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Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
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    1. Phillosmaster about 5 hours ago

      I was reading another RPG book and I couldn't stop thinking that I'd rather be reading a Numenera book. Can't wait for the new books to be released.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kirk Nicholls about 10 hours ago

      Have we seen an update on release timing?

      Has Discover your Destiny been released?

    3. Demithyle the Exalted 5 days ago

      Update 77 does indeed state July for Player's guide that went into print at the same time as the core books did. =S

    4. Missing avatar

      ninjaflashlight 5 days ago

      Did they say they were moving the core books back to July? I've only heard June so far.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kennedy 6 days ago

      Pretty sure it is a July date currently for the new core books now.

    6. Demithyle the Exalted on

      So... We on track for delivery this month?

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Bernhardt on

      I wish somewhere there was a checklist that showed what has shipped and what remains to be shipped. That, or some other Kickstarter rewards tracker.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Matzen on

      Finally had a chance to check out the preview of the new books - very nice! Is there any way we can get the other side of the new character sheet a little early, please? (I like it a LOT more than the original, and wanna use it now!) :P

    9. Sean on

      @Jonathan Miles - You provide your address when you redeem your rewards through the MCG store.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Miles on

      so i went back through my surveys and realized i never gave my address, where we supposed to have already done that? or is that still to come in another survey?

    11. Bear Weiter Collaborator

      PDFs: these don’t get started until the books are off to the printers (and being “off to the printers” can be a week or two process - longer in the case of two core books - where we do a final proofing pass of the printer proofs). We don’t want to start the process of building the PDFs until we know the files are as polished as we can get them.

      From here we have to hyperlink and bookmark the two books, followed by proofing the hyperlinking and bookmarking. Doing this to corebooks is slower than normal books for two reasons. For one, 416 pages versus 160 to 192 pages is just more work, and two, these sized books get built in parts as separate files, and thus the hyperlinking is a two-step process.

      It’s a big job in and of itself, and we try to be thorough to make them as useful as possible.

    12. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Nathaniel, they usually publish the pdfs around the same time the books are finished. There might be a small gap between one and the other but in my experience it wasn't anything super major.

    13. Conor Pender on

      Will the Player's kit ship at the same time as the core books? I can't wait to start using that bag :-)

    14. Sylvain Pronovost on

      PDFs pretty please!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Gullion

      I am also confused as to why we haven’t yet received our PDFs. It would seem to me that the PDFs are done if the books are off to the printers.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tobias on

      Thank you Krzysiek.

    17. Demithyle the Exalted on

      That's because you don't submit your address there. When the books are ready to ship you'll receive an email with a discount code for the MCG store reducing the price of the books to 0. You enter your address and pay shipping at that point.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tobias on


      I've found my backerkit email, but I'm a tad confused. It's saying:

      "Your shipping address is not required for your order."

      However, I've backed a physical copy of the corebook in print.

    19. James Fellows on

      @Jonathan Miles - If you pledged in a level with the Starter set, I would have expected you to get a voucher to your MCG account at the end of the campaign already.

      As always, use the form for all contact, they don't watch the comments here very much:

    20. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Miles on

      when do we get the starter set?

    21. Brian Armstrong

      If some of the books are already at the printer, when do we get our PDF's?

    22. Diana Sharpe

      @Joseph Kennedy
      Thanks! I missed the timeline when I was looking around. It is an image and I was using ctrl-f to search the text for the book's name.

    23. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kennedy on

      If you go to the campaign tab and scroll down 80% of the way, you will find the Timeline for release. Discover was listed for March and the core books for June. That being said, I would rather the quality remain high like MCG does than to just reach those timeline goals.

    24. Diana Sharpe

      Where are y'all finding a release date of March for "Discover Your Destiny"? All I can find is that it will come out early in 2018 (I would say May is not early though), before the two core books in June.

    25. James Fellows on

      I don't expect any vouchers until late June.

    26. Ultimate Annwyn on

      Does anyone know if the vouchers have been sent out - anyone received theirs?
      It's not clear if the Pre-orders are just the retail side, rather than for the Kickstarter...

    27. Missing avatar

      Charles Lester on

      Good question @Brian Armstron. What did happen to our March Discover your Destiny release? Anyone have any info?

    28. Mikael Børresen on

      The ninth world is truly an awe inspiring place and cant wait to learn more about it and i dont even play role playing games..

    29. Brian Armstrong

      What happened to "Discover Your Destiny"? That was supposed to come out in March? Was anything said about it?

    30. Neal Dalton

      We are still 2 months out from the expected delivery date and they really haven’t missed a Cypher System deadline. They usually deliver PDFs when they finish preorders so I think we are 3-4 weeks away from PDF delivery.

    31. Missing avatar

      Apostolos Kotselis on

      Don't see any update.They said past Friday will have news...I am very sure that will have a big delay for the books.

    32. Missing avatar

      Omari Brooks

      So Drivethrurpg needs a better way to distinguish pre-orders and MCG needs to be quicker with their communication.

      Hope everybody involved learned something this time...

    33. Neal Dalton

      @Monte Cook Games You may want to add something to the listing s as they don't say anything about being a pre-order.

    34. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      Ahhhh @MCG thank you for the explanation. I was feeling cheated, now you got my full trust again. Thank you guys

    35. Monte Cook Games 12-time creator

      Hi folks!
      The books are not available yet, they are only pre-order pages that are popping up on DriveThruRPG and our website:

      You'll be getting the PDFs first, my friends, don't worry! We have a KS update coming for you on Friday I believe with some updates. The books are laid out and in proofing now :D Everything is looking good and cruising along on our end.

      Sorry for the alarm our pre-order launch may have caused!
      - Darcy

    36. Aldo Montoya Reynaga on

      @Michael Schwartz you're right! They're selling Numenera Discovery and Destiny. WTF! At least they should send us the pdf at the same time they put them on sell. Bad MCG that's wrong.

    37. Missing avatar

      John Kramer on

      From past experience with MCG, fulfillment emails for their Kickstarters usually go out very very late, Eastern time. We're talking like 2am. So I wouldn't worry if the books are appearing in the wild it won't be long before they take care of us.

    38. Michael Schwartz

      Numenera: Discovery and Numenera: Destiny have both appeared on DriveThruRPG. Why have I not yet received my PDFs?

    39. Kenneth McComber on

      I’m getting the feeling that the main books are going to be late. We haven’t even heard about discovering you own destiny and that’s about a month late now

    40. Diana Sharpe


      Check out update #71 for info on getting rewards. The website's upcoming releases page says June 2018 for Discovery and Destiny.

    41. Two Starving Gnolls on

      @The Gleeful Grognard: Thanks for excellent inputs and suggestions!

    42. Missing avatar

      lahavs on

      Hi Guys - When are the core books coming out, and also will it be the same way, with a coupon to the MCG site?

    43. The Gleeful Grognard on

      @Two Starving Gnolls:
      Think of Numenera 2.0 as closer to being what pathfinder is to the original 3.0 version of D&D (not 3.5, the difference/rebalance is larger with more new features tied to it)

      Miniatures are very easy to use with the system. Generally it isn't a combat centric system, there is combat and conflict but it is better not run as a hack and slash dungeon delve imo.

      If you do use miniatures I would suggest using a zone system similar to Conan 2d20 to draw up maps.
      You can convert the immediate, short and long ranges to square values (1 meter = 1 square works well). I would run it TotM though.

    44. Two Starving Gnolls on

      Use of miniatures in Numenera 2?

      I’ve played all kinds of RPGs the last 30 years. Currently D&D, where the use of miniatures is common. How is the approach using miniatures in Numenera 2? I’ve never played the first edition. I see there are some Numenera-specific miniatures for sale out there, but it seems the use of miniatures in the first edition was sparse and less common.

      Is the same approach taken in Numenera 2?

    45. Missing avatar

      Nihilanth on

      Discover your Destiny: Is there any news about it release?

    46. Jerry Bocci on

      The campaign timeline indicates that "Discover Your Destiny" should be coming out this month (March 2018). Is that still on track to be delivered... in the next few days?

    47. Adam M. Roth on

      Joseph Kennedy: It's always unclear, but my guess is it will be one of the last rewards delivered. But who knows.

    48. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kennedy on

      Was it ever said when the deck box would be sent?

    49. Kenneth McComber on

      If things are still going on time we should be getting a pdf this month

    50. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Miles on

      when do we get the starter kits?

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