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Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
Explore all new worlds and play in any genre with the award-winning roleplaying game system behind Numenera and The Strange.
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    1. Jerry Bocci on

      Thanks! USPS finally updated (and spammed me with 3 days' worth of activity), looks like I'll get it in tomorrow's mail!

    2. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @everyone late last week, the recent upgrade to our store software revealed a new bug that's affecting some peoples' coupons and orders, and that has meant a sudden spike in messages about it. If you're having a problem with your coupons or a store order in the last week or so, please use the Contact Us form to let us know about it. We (and right now that's mostly Tammie) are working our way through these notifications in our customer service queue and we'll get to you, it just takes time for us to manually fix these problems.

      @Jerry Bocci I just checked the tracking and it says it's en route to the destination.

    3. Marco Rosa on

      Please, check your e-mail box on MCG Shop. You made an other time a mistake with my shipping address. I can only imagine from where do you take out that wrong address, because I wrote it correct both on the payment procedure and in my account on MCG Shop.

    4. Jerry Bocci on

      Any chance you could check on order #255156 for me? I received an email that it shipped, and USPS has the tracking#, but does not have a package.

    5. Missing avatar

      Robin Stirzaker on

      I submitted a ticket via the MCG contact system last week requesting that my email address on Backerkit be updated (as my old one is now out of service) for both this Kickstarter and Worlds of the Into the Ninth World. I have not heard anything.
      I also submitted a ticket last week as all the coupons for the products released recently for both Kickstarters that I hadn’t ordered yet have disappeared from my MCG store account.
      I have not had a response to either ticket. Is there anyone at MCG actually looking at the tickets that are raised?

    6. Jeremy Hochhalter

      Hey @Sean K Reynolds! Sorry there are tech issues going on with the orders, what a bummer! Unfortunately, I am also having that issue, and submitted a Customer Service message on June 2nd. I had ordered the following list, and ran into the coupon issue.
      Predation: The Age of Crest and Bone × 1 $1.99
      Predation in PDF KICKSTARTER REWARD × 1 $17.99
      Predation in print KICKSTARTER REWARD × 1 $44.99
      Asset Deck in print × 1 $19.99
      Asset Deck in PDF × 2 $15.98
      NPC Deck in print × 1 $19.99
      NPC Deck in PDF × 1 $7.99
      No response from my Customer Service message, and just wanted to see how things are going. :) Thanks for your time, and good luck!

    7. Chris Tavares on

      @Sean: Thanks for the quick response!

    8. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Henry Perez I'm waiting to hear back from Bear about that.
      @Chris Tavares I'm talking to Zoa about order #254805 right now.
      @Marco Rosa order #254954 (Predation in print, Kickstarter reward) is in our shipping software and will be processed by our UK shipping center. :)

    9. Marco Rosa on

      Hi! I received both the email for the pdf version and the print version of Predation. I completed both the payments, and downloaded the pdf version, but I didn't receive any confirmation email about the print version, and on the site is still "Processing". I payed with paypal, as always and I received the receipt from paypal, but no confirmation email from the MCG site. It only says this:
      Order #254954 was placed on June 2, 2017 and is currently Processing.

    10. justmebd on

      @Sean: That's why you are THE MAN!! Thank you very much!! :)

    11. Chris Tavares on

      @Sean K Reynolds So how long should I wait to hear back on my screwed up order due to the store Internal Server Error'ing? I've got a request in via the Contact us form with details.

    12. Henry Perez

      When will the digital wallpapers be released?

    13. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @justmebd I checked our order system and it looks like order #255153 shipped today. :)

    14. justmebd on

      I just checked my account and the order processed. If I don't see a shipping email in the next few days, should I bang on someone's door?

    15. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @everyone Tammie is looking into this problem with the coupons, but it seems to be self-correcting. We're hoping to have it all worked out later this afternoon. Ahhh, this modern technological life...

    16. Jerry Bocci on

      okay, now the coupons are gone, but it looks like an order has been processed. the DL links for the PDFs & ZIP (ebook) files are in the order, and the print copy is listed as well. Maybe one of my attempts worked? Or maybe somebody (@Sean K?) at MCG manually created the order?
      Either way, my book is ordered, and PDFs are downloaded! :-)

    17. Chris Tavares on

      I had a similar experience last night with the Predation coupons. I followed the checkout process, and when I hit the final "order" button I got back "internal server error". The order is in my list, the coupons are gone from my account, and if I look at the order details it says "order contains zero items".

      Already sent in a request on the contact form on the MCG website, just wanted to post here to suggest people might want to wait a couple days before trying to use these themselves, it looks like the MCG store is having technical issues.

    18. Robert H. Mitchell Jr.

      I had a similarly confusing experience. I used all three coupons and then received a message that the coupons weren't valid at checkout...once I hit the process order button. My cart dumped all of the coupons and reverted to a screen requiring me to entire a credit card/paypal payment. I never got confirmation that the order was processed...but somehow, the order shows as being "Processed" in my account.

      I'm thoroughly confused as to whether my order was processed or not.

    19. Chad Stevens on

      I just got the automated "thank you for your order" email with download links.

    20. Missing avatar

      Shawn C Campbell on

      I had the same thing happen, but when I checked my available downloads it was available for download.

    21. Chad Stevens on

      I had a similar problem. I applied the coupon, but at the final order screen, it got refused. When I went back to the Coupon page, I tried again and got a message about reaching the coupon limit. Now, it's gone entirely from my account.

    22. Jerry Bocci on

      Still didn't work for me, and now it's broken for all 3 coupons (fiction PDF, Predation PDF, & Predation print) - all 3 coupons got kicked back during checkout.

    23. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Jerry Bocci
      @Colin1012 please try using the coupon again, I noticed your email addresses included capital letters, and that's what caused the big problem we had a couple of weeks ago (the new version of the store software decided it wouldn't accept capital letters in email addresses).

    24. Missing avatar

      Colin1012 on

      I am getting the same coupon error. It says the item does not belong to me and then removes the discount. I used the contact us form on the website as well.

    25. Jerry Bocci on

      @Sean K Reynolds,
      Same error with this coupon as last time:
      Sorry, it seem the coupon "theageofcrestandbonepdf" is not yours - it has now been removed from your order.
      I thought you guys fixed it?

      OTOH: Yay, the Predation short fiction is out! :-)

    26. Diana Sharpe

      @Sean, sorry, I misread the page. It was the date of posting, not the date of release. I am having trouble waiting patiently for Predation! :)

    27. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Diana Sharpe I'm not sure what page is saying May 10th, but our Coming Soon page is the one we keep up-to-date. Predation is being released mid-June. :)

    28. Diana Sharpe


      Website news says May 10 for Predation. Any update on that?

    29. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Robin sorry about misspelling your name. "A cat walked on my keyboard" is the excuse I'm using today. :)

    30. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Robit Stirzaker please message us with the Contact Us form on our website, and include your old email address (so we know it's you) and you're new email address, and we'll update it on BackerKit for you. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Robin Stirzaker on

      How do I advise you if I have changed my email address? I have updated it in my profile on the MCG store but do I need to do something else for the various Kickstarters I am getting from you at present?

    32. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Marco Rosa I'll take care of this for you tonight. :)

    33. Marco Rosa on

      please check your email-box. I send you an email because the problem that I described to you the last time probably wasn't solved. I didn't receive my printed copy of Expanded Worlds's manual, meanwhile when you send me the "Gods of the Fall" 's manual, it arrive faster and in no time.
      I will write you an other time on the webstore.

    34. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      Hello, everyone!
      If you're getting the deluxe Myth of the Maker hardback, you should know that the pages of the book have a feathered or "deckled" edge. It's not an error, it's deliberate. Here's the Wikipedia entry on it:

    35. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      Hello, everyone!
      This past weekend we upgraded the software that runs out webstore, and it looks like there was an undocumented change that's made the reward coupons for Myth of the Maker uncooperative (creating a "this coupon doesn't belong to you" error). We're implementing a fix. If this error happens to you, please wait until tomorrow and try using the coupon again. If it's still giving you that error, please use the Contact Us form to let us know, and we'll take care of it. Sorry for the trouble!
      Here's the link to the Contact Us form:

    36. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Jerry Bocci yes we've had a lot of things arriving at the warehouse recently, and Tammie, Zoa, and Charles have been working like mad to get them out to backers. Part of the MOTM delay was waiting for the shipment to arrive, and part was playing "box Tetris" with everything else that's arrived in order to get fulfillment done efficiently. *phew*
      I'll be working on some customer service today, I hope to get to your coupon issue very soon. :)

    37. Jerry Bocci on

      Okay, nevermind. Got the coupon code last night, so I guess the answer to my question would be, "NOW". :-)

      (The coupon doesn't work, but that error went to customer support to handle...)

    38. Jerry Bocci on

      @Sean / @MCG:
      It's been a bit over 3 weeks since you said "we don't know when the shipment of MOTM hardcovers will arrive." Have they been printed? Has the printer shipped them?
      I've read the ebook, but want my wife to read MOTM, too (to give her background for our own game of The Strange), and she doesn't like reading books digitally. Any better estimate as to when we'll get the hardcovers?

    39. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Frank Reiss no significant milestone update at this time--it's still in progress, though, and we're working on the most efficient and accurate way to move the collected data into a browseable format.

    40. Frank Reiss on

      Hi Sean! Any news on the Cypher System wiki-like online resource that was one of the extras of this campaign?

    41. ToastyJustice on

      Got my copy and looking forward to sitting down to read through it!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jim Sharples

      Thanks very much Sean. Found the code.

    43. William Bidlack

      I got my copy of Expanded Worlds, looks awesome. Thanks.

    44. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Marco Rosa all taken care of now. :)

    45. Marco Rosa on

      please check your email-box. I send you an email because in the message you send me yesterday, about the shipping of my item, there was a mistake with my shipping address (different from the address I wrote in my account on the Monte Cook Game webstore).

    46. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Jim Sharples please log in to your account on the MGC webstore and check the Coupons link in the left sidebar. If you don't have a coupon there for the MOTM digital files, please use the Contact Us form to let us know (we'll follow up in email instead of discussing your info here in public).

    47. Missing avatar

      Jim Sharples

      Still waiting for my Myth of the Maker fulfillment? Got the Exanded Worlds one. Cheers

    48. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Phillip McGregor I see the message you sent on Friday using the Contact Us form, and I'm looking into your situation. Expect an email reply today.

    49. Phillip McGregor

      I paid for an upgrade to my initial PDF only order for Expanded Worlds and got a coupon for the Print version last week ... but the coupon for the PDF version not only didn't work, it told me I wasn't entitled to it.

      I contacted Customer Service through the website, and got a canned reply saying that someone would get back to me 'soon' ... and have heard nothing more.

      This is the second time a query to Customer Service has been ignored (the other one was for a Numenera product) ... and there seems to be no way to actually get a response from them except by posting here.

      Does anyone have an actual contact person/email who might do something other than ignore me?

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