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Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Simon Ding just now

      Not sure whether to be amused or upset....
      My order was placed over 3 weeks ago and I have heard nothing at all regarding delivery and last night I received an invite from MCG to pre-order Discovery & Destiny!!
      I wish we could get some more details of what the issues are other than ".... you should have your books sooner than you expect!"

    2. Karl Arrenon 2 days ago

      Got notification my order was complete. Checked my account and saw tracking numbers; however, my rewards were shipped to somewhere in Indiana while I live in Pennsylvania. Sent 2 messages from the webstore contact form and still haven't heard anything back yet...

    3. Sam West 2 days ago

      @James Craigie I received an order confirmation on the 24th July, then a shipping confirmation on the 25th. Received the package on the 26th!

    4. Ultimate Annwyn 2 days ago

      @Alex Barber - hope they get it sorted for you soon. I see that Shanna has posted a comment on the update to say they're putting more people on the customer service emails this week to try and get through them all. Fingers crossed for you :)

    5. James Fellows 2 days ago

      @Mike I'd use the contact form for all important issues:

    6. Mike Douglas
      2 days ago

      Hi, I need to change my address for the shipment.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex Barber 2 days ago

      @Ultimate Annwyn Deluxe or not the PDF coupons should have gone out no? I got the emails saying I should have PDF coupons in my MCG acct.

    8. Ultimate Annwyn 3 days ago

      @Taint - see latest update (#85, posted before your comment)
      @Alex Barber - did you by any chance upgrade to the Deluxe Edition and forget? See update #85

    9. Taint
      4 days ago

      Any updates on the deluxe edition?

    10. Viejah ThirdSoul 4 days ago

      MCG twitter account just posted this:
      "The Numenera Kickstarter books have been shipping out in the UK, though the orders have been slow to update on our website (and show "Processing" even after they've been delivered). The UK Numenera books are going out to folks who have redeemed their coupons!"
      So i guess we will just have to wait :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Kamil Sąsiadek 4 days ago

      well, second contact form sent in regards of the order, seems Poland is way further from UK than Russia :(

    12. Mariya Krutova 4 days ago

      Got mine Discovery & Destiny regular edition today (shipped on Aug 3 from UK to Russia, arrived on Aug 13).
      Thank you MCG!

    13. Demian Luper 4 days ago

      I was as Patron level backer. Should I assume that the special versions of Destiny & Discovery are going to take longer to ship? For example, I've received my coupons for Trilling Shard and Player's Guide but not for print versions of Destiney & Discovery...

    14. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kyle Sheppard 4 days ago

      Can we please get an official update on why our orders have been processing for almost a month now? Is the postman swimming from America or something?

    15. Andrew Thomson 5 days ago

      Has there been any word about the Player Kits? I'm keen to get my hands on them, although I understand that they may take some time to print/personalise.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alex Barber 5 days ago

      I have also been waiting over a month for a reply on my ticket for no coupons in my MCG acct.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nihilanth 6 days ago

      @Simon Proctor thats true. I have as well orderes that arrived and still are marked as processing. Really hope it arrives in the near futur

    18. James Craigie on

      I don't mind waiting as long as I know that they're on their way. What worries me is that there has been no official statement explaining what the hold-up is...

    19. Simon Proctor

      I'm not THAT worried that my UK order still has a status of Processing as I have 2 other orders in Processing status that arrived AGES ago. Still I really hope my books turn up today as I leave for my holiday tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.

    20. Phillosmaster on

      I received my books a couple days ago. I noticed I didn't get any shipping updates until just before they arrived. Not sure what that was about, but the books all arrived in good condition. Now to read through two text book sized roleplaying books. I love all the supplemental materials and references in the margins in the MCG books. That's such a helpful tool to give the reader.

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Ding on

      I'm also getting concerned about this, it's been 2 weeks since I placed my order. I understand that Gen-Con will have caused delays, but nothing has changed in the status of my order on the MCG site since 26/07!

    22. James Craigie on

      @Sam West When did your order change to shipped? All the UK backers I’ve spoken to still have their orders processing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kamil Sąsiadek on

      same here, ordered the print copies on 24.07 and still order in processing.

    24. Michael C. Freeman on

      Still no response from the MCG crew regarding my lack of coupons for Numenera 2 PDFs. It's been more than a month and several notes through their contact system on the site and not even an acknowledgement that I sent anything beyond the robo-reply. I haven't received any notice of books shipping either, so I guess that's going to be an ordeal too.

    25. Sam West on

      Strange that so many people are without their books, I'm in the UK and received mine the day after they were shipped. Hope everyone's books arrive soon! If it's any consolation, they are well worth the wait!

    26. Jerry Bocci on

      For EU/UK backers: This is a guess, a wild shot in the darkness that is international shipping, but, if this is anything like MCG's last campaign, everything is being sent via container ship from the printer/manufacturer to MCG's EU distribution center, where it will then be kitted and shipped to EU/UK backers. That shipping container takes some time to sail, so that might be responsible for the delay.

      BUT, like I said, all of the above is just a guess, so take with a grain of your favorite salt-like substance.

    27. Alex Lopez on

      Has the trilling shards come out in print yet?

    28. Bruce Gray

      Got my books today! (Monday, Aug 6, 2018) Now, all I have to try to do is to find a more mature type of gamer (note that age is not a factor) who would be =really= ready to take on the role of a character in this game without trying to say: "Hey! I know what that is! That's a flashlight!" Sure, the player knows what it is, but the character has no earthly idea! Time to get a new group ready!

    29. Ultimate Annwyn on

      I am trying to be patient, but I am so excited to get my hands on the print copies...
      It's been GenCon this weekend and the team at MCG also have the Your Best Game Ever/Cypher System Kickstarter live at the moment, so I'm cutting them some slack.
      Still can't wait to get my books though :)

    30. George Graybill

      @Robert Keller. Thanks for responding. I feel better now. If this is happening to other people then I’m sure that either 1) it’s intentional and our books will be sent to us or 2) it’s a mistake that will be rectified.
      Now that GenCon is over I’m sure we’ll hear an answer from them in a day or two.

    31. Missing avatar

      Robert Keller on

      @George Graybill I received the empty slipcase in a box as well. Also, the player's guide and trilling shard were shipped in their own box as well. I will wait a day or two and see if the core books are shipped separate from the slipcase. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    32. Missing avatar

      Nihilanth on

      @Frank Reiss Must be a european problem. The same is with me (swiss) and with other persons in the UK. The Status is still processing and i have as well ordered at the 24. of July.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sean Greathouse on

      Any word on the Deluxe edition?

    34. Frank Reiss on

      Still no shipping for me in Germany, ordered on July 24th. Going on vacation on next saturday. Most likely the package will get sent back to MCG because I can‘t pick it up from the post office for the next 2 weeks. That sucks...why does it take them more than 2 weeks to send an order?

    35. Rick Lindhorst

      I received my pledge yesterday in DFW, TX. Everything arrived well packed and undamaged. The slipcase and books are beautifully put together! Very well done!

    36. Missing avatar

      Vega on

      I received my order (Just the two corebooks in slipcase + Trilling Shard) in Australia earlier this week. Everything arrived safe and sound, and the books are gorgeous, something I can be proud to own. Thank you to MCG for a great KS campaign and product.

    37. Chris Tavares on

      @Luke, got my package today, and it included all four in the same box plus the slipcase. I don't see why they would have shipped it in two boxes, sounds more like a packing mistake. Or they ran out of the right sized boxes I guess?

    38. Lane Bowen on

      Er, July 11 and 24, to be fair. My nerd rage does not bend the fabric of time and space.

    39. Lane Bowen on

      Aaaand...still told my coupons aren't mine, pay $415.93 if I want the books and PDFs I already paid for. And still no response to my emails sent June 11 and June 24.

    40. George Graybill

      So I got my package in today. I was sent the slipcase for the books but not the core books themselves. Is this normal? Are the core books coming in a different package? I’m totally confused.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nihilanth on

      @ultimate Annwyn, Erekose and James Craigle
      I have the same issue. Still Processing and i have orderen mine as soon as they were available (24 of July). Needs to be shipe to swizzerland so europe. Must be a european problem, because there are people in the U.S. who already got there copy.

    42. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      Has anyone who did All the Books in Print received all their order? My tracking said it would have Discovery, Destiny, Players Guide, and Trilling shard but the box only had the first two. Plus only one map in it. Not sure if it was supposed to be in one box or if the post office is missing a second one.

    43. James Craigie on

      @Ultimate Annwyn and @Erekose
      Glad it's not just me then! Nore than likely waiting for them to arrive at the UK distribution centre.

    44. Erekose on

      @Ultimate Annwyn
      As is my UK order . . .

    45. Ultimate Annwyn on

      @James Craigie
      I ordered mine almost as soon as they were available (although I was one of the people who didn't get their coupons initially) and my UK order is still 'Processing'...

    46. George Graybill

      @Brian Armstrong I back a lot of Kickstarters. I have 23 outstanding currently. So no I dont have the particulars of each KS memorized especially a year after I backed it. I went back to the page and looked. And looked some more. And yes I finally found it. But only because I was looking for it. This seems like a pretty important step that we should have been reminded of as its different from any other KS that I have backed. A simple bold faced reminder in an email saying: YOU NEED TO CONFIRM YOUR ORDER IN OUR ONLINE STORE TO GET THE PHYSICAL COPIES OF YOUR BOOKS would have sufficed. That was the point I was trying to make.

    47. Jerry Bocci on

      I backed for "ALL THE BOOKS IN PDF", and have received Discovery Your Destiny, Numenera: Destiny, and Numenera: Discovery... but no map PDFs? Weren't there supposed to be maps included with Destiny and Discovery?

    48. Brian Armstrong

      @Jeff and @George, all of this is very clearly spelled out in the original campaign. I know it is just fluff text at the end of all the pretty pictures, but you can't say they never told you any of this.

    49. Jeff Hammell on

      Somehow I missed that I have to pay for shipping from the PoD and they way over-charge. I don't see it listed in my backer level.

    50. James Craigie on

      Any UK backers got their books yet?

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