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Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
4,185 backers pledged $845,258 to help bring this project to life.

Check Out Building Tomorrow!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Today we launched preorders for Building Tomorrow, and you know what that means: Release of the first supplement following the new Numenera corebooks isn’t far away! You can download a free preview of Building Tomorrow from the MCG website now. We’re really excited about this book, which builds upon the coolest new features of Numenera Destiny.

So what do you get in the 192-page hardcover Building Tomorrow? Hundreds of new cyphers and artifacts to find or build. New types of numenera items (biological and otherspace). New varieties of iotum and loads of plans for automatons, vehicles, and installations. New communities to integrate into your campaign—or use as your home base. And to tie it all together, high challenges—hooks and threats related to Ninth World-communities that you can build adventures, story arcs, or even entire campaigns around.

The book is at the printers now, and we expect it in our warehouse in just a couple of weeks. At that point we’ll start fulfillment, so if you’ve backed for Building Tomorrow, look for your redemption email late this month or perhaps very early in October. The street date for the book is in mid-October.

(Didn’t back for it? Hop over to the MCG Shop and place your preorder now. You’ll still get your copy ahead of street date—right after we fulfill to backers, in fact!)

Speaking of Fulfillment

Some international backers are still awaiting their slipcase sets. We're really happy to be working with a UK fulfillment house to keep the costs of shipping down for UK and international backers, and overall this process greatly cuts down on shipping times. But the scale of the Numenera fulfillment is far and away the biggest and most complex since we began shipping out of the UK, and that’s not even counting fulfillment of Invisible Sun, occurring at almost the same time. That’s put a lot of new and unforeseen strain on the system, but we're ironing out the last of the kinks, and everything should be smooth going forward. Even with these delays, you should receive your slipcase set well ahead of street date. We’re super sorry that some backers are still waiting, and thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your support and patience.

Cypher Play: Numenera Starts in October

The new season of Cypher Play, our organized play program, launches on October 1st. This season launches with the new Numenera corebooks, and you can bet it’s going to make the most of all the great new game options introduced in Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny. Cypher Play is only at retail stores, so if you’d like to take part make sure your friendly local game store has signed up. (It’s free for them and for you, and great for building a Numenera community in your area, so there’s no reason not to!)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kiel McGettigan

      I backed the deluxe books and still have not received anything and I'm in the US. Any Idea what the delays are?

    2. Jussi Myllyluoma

      An update regarding the deluxe slipcase sets wouldn't go amiss, fellows.

      Guys — you have a history of splendid work with running and fulfilling huge, highly complex Kickstarters. But I feel that when it comes to the fulfilment stage, your communication and responsiveness with this and the Invisible Sun campaign have begun to slip a bit. And for some reason it would seem that the higher level the backers, the less attention they can expect...

      I hope you get this communication issue sorted before it all gets out of hand, while you still have the community firmly in your camp.

    3. TheRealCuran on

      How about you get your EU fulfilment sorted out first? My "order" is marked complete despite the physical copy of the Player's Guide still missing. I contacted you by e-mail about this, but no answer in almost two weeks. (Just like Ultimate Annwyn is writing below and if you care to have a look at the comments on this campaign you can find a lot more people affected.)

      Get this fixed ASAP. I'm really starting to regret, that I backed your recent Kickstarter campaign as well.

    4. Rob N - The Nerd's Commute

      @Mark Ross
      The coupons are actually on the monte cook games website. You basically have to order your stuff from there and the coupons reduce the cost to 0. Update 83 explains the process in a bit more detail.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kamil Sąsiadek on

      taking into account mcg is taking a week of next monday i fear we might not get our answers anytime soon

    6. Ultimate Annwyn on

      What about the Players Guides a bunch of us in the UK & EU didn't get with our Core Book Set deliveries?
      I've logged 2 tickets a week apart, but still haven't heard a peep :(

    7. Mark Ross on

      I backed at the $120 level and have yet to receive my books. I have gone to, reviewed the project, and found no way to get any coupons. Is there something I'm missing? Is the US fulfillment still underway? (The text of the update makes it sound like it's done and UK fulfillment is nearly done.)

      Thank you!

    8. Diana Sharpe

      You can go to to find this project. You may have to get a new email sent to you with a link. Then you order using coupons in your account at

    9. Missing avatar

      Tobias on

      Could we get a status update on the Deluxe edition please?

    10. Goolius Boozler on

      Another high-level backer here wondering when the deluxe editions are going to ship?

    11. Missing avatar

      Jerry Ozbun

      I have also sent messages regarding Deluxe pledge levels and have not heard back. Could we get a status update on those?

    12. Demithyle the Exalted on

      @Mike - see my post below - the books won't get shipped until you redeem the code for them on the website, which given your issue with accessing it may be what's preventing you from receiving them to begin with.

    13. Demithyle the Exalted on

      @Mnifarous - the backer survey wouldn't ask you about your address. You enter that in your montecook store account. Unless you backed at the deluxe level, you should have received an email with a code for reward fulfilment via the store. Even if you haven't received anything, check your MCG account to see if the codes are there - sometimes the emails containing them get lost.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mike Freiermuth on

      Where do we stand with things? I have sent 2 tickets in on your site and over 2 months haven't gotten a response. I'm still waiting for access to the site to get logged in to get a hold of the PDF's. I also have received no physical books, when are those expected to be shipped?

    15. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Can you please prioritise fulfilment of base pledges before you release further books into the wild?
      Deluxe core-book set not released yet.
      High tier Invisible Sun not released yet (was only teased by Tammi as getting closer to completion which doesn't really say much).
      Pre-orders from the website are still awaiting fulfilment.

      And yet you have your first supplement for IS in assembly stage and announce your first N2 splat book. I get that you need money but by creating these bottlenecks you're only frustrating supporters without whom your company wouldn't exist. Do what's right - take a step back, see to the fulfilment of those deluxe pledges and pre-orders first, THEN talk about new stuff.

    16. Taint

      I would also like to request a Deluxe edition update

    17. William-James Grey on

      Any news on the deluxe core-book sets?

    18. Missing avatar

      Omnifarious on

      I still haven't even received a backer survey asking me where to send my rewards.

    19. Erick Christgau

      Any update on the deluxe version?