Numenera 2: Discovery and Destiny

by Monte Cook Games

Monte Cook Games

Kansas City, MO

Monte Cook Games was formed in 2012 following the incredible success of the Numenera RPG Kickstarter campaign, and with the aim of revitalizing fan passion for RPGs through high-quality, innovative releases. We have produced a number of award-winning products, including Numenera, Invisible Sun, The Strange, No Thank You, Evil!, Your Best Game Ever, and the Cypher System. We've also run 16 wildly successful Kickstarters, and are eternally grateful to our backers for their support and...

Collaborators on this project

Sean K Reynolds
A Learned Wright
Bear Weiter
A Stealthy Nano
Bruce R Cordell
A Clever Arkus
Shanna Germain
A Charming Jack
Tammie Webb Ryan
An Amusing Arkus
Darcy Ross
A Fabulous Delve
Team MCG
Monte James Cook

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