cruel I tell you it only leaves you with more questions

    17. The Franklin Design Forge
      on October 21, 2017

      I’ve received no emails since the release of the asset decks and now have no access to the website using the email I signed up using. Who can I talk to fix this and get the remainder of what I backed for at the “Ultimate Cypher GM” level?

    18. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on September 7, 2017

      @Jerry Bocci we're still planning on releasing Unmasked in November. We're going to see what impact our schedule has on the Cypher System Creature Deck's street date. If that changes, we'll update the Coming Soon page.

    19. Jerry Bocci on September 7, 2017

      @MCG (@Sean K Reynolds):
      Considering the delay of The Strange Box, will that impact the October's release of the "Cypher System Creature Deck", or November's "Unmasked"?

    20. Jane Lawson
      on August 30, 2017

      Awesome, thanks Sean.

    21. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on August 29, 2017

      @Jane Lawson I see your messages in our system. I'm not sure why that order is still marked as "awaiting shipping," and I've asked Tammie to ask our UK shipping center about your order. (She'll reply via email.)

    22. Jane Lawson
      on August 28, 2017

      Hi MCG team, I've put a couple of messages through via the 'Contact us' page but I'm not sure if they've gone through properly (received email autoreply, but on both occasions the web page froze when I hit 'submit'). Just chasing the status of an order for these Kickstarter rewards made on Aug 4 if you can help.

    23. Jerry Bocci on August 28, 2017

      ...that should have said "gaming"... or, should it? ....

    24. Jerry Bocci on August 28, 2017

      @Sean, Charles:
      Woohoo! Looks like my household is going to have a gamey holiday season!

    25. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on August 25, 2017

      *high-fives Charles*

    26. Charles Ryan Collaborator on August 25, 2017

      Actually, it's already done!

    27. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on August 25, 2017

      @Everyone right now the whole team is playing catch-up at normal work stuff after Gen Con, but I believe Charles plans to update the Coming Soon page soon (perhaps next week) with that info.

    28. Jerry Bocci on August 18, 2017

      @Sean, MCG, etc.
      Yeah, what @Michael Natale said! Do you have dates for Unmasked, or the Cypher System Creature Deck, other than "Fall 2017" or "Late 2017"?

    29. Michael Natale
      on August 13, 2017

      Any ETA for the Unmasked hardcover? I received the Cypher system hardcover already but no sign of the other one. Thx!

    30. Frank Roberts on July 25, 2017

      @Sean - you are da man! Got it!

    31. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on July 24, 2017

      @Frank Roberts I just forwarded the pregens email to you using my personal account; please let me know if you don't receive it.

    32. Frank Roberts on July 24, 2017

      @Sean - I never got the email to download the official pregenerated characters and pregenerated companions for Predation. Thanks

    33. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on July 21, 2017

      @Philipp Tsenin I just forwarded the email to you. Please let me know if you don't receive it.

      @Elizabeth Eichelberger that's not an error. :) It's a deliberate style of bookbinding called a "deckled edge."

    34. Elizabeth Eichelberger on July 21, 2017

      Just got our copy of Myth of the Maker, are the long outer edges of the pages supposed to be rough cut? The top and bottom are smooth cut, but the outer are rough, seems like the book wasn't finished being cut when the jacket was put on.

    35. Philipp Tsenin on July 20, 2017

      Could not find any email with any link :c

    36. Marco Rosa on July 11, 2017

      @Sean Oh, thank you very much!!!

    37. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on July 11, 2017

      Hello, Predation backers! Tammie sent out an email to you with a link to download the official pregenerated characters and pregenerated companions for Predation. These emails should be rolling out over the next several hours. Please check your email (the address you use for MCG Kickstarter updates) for the link. If it doesn't arrive by tomorrow, let us know and we'll track it down. :)

    38. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on July 11, 2017

      @Marco Rosa oh no, that won't do at all! I've built a shipment for your missing poster map.

    39. Marco Rosa on July 6, 2017

      Hi Sean! I confirm that the printed copy of Predation tha tyou send me to the correct address arrived this morning. You forgotten to put inside the copy of the poster/map of predation, but at least I can print it myself from my pdf version of its.

    40. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on July 5, 2017

      @KjelKen confirmed: no, unfortunately. (Many of these special Kickstarter rewards are things that we have made to order in limited quantities, and we don't end up with extras for the MCG Shop.)

    41. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on July 5, 2017

      @KjelKen I don't think we are, but I'm looking into it just to make sure.

    42. KjelKen
      on July 4, 2017

      Will the GM gear folder be avaliable on the MGC webshop later?

    43. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on July 1, 2017

      @Michael Greszler very soon—perhaps as early as next week! :)

    44. Michael Greszler on June 29, 2017

      When does the Unmasked playtesting begin? I'm super stoked to be a part of that one!

    45. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on June 28, 2017

      Hello, backers! We just sent out an email notification about The Way of the Dinosaur: Converting Predation for Numenera and The Strange, which is now available on the MCG Shop! If your backer level includes Predation, please check your email for the notification, or go right to the Coupons sidebar of your account on the MCG shop to get your reward coupon for this PDF. :)

    46. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on June 23, 2017

      @Dave Harrison I've replied to your message and updated your email address in BackerKit. :)
      @Marco Rosa I've replied to your message about the missing Predation book.

    47. Marco Rosa on June 22, 2017

      Hi Sean! Do you have any news regarding my problem with the wrong shipping address? I saw on the tracking that my printed copy of Predation it's returned to you (order #254954 ). And Tammie didn't answer to my e-mails about news from the shipping company.

    48. Dave Harrison
      on June 21, 2017

      I also haven't received anything for predation (and I have had to change my email address).

    49. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on June 15, 2017

      @Everyone I'm giving you the heads-up before I mention this on social media today, but we've updated the Cypher System Character and Campaign Sheets file to include the Predation character sheet and Predation companion sheet. Both of these additions have a form-fillable and printable version. Go get it, it's free!

    50. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on June 15, 2017

      @Robin Stirzaker I've made the updates, please check your email for more info. :)
      @Antonio Miguel Martorell Ferriol I checked the BackerKit for this Kickstarter campaign and you selected "Unmasked" as your PDF.
      @P-A Beaulieu please use the Contact Us form on the website to let us know your old and new email address so we can update your coupons.

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