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Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where
the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from
magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on
story and ideas over mechanics.
Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.
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Bringing the Ninth World to Your 5E Game

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Iadace, explorers of the Ninth World—

As groundbreaking as Numenera is, it’s not the first RPG to bring science-fiction elements into a fantasy-styled setting. From Empire of the Petal Throne to Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, early adventurers into the realm of RPGs saw the amazing promise that mysterious and weird science-fantasy elements could add to their fantasy campaigns.

Nowadays, who knows science-fantasy better than Monte Cook Games? And who better to bring that arcane knowledge to the world of fantasy gaming and 5E?

 Introducing Arcana of the Ancients 

Arcana of the Ancients will be your comprehensive guide to adding science-fantasy into your 5th-edition campaign. This hefty, hardcover book will be filled with creatures, devices, character abilities, technologies, tips, advice, and adventure. All fully compatible with 5E.

Discover relics of a past so old that even the elves and the dragons know nothing of it. Tap into the powers beyond comprehension that were once wielded by these ancients. Unlock their secrets—but beware the new dangers, weird creatures, and bizarre beings that might also awaken. Only the greatest of present day champions will be able to defeat them—and only if they wield the arcana of the ancients.

What else might you do with Arcana of the Ancients? Advance (or create) your character with skills and abilities that take advantage of mysterious ancient technologies. Mystify your PCs with a one-off adventure that explores a crashed alien ship, an ancient high-tech outpost, or a portal to an amazingly advanced world. Convert the compelling Ninth World setting of Numenera to 5E and run adventures in a world replete with mysterious ancient works that are as powerful, unknowable, and weird as any magic. Build a new campaign world or region within your setting, that includes ancient high technology as mysterious to your PCs as the magic they wield. Or simply use the many science-fantasy creatures, items, and abilities detailed in this book to give your campaign a new and interesting dimension.

Adventures, ways to integrate ancient civilizations into your campaign, new creatures, new items, new character abilities—Arcana of the Ancients will give you everything you need to bring mysterious high-technology science fantasy into your game.

Arcana of the Ancients is now on Kickstarter, where we’re already unlocking fantastic stretch goals. We hope you'll join us in making this book a reality and adding even more features and titles before the campaign ends!

Have Your Best Roleplaying Game Ever!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello Ninth-Worlders!

You were my very first backers of any Kickstarter ever–and now I'm delighted to announce that we just launched our 12th Kickstarter yesterday!

This one is different from any we've done before, though. It isn't a setting book. It's not a rulebook. It's a tool book for anyone and everyone who plays roleplaying games.

It’s called Your Best Game Ever and it’s a system-agnostic guide to everything having to do with RPGs that don’t involve rules: gathering the right group for you, creating interesting characters, hosting a game, running a game, building a world, crafting adventures, dealing with problems that arise at the table and so much more. Best of all, it’s not just theory, but is filled with actionable items that you can incorporate into your next game session. This includes taking some of the innovations of Invisible Sun, like character arcs and Development Mode, and suggesting ways to add them to any RPGs.

We have an amazing team of consultants working on this with us, including:

Eric Campbell
Matt Colville
Eloy Lasanta
Tom Lommel
Matthew Mercer
Monica Valentinelli
and more! 

We funded in two hours, and are already well on our way to our first stretch goal! You can pick the book up in PDF or print (or both).  

Please check it out and spread the word to all your gaming friends! We want everyone who plays RPGs to have a copy of this beautiful, useful book!

Thank you for everything.


Preview the New Corebooks! (Plus Gen Con, Free RPG Day, and Other News)

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

We have some neat stuff lined up for Gen Con this year, so if you’re one of the 70,000+ gamers headed for the best four days in gaming, read on. Not headed to Gen Con? We have some cool news for you, too!

Excited about Numenera Destiny and Numenera Discovery? Us too! And guess what? Now you can get the first peek inside the pages. Download a preview of both books here and take a look at some of the amazing artwork, new character options, and weird and wondrous places! The books are on press now, so it's not long until we have the real thing in hand!

Gen Con Events—and GMs

Every year the official Numenera events at Gen Con sell out, and every year we add more. This year is no exception: We’ve scheduled more Numenera games than ever before. The adventure this year is Forgetting Doomsday, and the only way to get a taste of it this summer is to sign up for one of our Gen Con sessions, before they all sell out!

(Weeeellll, there is one other way: Why not GM one of these games? We’re still looking for a few more GMs for our Gen Con events. It’s fun and easy, and you can get some great swag, including an exclusive print book with all of our Gen Con adventures, some other great GMing stuff, and even your Gen Con badge for free! You can find all the details here.)

You might also want to check out An Evening with Monte Cook Games, our gathering at a secret underground bar Thursday night. Hang with the MCG crew and other Numenera fans and GMs, get the scoop on MCG news, and enjoy a peaceful break from the Gen Con madness!

Free RPG Day

Speaking of exclusive free adventures for Numenera, make sure you stop in at your FLGS on Free RPG Day (Saturday, June 16th) to pick up your copy of Ashes of the Sea. This 32-page adventure includes quickstart rules that integrate new elements from Numenera Discovery and Destiny (the new corebooks we talked about above) and a set of pregenerated characters.

And a Great Day for Kids and Families!

Surely you know a young kid who’d like to try out RPGs? Or a family that likes games but hasn’t ventured into roleplaying? And surely there’s someone like that on your holiday gift list, right? Or maybe that even describes you!

We’re currently Kickstarting a reprint of our award-winning RPGs for families with kids as young as five, and we’ll be delivering the game just in time for the holidays. Jump in now and get some great extras. And don’t wait—the campaign ends tomorrow!

Numenera Stream Coming Your Way

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Iadace, Explorers of the Ninth World! We come to you with exciting news.

On February 27th at 5 p.m. PST, we’re launching a Numenera streamed game series that will be played completely live on Twitch, with Monte in the player’s seat as Darcy takes the GM reins for the game that got her GMing in the first place! 

Players Monte, Bruce, Shanna, and Sean will be playing fantastic characters with brand-new art, like Shanna’s character below. 

Art by Mirco Paganessi
Art by Mirco Paganessi

We’re beginning with character options from the original Numenera rules, but we’re excited to showcase Discovery and Destiny material later on. 

Be sure to watch live on Twitch as we’ll be experimenting with audience interaction! As always, our past episodes will be uploaded to our YouTube. And tell a friend–the Ninth World could always use more explorers. 

 If you can’t wait for the end of the month to see MCG gaming, tune in Friday February 16th at 7 p.m. PST for The Raven Wants What You Have, our new Invisible Sun streamed narrative. 

Hoping to see you in the datasphere. 

Illustration by Mirco Paganessi
Illustration by Mirco Paganessi


Will You Help Wish Monte a Happy Birthday?

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)


Hi, Numenera backers!

Monte’s birthday is Monday, January 29th. It’s his 50th, which is kind of a significant number to most of us. In addition, 2018 marks 30 years as a professional game designer for Monte, and that also seems like a pretty significant anniversary.

To celebrate these milestones, and to wish Monte a Happy Birthday, we’re putting together a special event. (This is a surprise—Monte doesn’t know about it. Well, he may be starting to suspect, but we’re still basically keeping it a secret.) We’d love it if you participated, and doing so is easy—just play a game.

You can find all the details here. We hope you’ll join us in wishing Monte a happy 50th, and in congratulating him on 30 years of great games!

--Charles and the MCG Team