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The fantastic, award-winning Numenera setting expands beyond the embrace of Earth's gravity, into the depths of the Ninth World's oceans, and into dimensions beyond our own.
The fantastic, award-winning Numenera setting expands beyond the embrace of Earth's gravity, into the depths of the Ninth World's oceans, and into dimensions beyond our own.
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The Night Clave—And Other Great Things for Numenera!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello, Ninth World Kickstarter backers—

The Night Clave is shipping from the printer as I type this, which means we’re going to start fulfilling it to you in the next few days. We’re super excited about this second official Numenera novel, by Monte and Shanna—it’s really good! If you’re getting The Night Clave, in print or ebook, look for your fulfillment email soon!

Now have a look at this:

That’s the cover art for just one of eight—EIGHT—new books we’ve funded in the Numenera 2: Discovery and Destiny Kickstarter campaign. Plus the Ruin Deck. Plus we’re closing in on a stretch goal unlocking a tenth title. One of those books is a Kickstarter exclusive, so if you want it, or want a piece of this once-in-a-lifetime deal, you’d better hurry: This record-breaking Kickstarter is in its final days!

We’re making a two-book set to replace the current Numenera corebook. Numenera Destiny gives you an entire new way to play Numenera, building communities and lifting the Ninth World out of its dark age and into the future. Numenera Discovery revamps the character types, giving you loads of new options, along with all new adventures, changes to how foci work, expanded coverage of the Ninth World, new art, and changes to how the rules are presented to make the game play even faster and more fun. They come in a beautiful slipcase loaded with extras (including an Order of Truth medallion!). And best of all: This isn’t a new edition, so your existing characters, campaign, and supplements will still work at your gaming table.

Here are some other great reasons you don’t want to miss this campaign:

  • Every print book reward and add-on comes with the PDF for free!
  • Backers get an exclusive 64-page book that won’t be available anywhere else; it’s included (PDF and/or print) in every backer level.
  • Backers are helping shape the story of a Ninth World community throughout the campaign, and the results will affect the content of Numenera products. (As far as we know, this is unlike anything ever done before on Kickstarter!)
  • Stretch goals have improved the components of the new corebooks, making them better for everyone. Your contribution, as a backer, is making Numenera seriously better!
  • The basic corebook levels include the corebooks with all the upgrades, PDFs of the corebooks, the 64-page supplement, and another PDF supplement. The All the Books levels offer an even more incredible deal—NINE books, counting the stretch goal we’re on the verge of hitting!
  • Our friends at inXile are giving every backer a coupon for half off Torment: Tides of Numenera, the critically-acclaimed CRPG. Just back for at least $25 (the coupon alone is worth almost that much!)
  • Due to the success of the campaign, we’ve created some really cool Numenera accessories. You don’t want to miss the Numenera Player’s Kit, with some really cool, personalized components!


This groundbreaking campaign is in its final days. Help make Numenera even more awesome, and grab an incredible deal for yourself along the way. But don’t dawdle—it’s almost over!




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    1. Piotr Kraciuk on


      Your support haven't answered me for 3+ months. I sent another message via contact form on your site and you've been silent too. Could you contact me please? I'm still trying to get the items I paid for.