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The fantastic, award-winning Numenera setting expands beyond the embrace of Earth's gravity, into the depths of the Ninth World's oceans, and into dimensions beyond our own.
The fantastic, award-winning Numenera setting expands beyond the embrace of Earth's gravity, into the depths of the Ninth World's oceans, and into dimensions beyond our own.
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Twitch game, Jade Colossus Ruination Weekend, and The Night Clave sneak peak!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Iadace, backers of the Ninth World Kickstarter!

The weeks before Gen Con are always a very busy time for us. So busy, in fact, that we realized we haven’t had as much time to prepare for the upcoming Twitch game as we would like. In order to make the game as awesome as it should be, we’ve decided to push it back until after Gen Con. Even better, the rescheduled game (date and time pending) will incorporate a sneak peek of some cool stuff coming up for Numenera!

If you’re looking for a Numenera fix to hold you over, Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds is the next book in the Numenera line. You can preorder it now; our special preorder promotion was successful, so every Jade Colossus print preorder from our site includes the PDF for free!

Speaking of Jade Colossus, tomorrow and Sunday we're having our Ruination Weekend event, where our amazing Asset Team is running preview demos of the book! If you plan to purchase Jade Colossus from your friendly local game store, please remind the store to order it from their distributor so it's available for you on its August release date. Remember that Jade Colossus is not part of any Kickstarter—you'll need to purchase it online or from your brick-and-mortar game store.

In other MCG news, Monte and Shanna are wrapping up their work on The Night Clave novel (which is one of the last rewards for the Into the Ninth World Kickstarter campaign). Here's a preview of the cover art by Federico Musetti—isn't it fantastic?

The Night Clave cover by Federico Musetti
The Night Clave cover by Federico Musetti

We’ll have a sample chapter ready to show you in August. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at an (unedited) excerpt from the novel.



As soon as the sky blacked, Kyre took hold of the rope and began to lower himself down the inside of the crater. Closer to Rillent. Closer to the light, which would return as planned—he hoped—just as he planted his feet on the ledge. Going down, his body moved without his mind, the practice of muscles and timing. His mind went on without his body, thinking of the ledge below, the launcher, scope to eye, Rillent zooming toward him through the lens.

Kyre had made it the length of three hand-over-hands, barely halfway in his descent, his feet finding their first of many touch points, when he thought he heard Aviend say something from above him.

It might have been her. It might have been his own nervous mind. It might have been the Stere’s ghosts, although he’d only heard them speak half a dozen times, and never in Aviend’s voice. Having slipped back from the ledge to protect herself from Rillent’s eyes, Aviend was out of his sightline. He couldn’t stop, not now, not when the blackout would only last a few seconds, and so he kept going, hand over hand, finding his way through the dark until he felt the ledge beneath his foot. He’d barely stepped onto the small outcropping of stronglass when the lights came back up.

Everything in his body wanted to exhale, a great last release, but there was no time for such luxuries. Rillent was already rising into the air in the wash of new light, arms raised. If you were down below, watching your god rise, it seemed a magical thing. Your savior flying above you with nothing more than the power of his mind. But Kyre had touched the box beneath the man, had inadvertently laid the foundation for that great rising, and he knew it for what it was—nothing more than a device like any other, projecting false power. Just like the one he held in his hands. Like the one around his neck.

As Rillent rose, Kyre leaned back into the side of the crater, letting the shadows of the hollow fold over him like a cloak. If Rillent looked up, he’d see Kyre, the launcher, the rope. But there was no reason for Rillent to look up. Rillent only, ever, wanted to look down.

From his floating vantage point, Rillent again began to address the crowd below him. Kyre pulled the corrosive projectile from its container, grateful to see his hands unshaken. First try, he loaded the tiny synth cylinder into the launcher. He had mere seconds before the corrosion would eat away at the barrel and render both objects useless.

He lifted the launcher to his shoulder. Through the scope, he could see everything. Every fold of fabric. Every wrinkle of skin. The bulge of the hidden implant at his forehead. Every seed of a lie that left Rillent’s lips to fall and spread over the crowd below. A man. A monster. And what would Kyre become when he pulled the trigger, put a bullet into the brain of another human being? He would know soon enough.


Have a great weekend, and may all your artifacts make their depletion rolls!



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