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Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
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Building Tomorrow Is Now Out!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Wow, it seems like just two weeks ago we were celebrating the street date of the Numenera corebooks, and now Building Tomorrow has reached the public. Wait, what? That was just two weeks ago. Things are really trucking along for Numenera!

Great! What’s Next?

We began fulfilling Building Tomorrow two weeks ago, so if you backed for this awesome 192-page hardcover (or PDF), hopefully it’s in your hands already. (If not, just log into the MCG Shop, go to My Account, and click on Coupons.) If you didn't back it, you can order your copy now from the MCG Shop.

Next up are the shin set and the Ruin Deck, both of which are in production now. We expect to see them in the warehouse within the next month—so look forward to receiving your redemption email in the not-too-distant future!

Here’s a peek at some Slaves of the Machine God art. This is the next book title, and it’s well into layout. Slaves of the Machine God is a 144-page hardcover adventure book (yes, you read that right: a 144-page hardcover adventure) that features two story arcs in eight parts each. They interweave to create a rich, multi-themed long-term campaign—or can be run separately as two multi-adventure mini-campaigns. Many of the parts also work well as standalone adventures, providing a bunch of full-sized adventures you can insert into any ongoing campaign.

Lots More Coming!

Slaves of the Machine God will be out in February, with additional titles following quickly:

  • Sean has wrapped up writing on Priests of the Aeons, so it’s moving into editing this week.
  • The design team began concepting Ninth World Bestiary 3 yesterday, and we’re starting work on that now.
  • The Creature Deck 3 will release concurrently with that title—and we’ll be doing the really cool deck box to launch with Creature Deck 3, too. So that’ll be a triple-whammy release.

Did You Get Your PDF Poster Map?

When we delivered the PDF of The Trilling Shard, we mistakenly left the poster map out. Fortunately, astute backers pointed that out, and we fixed it! If you didn’t get the PDF of the poster map for The Trilling Shard, just log back into the MCG Shop and redownload the file for the book. You’ll find your poster map attached.

Invisible Sun Is Getting a Reprint

Did you miss out on the visionary, critically-acclaimed, and very sold out Invisible Sun? Or maybe you got the Black Cube, but not some of the related items, such as the Vislae Kit, supplements, or Wicked Keys. Good news: We announced yesterday that we’re going to Kickstart a reprint of this history-making game.

The Kickstarter launches on Tuesday (October 23rd). If you’d like to be notified of the launch, you can sign up here.

Building the Amber Keep

Cypher Play is our organized play program—new adventure scenarios from MCG, available only in game stores, and played in game stores to build a community of active gamers. The new season is just getting underway, so it’s not too late to jump in. It’s fun, it’s a great way to connect with your local Numenera community, and you get a copy of the exclusive adventures to take home.

If you’re keen to find new Numenera players in your area, want to experience a mini-campaign built specifically for the launch of Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny, or just want to get in a bit more Ninth World gaming, ask your FLGS if they’re running Cypher Play!


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