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Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      2 minutes ago

      @Chris Tolbert. Thank you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Tolbert about 9 hours ago

      @Michael Little, yes you can go back in and change/add to your order, there is a link in the confirmation email to update your answers/cart/add-on questions

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Tolbert about 9 hours ago

      I ordered two of the players kit, one in the "all the extras" option, and then added a second separate from that, the only one that asked for the name was the second one, anyone know (or have any suggestions) how to get the other one personalized?

    4. Missing avatar

      Junaydi Bin Baharudin about 10 hours ago

      Those backing at pledge levels $25+ will receive the Torment: Tides of Numenera 50% coupon discount. No need to add it as an add-on in that case.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      about 23 hours ago

      Hi. Does anyone know if after we lock in our pledge, can we unlock it later on (but before the closing date) to add more items? Thanks in advance.

    6. Alex Lopez 1 day ago

      So i know that i asked about the adventure box that comes with dice and a starter campaign to try

    7. Blake Terhune 1 day ago

      @Alex Lopez
      There's a timeline toward the bottom if the campaign.…

      Discover Your Destiny arrives first in March 2018, followed by the Discovery and Destiny core books and the player's guide all in June 2018. The Tripping Shared is slated for "Summer" of 2018 and everything else staggered after that.

    8. Alex Lopez 1 day ago

      So i did the 145 pledge level when will i be able to redeem my copy of the starting adventure?

    9. Darcy Ross Collaborator
      2 days ago

      Tonight at 7pm PT, Geek & Sundry is doing a one shot of Numenera on their Twitch channel:

      It should be AWESOME and if a lot of people tune in, it will send a message that folks want to see more Cypher System games shown off! We'd love it if you would join us, and I'll be tweeting using the hashtag #GeekAndSeskii (for those of you who don't know yet, seskii are really awesome frilly colorful dog things in the Ninth World!).

      See you in a few hours! <3

    10. Krzysiek Piwowarski 2 days ago

      Actually, scratch that. The mobile / app version doesn't allow pledge level change but desktop version of the site did. All good now :)

    11. Krzysiek Piwowarski 2 days ago

      Tried to upgrade to patron level but wasn't given the option. How come?

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark E Hengst II 2 days ago

      Also able to use backerkit to switch to all in print!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Simon Ding 3 days ago

      Backer Kit done!!! managed to upgrade my pledge to the All Books in Print level, cannot wait for the trickle feed of sci-fantasy excellence over the next two years!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex 3 days ago

      I have the same question as @Gene Hurley

    15. William-James Grey 3 days ago

      @MonteCookGames how much detail should we provide for our characters at the defender of Ellomyr level? is it a case of giving you lots and then interpolating something that fits your plans? Or a small amount and you guys extrapolating a interest character from that?

    16. Kevin A Swartz, MD
      3 days ago

      Got it. Thanks!

    17. Missing avatar

      Gene Hurley 3 days ago

      Quick question. I'm doing the backerkit and noticed that the following are in PDF only: Numenera Destiny, Discover Your Destiny, Numenera Discovery (with slip case). I pledged the Every Book in Print level ($280). All the other books are in both print and pdf. Am I missing something?

    18. Stormquiss
      3 days ago

      @Kevin A Swartz, MD Fulfillment is done through the Monte Cook Store via coupons so you provide your mailing address there and can update it at any time.

    19. Kevin A Swartz, MD
      3 days ago

      Dumb question, I'm doing the backerkit. I have the discovery and destiny in print level. So, I'm expecting print products. However, the backerkit says "Your shipping address is not required for your order." under Shipping Info. Is this as intended? Will you be asking for shipping addresses at a later time? Thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Gasper 3 days ago

      Hey, would there be a chance to upgrade the pledge on BecerKit?

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris Tolbert 3 days ago

      Excited to be the 242nd � on @BackerKit for Numenera 2: Discovery and Des.... Thanks @MonteCookGames

    22. Missing avatar

      Junaydi Bin Baharudin 3 days ago

      I've seen the Torment: Tides of Numenera 50% coupon discount as a part of the add-ons, do we need to add it to our pledge for it to count or do we already have it at the $100 ALL PDFs pledge level and adding the coupon is redundant?

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris Hamilton 3 days ago

      Never mind I should have gone farther down into the comments. Will wait a few more weeks

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Hamilton 3 days ago

      Have the backer kits gone out yet? its been 3 weeks since kick starter closed and I haven't heard anything from MCG yet.

    25. Missing avatar

      dee mccollum 3 days ago

      @Stormquiss: Nieten could be a Vigilant Glaive who Hunts with Great Skill, or perhaps a Vigilant Glaive who lives in the Wilderness. Just two other ideas aside from the one you have...

    26. Missing avatar

      Christopher Williamson 6 days ago

      thank you, Ive never played numenera so I picked up the starter set pledge level, I'm trying to get my D&D group to give it a go and I thought we'd have the starter set by now. thanks for the info.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Tolbert 6 days ago

      @james and stormquiss, thank you both, as I said this is the first time I've done a Kickstarter, and I was looking for information on what to expect from those who have done one (or more) before. Again, thanks

    28. Stormquiss
      6 days ago

      @Chris and Christopher. I would not be too concerned at this point. A slip of a week or so is not unusual at this stage of any KS - synching the data from KS to backerkit, plus dealing with payment bounces, is often more time consuming than people anticipate (and this is now the biggest KS for McG in terms of money pledged which adds it own challenges). Plus Charles and Darcy are at PAX this weekend.

      I have been in over a hundred KS and McG have been (in my experience) the most consistently reliable for quality and service.

    29. James Fellows 6 days ago

      I would guess that before December, we'll see the backerkit email.

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Tolbert on November 16

      Does anyone know when the backerkit email will be sent out (or if it has already been and I haven't seen it)

      also my first Kickstarter campaign, thanks for any info/help

    31. Missing avatar

      Christopher Williamson on November 16

      We were supposed to be receiving the starter set in early November as a backer reward, its Nov 16th and still haven't heard anything. Whats going on?
      P.S. This is my first kickstarter so if this is normal forgive me.

    32. Garth Cummings on November 13

      I finally got around to writing up the conclusion to Damos's time in Ellomyr. It's just a vague outline, though, rather than being told in-character. I've been having trouble getting into the right mindset to write it out properly. But hey, this is better than nothing, at least.

    33. Stormquiss
      on November 13

      Not sure if anyone is still checking these comments but after a bit of a break I am thinking of writing the take of how Nieten acquired her sword.

      Does anyone have any thoughts on her character build? Rugged Glaive who Hunts with Great Skill seems to be the obvious one but are there alternatives?

    34. Missing avatar

      dee mccollum on November 7

      @Stormquiss: It would be a wonderful start to a jail break IF that guy over Heiro's shoulder was Flavik and not one of the assassins who were trying to kill Caspyr at the masquerade (mentioned in both @Vico's and @Audrey's stories). I intentionally left that character vague so people made their own conclusions on whether Flavik was apprehended or not. I had anticipated doing a follow-up that led into the supermargr attack but due to the way the character was fighting against doing anything, I chose this as the best place to end it. Leaves people wondering what really happened there...a bit....well, until now that is....

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on November 6

      Thanks, John. I didn’t see the dice available in the selection list on the campaign page, so I was wondering if they were going to be offered.

    36. John Zahrt on November 6

      @Michael I think you would just adjust your pledge to $12.99 over your backer level + any other addons you wanted. They will then contact you, or it will be part of the BackerKit survey where they ask what the extra $$$ was for. That or just buy the dice when your rewards are ready to ship and have it all ship together.

    37. Missing avatar

      Junaydi Bin Baharudin on November 6

      When will the discount coupon for Torment: Tides of Numenera come out for backers?

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on November 5

      Hi all. Does anyone know if Numenera dice will be available in the Pledge Manager?

    39. Stormquiss
      on November 4

      I think you have the inciting incident for a jail break scene at the end there ;-)

      Thanks for your contributions.

    40. Missing avatar

      dee mccollum on November 3

      Alright, here's one last piece of Flavik's tale:…

      This gets us just after the Iron Wind and includes mentions of @Audrey's Heiro and Ro and @Vico's Cobalt Syndicate and their masquerade. This will be the last story of Flavik in Ellomyr because the story is suffering. During the first margr siege, the writing was easy because I could just drop the character in the situation and he'd write himself. Since then, I've had to poke and prod Flavik around to make him do stuff and it's just not working, as you can tell. So for now, Flavik's present/future tales in Ellomyr are done. I might decide to write a bit of his past )with Pasha and Gronick) because those seem to be the more interesting times in the character's life...but I'm not sure of that either. Anyways, that's it. Hope I did @Audrey's Heiro/Ro some justice in this piece...

    41. Sean on November 1

      @Apostolos - Per the last update, it takes two weeks to get the funds and data from Kickstarter, so at least that long.

    42. Missing avatar

      Apostolos Kotselis on November 1

      When will they send us how to distribute our money in the pledge?

    43. Joshua S. R. Wright on November 1

      The Singing Cyphers, part 1

      They were the Company of the Singing Cyphers, 48 men, women, and others who had come together over the years in the spirit of comradeship and adventure. To call them mercenaries was not wholly accurate. Yes, they took contracts to deal with a variety of problems for a variety of people in exchange for money, goods, and services, but they wouldn’t take just any contract that came their way. Instead, they carefully vetted every offer before only accepting the ones that they felt, as a group, would do actual good for the Steadfast and Beyond over serving just the interests of the one offering it. Currently, they were looking down at a massive, sprawling city, bustling and full of life, that had been brought up around a massive, twisting spire at its heart, clearly visible even from their position. They had come here on a not as a contract, but as a personal favor to their leader and founder, who called the city of Ellomyr home. If she asked them to follow her into the heart of Vralk, they would not have questioned it; crossing the Black Riage to save an important city from an army of monsters paled in comparison.

      Nir stopped in awe, signaling to the others to do the same. Ellomyr had grown so much in the years since she had last been back. Describing it as a city didn’t quite seem to encompass the metropolis spread out before her. She had spent time in Qi, Nihliesh, and many of the other great cities in the Steadfast and Beyond, and Ellomyr would rival any of them.

      Adjusting the small bundle strapped in front of her on the large aneen that served as a mount, she turned to her lieutenants. “Set camp here for the evening. I’m going to head in and meet with the leadership. Once I’ve assessed the situation, I’ll secure lodging and we’ll move into the city.” The group gave their assent and moved to carry out the instructions.

      All but one, who waited until the others were gone to speak up. “Mother.”


      “It’s been a long time since we’ve been back here, are you sure you’re going to be okay going down there on your own?”

      “I can take care of myself. I have been fighting since I was younger than you, remember.”

      “You know that isn’t what I mean.”

      A sigh escaped, betraying her true feelings. “I know. I’ll be fine. I promise you I’m only going to meet with the leadership and figure out how to move everyone else into the city.”

      “If you say so, then I’ll believe you. We’ll have everything ready by the time you return.”

      “Thank you, Gurner. I’ll return as quickly as I can.” Her eldest son nodded his assent and turned to head back to where the troop was already establishing their campsite as the veteran fighter began to lead her aneen down the hill toward the city.

      Memories came flooding back to her as she approached. The margr horde, an army of almost demonic nature driven only by a desire to kill and destroy. Her first love, realized in the darkness of imprisonment within an ancient, derelict nightcraft, The coming of the Iron Wind, and the strange energy beings who had given the city the technology to defeat it. Her departure, intent on seeking her own adventures beyond the limitations of the city, and the bitter, angry words exchanged with her husband, who had not been able to understand the need inside of her to see the world, and who had stayed behind to help his family and city.

      More than even her parents, it was her oldest friend whom she looked forward to seeing the most again. While still too young to accompany her at first, eventually the two had set out together, traveling together across the known world, carving their name into the annals of the Ninth World together as they did what good they could. Eventually, her companion had returned to the city that they had fought and bled for, intent on being a hero for the growing metropolis to look up to.

      She pulled herself out of her reverie as she passed through the large gate that stood on the main thoroughfare into the city. The small bundle squirmed as she moved it from its place on her saddle to a special carrier on her chest, then climbed down from her mount. A guard to one side was looking just a little too bored, so she decided to liven up his day, just a bit.

      The young man eyed her curiously as she approached. The Ninth World was full of wonders both awesome and strange, but, even so, she knew she stood out. At nearly seven feet, she would have stood out in most crowds, but when that height was combined with four arms, large, dragon-fly wings of solid light, a smile full of razor-sharp teeth, and the strange visual echo that trailed all of her movements, not to mention the small armory she carried on her person or the odd green glow that shimmered across her armor like an energy shield, and she knew just how she appeared to most people. Utilizing that perception to her advantage was a skill that she had honed over the years almost as finely as she had honed her body to handle anything that might come her way.

      “Can I help you?”

      “Possibly. It’s been some time since I’ve been to the city, and I need to speak to the council. Perhaps you can send for them. Is Nieten still on it?”

      “No? Why do you need to speak to them? They’re busy. You can’t just come into this city and demand an audience.”

      Ellomyr had changed even more than superficially, Nir discovered. It really was on par with the other great cities of the Steadfast and Beyond, and had lost the charm and warmth that once made it such a pleasant place to live. Ultimately, she managed to gain an audience with the captain of the town’s defenders, a scowling woman named Michah. The woman was not thrilled about the prospect of a small army moving into her town, but reports about the abhuman threat were arriving with increasing frequency every day, so she gratefully approved their entrance, so long as they were well behaved.

      A familiar, welcome voice called her by name as she was departing the office. She turned to see a familiar, multi-colored face smiling at her.

      “I’d hear there was an army approaching the city. I didn’t dare to hope it was actually you, though.”

      “I heard whispers of trouble, so I brought my people to help. I figured this time I could do more than hide in some sewers and nearly get my best friend killed, you know?”

      “Yeah? Well, maybe this time you can let your best friend nearly get you killed, then.”

      The bundle on Nir’s chest began to move as the two friends shared a laugh. “I do have something to show you, old friend.”

      “Oh? What is it?”

      “Not what, but who.” The older warrior unwrapped part of the bundle. “Ro, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Ro.”

    44. Steve Brennan on November 1

      Well done with the Kickstarter, can’t wait to read the new books.

    45. Haphazard Projects on October 31

      I'm not sure if it's been asked/stated, but might the Shins go into the MCG store?

    46. Amy Bond on October 30

      So Excited!!! Fell in love with Numenera sense the first Kickstarter and we have been expanding ever since. Love everything about this system. My fiance especially loves running the games. I really really like the weird. Oh and the ART is Amazingly Wonderful!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jeff Estes on October 30

      I'm so excited! Numenera is the first rpg I ever played and it's hands down been my favorite ever since. Game play is so easy, the works is so rich, and everything about it caters to my particular sense of weird! Way to go MCG.

    48. Missing avatar

      Junaydi Bin Baharudin on October 30

      Congratulations everyone on a good Kickstarter! My apologies for not taking part as much in the fiction but I've so much assignments to do and finish.

    49. Joshua S. R. Wright on October 30

      Nir, part 8

      The first person that she saw when she awoke was not her husband, as she expected. It was a face that had changed over the years they had been separated, but one that she would never forget. It was one that almost all of her other selves had a reaction to, some recognizing it as the face of a friend, some as a lover, while others knew it as the visage of a mortal enemy guilty of atrocities, while sometimes it had stood against her committing the horrors. In nearly every reality, she knew however, there was a Nir and a Ro, and their lives always touched each other in important ways.

      With tears in her eyes, Nir threw all four arms around her much smaller friend, who returned the gesture.

      The pair shed tears as they embraced, holding each other for an interminably long time.

      It was Ro who first broke contact. “I’m sorry, Nir. I’m so sorry about everything.”

      “What are you sorry for?” Nir was confused; maybe she had missed something? “You never did anything wrong.”

      “But I was so mad at you after the battle. I had thought that you had left me. I thought you were trying to be the hero yourself. I thought that you didn’t think I was able to help you protect them any more.”

      The mutants looked at each other for a moment, both on the verge of tears again, before Nir responded. “I’m sorry I made you feel that way. I hope you understand that wasn’t it at all. I sent you because I knew you could protect them better than me. All of our defenses had collapsed, and I had done everything I could think of, but it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. So I gave it to you to do what I couldn’t. I’m sorry, I wish things had been different, that I had had time to make it through, that we could have kept everyone safe.”

      “So, we’re both sorry for being stupid?” Ro laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

      “I guess we are. Can you forgive me?”

      “I’m the one who needs forgiveness. I was the one who didn’t want you to come with us.”

      “We aren’t going to fight over which of us doesn’t actually need forgiveness are we?”
 “I think we might have to. Hiero would say honor demands it.” Ro thought for a moment. “But, he’d also say you aren’t supposed to fight with your friends.”

      Neither could help but chuckle at the inevitably “heroic” lesson Ro’s teacher would have for moments like this. “I’m sure he’d understand if we didn’t.” She looked to Biris, standing near the foot of the bed. “How much did Biris tell you?”

      “Not much.”

      “I wanted to leave that to you.”

      “Well, I am incredibly hungry. Why don’t we get caught up while we eat? I’ve been in this bed long enough, and there’s too much to do to keep laying around.”

      The small group relocated to the common room of the house, where Almsqu prepared them what seemed like enough food to make up for all of the time they had been gone while Nir and Ro traded stories of their experiences in the time they had been separated. Nir marvelled at the magics that Ro had learned in her travels, and Ro, in turn, congratulated Nir and Biris on their marriage. The group theorized over what the strange things Nir had seen might mean, though none of them had any solid theories.

      The next three days passed uneventfully. Nir split most of her day between the doctors examining her, delves, wrights, and nanos all curious about what she had experienced, and training with Stijak to regain her strength. In the evening, she and Ro spent time together as they once had, carefree and just enjoying themselves.

      On the fourth day after her awakening, word came to Ellomyr in the form of a scout that the Iron Wind had arrived.

      The town whipped into a frenzy as plans were enacted. Most of the townsfolk took shelter, while the nanos and wrights activated the strange devices that had been placed all around the city. The group learned that they had ben a gift from strange beings found far from Ellomyr that claimed to possess the ability to stop the oncoming storm. None of them knew what to make of the news, but they took up places beside Hiero and Stijak to face whatever was to come together.

      To call the Iron Wind a storm was not completely accurate. No clouds darkened the sky, nor rain falling to the ground. It was invisible and silent, marked only by the chaos wrought by its passing. Some said that it was alive and sentient, though Nir had her doubts. The group stood upon the city wall and watched as the only sign of its approach was the way the ground changed and plants and animals underwent horrific mutations.

      Something that looked like an orange octopi with vaguely human-shaped heads and paws like xi-drake talons at the ends of its tentacles pulled itself from a large rock like an egg, flopping onto the ground where it quickly died.

      A lone tree standing at the top of a grassy hill sprouted large, black feathers.

      A field of flowers turned to a cerulean mass of slime with protruding eyestalks where once had been blossoms.

      Those on the wall watched in awe and helplessness as it approached, then, without any warning that the group was aware of, it just stopped, apparently gone. Nir would later find out that the crystals had flashed very briefly just as it grew close, but she had missed it. Together with the other defenders at the gate, they ventured bravely into the new landscape before them.

      Indeed, it was gone, apparently thanks to the strange technology.

      Ellomyr was safe.

    50. Joshua S. R. Wright on October 29

      @Stormquiss Thanks, glad I could provide you some entertainment. I should have the rest of Nir's story done tomorrow. I'll be posting it all here, as well as on my Tumblr (, on the G+ Ellomyr page, and on my Twitter at @JoshuaNeverJosh.

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