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The fantastic, award-winning Numenera setting expands beyond the embrace of Earth's gravity, into the depths of the Ninth World's oceans, and into dimensions beyond our own.
The fantastic, award-winning Numenera setting expands beyond the embrace of Earth's gravity, into the depths of the Ninth World's oceans, and into dimensions beyond our own.
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The Night Clave, videos, and the Jade Colossus

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello, Ninth World Kickstarter backers—

Can you believe it’s been nearly two years since the Into the Ninth World Kickstarter campaign? Your support made so many cool products a reality: Into the Night, Into the Deep, Into the Outside, the flagship Numenera novel The Poison Eater, the Ninth World Bestiary 2, Character Options 2, the Artifact Deck, and loads of other really cool items.

We recently fulfilled the unfolded poster map set to backers who chose that as an add-on. This is our final physical reward save one: The Night Clave, our second Numenera novel. It’s currently on track for delivery this fall. And then we’ll be done!

Some Videos for You

But note that I just said physical rewards—we have a couple of non-physical items coming your way before you get The Night Clave.

First, we have a little video for you. Before you watch it though, you might want to go back to the original campaign and watch the Kickstarter video. Because, as promised (it was one of the social media goals you unlocked), this one extends that story a bit.

Second, another video treat: You also unlocked a video of an MCG team game. We gather to game on a regular basis—sometimes it’s the MCG staffers in the Seattle area playing in person, or those in the Kansas City area, and sometimes it’s a mix of us playing together online. These are normally private affairs, but we’re going to stream a few sessions of our games, run by Monte, via Twitch. The first session will be held Wednesday, July 19, 3pm PDT/6pm EDT. You can catch the session afterward on YouTube, or better yet join us live on Twitch. Save the date!

And in the mean time, we have another Twitch activity you might be interested in: Tomorrow, Bruce will be doing a live Twitch appearance (details here) to talk about his. . . 

Delve into the Jade Colossus


Bruce was the primary designer on a new a Numenera book you didn’t back—in fact, it wasn’t part of any Kickstarter campaign. Jade Colossus: Ruins of the Prior Worlds is a hardcover focused on creating and exploring prior-world ruins. It’s an essential companion for GMs building weird and wondrous sites for their players to explore. The Jade Colossus itself, and the nearby city of Ballarad, are fully fleshed out and ready to drop into your existing campaign or to serve as the launch point for a whole new one.

But perhaps even cooler, the book includes the Numenera Mapping Engine, a robust and fantastic resource for building your own prior-world sites—small, large, or ginormous—and filling them with all the wonder and weirdness you expect from the Ninth World. Monte has called Jade Colossus the gamemaster’s essential guide to creating weird prior-world sites for your Numenera campaign, going so far as to say he thinks it’s the first book a new Numenera GM should buy after the corebook. And you can preorder it now!

(Want a taste of what's in Jade Colossus? Download the free preview, or check to see if there's a Ruination Weekend event near you!)




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    1. Joe Titos on


      I'm a huge fan of Bruce's work. Wish it was part of the original Kickstarter.
      Would it be possible to get a discount to get the print copy of the book if we backed the KS?
      *cough cough cough*


    2. Sylvain Pronovost on

      I must have missed something, have the Map Book and the Supplements been released in print? I don't recall receiving those by mail.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kaelix on

      The pre-order only seems to include the print version. Is the PDF version included if we pre-order?