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Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Miles about 19 hours ago

      when do we get the starter kits?

    2. Leaves Cooper Chou on March 10

      Anybody know when and where to finish the survey? I still have no idea about it

    3. Keeop on March 7

      You rule, Darcy. Thank you.

    4. Monte Cook Games 11-time creator
      on March 7

      Hi folks!
      The best way to reach us is through our Contact Us page:
      A few weeks back it was losing messages on us, which was terrifying, but it's all fixed now. So if you sent us a message a while back and didn't hear from us, please message us again, and please accept our apologies!

      @Throwontax, those coupons should have gone out, so shoot us a message on our Contact Us page and we should be able to get you the coupon to give to your friend :-)

      @Keeop: I thiiink I've found your email in our system, and I'm getting Tammie's help on it now, so you should get a message shortly. Sorry about that!

      @NachoCola: We should talk to get your account linked up with the MCG store, you should have coupons that you can redeem for the addon books we've already released. Please send us a message at our Contact Us Page!

      @Yulian: I think the precise location of Ellomyr will be revealed in the Trilling Shard supplement, but that's still in production so I don't want to say until that's settled. It's within sight of the Amber Monolith, though!

      Thanks folks!
      We'll have a cool Ellomyr-related announcement for you in the next few days :D

    5. Throwontax on March 7

      Hi everyone ! At first I understood that we should have a 50% discount on Torment: tides of numenera at the end of the kickstarter campaign. Have anyone any news about it ?
      (In fact I already got and played Torment, but I planned to give the coupon to a friend...)

    6. Jerry Bocci on February 26

      I got a reply to my "complaint" from Tammy in just a few hours, using the "contact us" form on the Monte Cook Games website. That seems to get the fastest answer from MCG, rather than direct email or (shudder) using Kickstarter's contact methods.

      (The response was a "thanks for the info, sending it to the team" message, regarding a bug report for the online Cypher System Generator.)

    7. Keeop on February 25

      Eh, I've given up. They're not answering e-mail either. Moving on.

    8. James Fellows on February 25

      I think it's rare unless they need to tell us something that MCG comments here. More likely you'll get emails directly. If you want to contact them, use the contact form

      or Facebook group

    9. Jerry Bocci on February 23

      Is anyone from MCG watching these comments? They seem to have given up on Worlds of the Cypher System (which makes sense, considering that MCG feels they've fulfilled all of the rewards for that one).

    10. Stormquiss
      on February 23

      Recently finished the fiction writing seminar with Shanna and it was wonderful - picked up some great writing tips - Shanna is an excellent speaker.

    11. James Fellows on February 19

      Hi Jon, yes, that's definitely a legit email origin. I have had many messages from MCG via that site.

    12. Jon Smejkal on February 19

      Hello, did Tammy just send a message via
      Looks a little phishy to me, so I wanted to check before replying.

    13. Yulian Kuncheff
      on February 11

      I have a question. I am running the latest OP campaign and I see a weird inconsistency with the location of Ellomyr. Where is Ellomyr? Based on the pictures and reports of towns people being able to see it, it can't be more than 50 miles away, max. Unless we explain it away with "magic", "numenera", "ninites", Human eye sight can't see past 40 miles max due to atmosphere, just hte density of atmosphere at that much of a distance, forces things to be non-visible to the eye.

      But in the OP campaign it says it takes 1-2 weeks of travel to get there. That would make it 100s of miles away. And if so, no one would be able to see it.

      The only way to explain both being true is some kind of time dilation around the amber monolith or on the way. But this inconsistency is making it hard to figure out where the rough location of Ellomyr is and the journey in-between.

      Anyone have an idea? MCG? Has there been any knowledge of the exact location of Ellomyr on the map?

    14. NachoCola
      on February 9

      Do the add-on bundles for the books already released ship with the new rewards or will they be shipped before? I ordered a lot of them and got no word or any kind of coupons that other backers have mentioned. I’m also concerned that my backer account was not properly linked with MCG shop because I didn’t have an account with MCG shop before.

    15. Keeop on February 6

      Apparently there have been some technical issues with the contact form but Darcy told me it's working again. One more attempt to dive into the Weird.

    16. Brent Rose
      on February 5

      Is everything OK with MCG? No response here since Dec and The Strange Box campaign still has zero response regarding the mis-sized box reward.

    17. Keeop on February 2

      No response here, I suppose I'll try Facebook. I've never had this much trouble attempting to give someone several hundred dollars before :) :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schewe
      on February 2

      Oh so they CAN actually be ordered? Because I've been trying to get my bundles since I got my coupons and something is ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK.

      For Christ's sake, just let me order the bundles and send them when they're printed, or print enough to cover the pledges at least. I'm getting sick and tired of looking at the store and being told I can't actually order the product I paid for months ago.

    19. Missing avatar

      C Vaughn on February 2

      @Jose W. L. I received my additional bundles that I believe I pledged extra for - the Explore the Ninth World bundle and the Ninth World GM's bundle.

    20. Kenneth McComber on February 1

      @James I noticed that there no delivery ETA for the card box has anyone heard anything?

    21. James Fellows on January 29

      The timeline is found deep down in the Campaign page:

      Discover Your Destiny March 2018
      Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny June 2018
      Player's Guide June 2018
      The Trilling Shard (US) Summer 2018
      Building Tomorrow (US) Fall 2018
      Ruin Deck 2018
      Slaves of the Machine God 2019
      Priests of the Aeons 2019
      Ninth World Bestiary 3 2019
      Creature Deck 3 2019
      Tomorrow's Bones 2019
      Io Deck 2019
      Explorer's Keys: 10 Instant Adventures 2019

      I think the problem is there's a revised Player's Guide coming out for N2, which is confusing.
      Also some of the pledge bundles do come with existing material.

      If you want faster responses, the Facebook group is good:

    22. Missing avatar

      Jose W. L. on January 28

      @C Vaughn Did you already received something? I still didn't receive anything.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Gullion
      on January 28

      Is Discover Your Destiny due to be released soon?

    24. Missing avatar

      C Vaughn on January 25

      Is there a timeframe where we'll get any other books we've pledged for, like the Player's Guide, that are already written? I got some of the books already, but it seems like there are others that are already in print that would come before Destiny and Discovery.

    25. Keeop on January 23

      @James yeah, I mean ultimately I save a decent amount of money by just waiting and getting them through my OGS. I honestly just wanted to support through the KS because I love their work and have collected the entire line so far. Turns out, I can actually still access my backerkit and make changes. I wrote to MCG to make sure i wouldn't blow up the internets by hitting "purchase" but haven't heard back yet. End of the day though, ...some of this stuff won't come out for 2 years so I'm not gonna lose sleep if I simply have to wait for retail and save money :) :)

    26. James Fellows on January 22

      Hey @Keeop, you probably get a good deal on pre-orders when that comes up, usually a month beforehand.

    27. Keeop on January 21

      Nevermind, I just now saw that backerkit closed Dec. 15. That sucks. Guess I"ll have to wait on retail.

    28. Keeop on January 21

      Hi there. Now that the holidays are over and I actually have money.... is the pledge manager still rockin'?

    29. Wyvernsrose
      on January 19

      well can't redeem my coupons as there isn't the stock..... O.o seriously

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on January 19

      Hi everyone. Great update. I sent MCG two inquires concerning my pledge but have yet to hear back. (This was two months ago or so.) Is there a way I can contact them to straighten out my pledge? Thanks in advance.

    31. Fiikragg on January 17

      any updates or news?

    32. Lance Hawvermale on January 6

      Update on my comment on December 25. I've still not received a reply from customer support. But I know you folks are busy; it's cool.

    33. Frank Roberts on January 4

      @Nathaniel - everything is managed through the MCG webstore, PDFs and physical products.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Gullion
      on December 29

      Are we eventually going to receive our PDFs via DriveThruRPG? Going through the store is not nearly as convenient as having them in our DriveThruRPG library-and Numenera is sold via DriveThruRPG anyway.

    35. Lance Hawvermale on December 25

      I received an email about my Start Set coupon on December 18, but the coupon is not in my account. I've emailed customer support but have yet to hear a reply. Thank you, and happy holidays!

    36. Missing avatar

      Chris Tolbert on December 25

      @ Yodo
      "If you have multiple items coming as rewards, you can mitigate shipping costs by waiting to have several of them shipped together. We guarantee that each reward will be available for a minimum period of one year from its official release date." - Quote from the campaign page
      Hope that's helpful

    37. Yodo
      on December 25

      So the shipping costs seem a little hefty for the shipping of the starter set by itself to Melbourne. Is it going to be okay not to cash in the coupon until the whole thing's done? And would that actually reduce shipping costs?

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on December 23

      @Stephen. I’m waiting on two books myself.

    39. Stephen Powell on December 22

      Coupons received, but unfortunately out of stock of The Ninth World Guidebook. Any idea when more will be in stock ?

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on December 20

      @Diana. Backer Kit closed on Dec 15x

    41. Diana Sharpe
      on December 20

      When is Backerkit closing? I want some addons but don't have the money right now. With fulfillment so far away, I hoped Backerkit would stay open for several months but I saw someone below mention it closing around Dec 17th but I can't find an official statement.

    42. Garth Cummings on December 19

      I got an email with the t-shirt survey today, asking for the size and such. I usually wear a men's medium, but sometimes have to go with large. Do you know if these shirts will be on the smaller or larger side for their size?

    43. Brent Rose
      on December 19

      @Creator - Can you guys take a look at the 'A Strange Box' campaign? There's folks there with questions about missing pledges and a question about what you all will do about the mis-sized boxes sent out.

    44. Michael Bedggood
      on December 19

      Just got my emails for the coupons for the two bundle deals (GM's Bundle and Explore the Ninth World Bundle), I am a little surprised at shipping costs, almost $60 to Melbourne AU. This is going to become very expensive with shipping when the all in pledge stuff starts wanting to be shipped. Can you check these shipping costs?

    45. Monte Cook Games 11-time creator
      on December 16

      Hi folks!
      My apologies - we'd hoped to get you the coupons for the Numenera Starter sets last week, but we didn't have sufficient inventory, so we'll be sending the coupons out as soon as we have inventory to ship. They should be reaching you this coming week!
      Thanks everyone :-)

    46. Alex Lopez on December 16

      @james fellows no coupon on my account

    47. James Fellows on December 15

      For coupons, I'd check out your Monte Cook games store account.

    48. Missing avatar

      Kevin Looper on December 14

      I haven't received a coupon yet, and was also hoping to run a game over Christmas break. Hopefully they're sent out soon?

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