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Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
Discover the Ninth World, then fulfill your destiny to lift it from an age of darkness. Two new corebooks, plus loads of stretch goals, for Numenera.
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    1. Yulian Kuncheff
      6 days ago

      I have a question. I am running the latest OP campaign and I see a weird inconsistency with the location of Ellomyr. Where is Ellomyr? Based on the pictures and reports of towns people being able to see it, it can't be more than 50 miles away, max. Unless we explain it away with "magic", "numenera", "ninites", Human eye sight can't see past 40 miles max due to atmosphere, just hte density of atmosphere at that much of a distance, forces things to be non-visible to the eye.

      But in the OP campaign it says it takes 1-2 weeks of travel to get there. That would make it 100s of miles away. And if so, no one would be able to see it.

      The only way to explain both being true is some kind of time dilation around the amber monolith or on the way. But this inconsistency is making it hard to figure out where the rough location of Ellomyr is and the journey in-between.

      Anyone have an idea? MCG? Has there been any knowledge of the exact location of Ellomyr on the map?

    2. NachoCola
      on February 9

      Do the add-on bundles for the books already released ship with the new rewards or will they be shipped before? I ordered a lot of them and got no word or any kind of coupons that other backers have mentioned. I’m also concerned that my backer account was not properly linked with MCG shop because I didn’t have an account with MCG shop before.

    3. Keeop on February 6

      Apparently there have been some technical issues with the contact form but Darcy told me it's working again. One more attempt to dive into the Weird.

    4. Brent Rose
      on February 5

      Is everything OK with MCG? No response here since Dec and The Strange Box campaign still has zero response regarding the mis-sized box reward.

    5. Keeop on February 2

      No response here, I suppose I'll try Facebook. I've never had this much trouble attempting to give someone several hundred dollars before :) :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schewe
      on February 2

      Oh so they CAN actually be ordered? Because I've been trying to get my bundles since I got my coupons and something is ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK.

      For Christ's sake, just let me order the bundles and send them when they're printed, or print enough to cover the pledges at least. I'm getting sick and tired of looking at the store and being told I can't actually order the product I paid for months ago.

    7. Missing avatar

      C Vaughn on February 2

      @Jose W. L. I received my additional bundles that I believe I pledged extra for - the Explore the Ninth World bundle and the Ninth World GM's bundle.

    8. Kenneth McComber on February 1

      @James I noticed that there no delivery ETA for the card box has anyone heard anything?

    9. James Fellows on January 29

      The timeline is found deep down in the Campaign page:

      Discover Your Destiny March 2018
      Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny June 2018
      Player's Guide June 2018
      The Trilling Shard (US) Summer 2018
      Building Tomorrow (US) Fall 2018
      Ruin Deck 2018
      Slaves of the Machine God 2019
      Priests of the Aeons 2019
      Ninth World Bestiary 3 2019
      Creature Deck 3 2019
      Tomorrow's Bones 2019
      Io Deck 2019
      Explorer's Keys: 10 Instant Adventures 2019

      I think the problem is there's a revised Player's Guide coming out for N2, which is confusing.
      Also some of the pledge bundles do come with existing material.

      If you want faster responses, the Facebook group is good:

    10. Missing avatar

      Jose W. L. on January 28

      @C Vaughn Did you already received something? I still didn't receive anything.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Gullion
      on January 28

      Is Discover Your Destiny due to be released soon?

    12. Missing avatar

      C Vaughn on January 25

      Is there a timeframe where we'll get any other books we've pledged for, like the Player's Guide, that are already written? I got some of the books already, but it seems like there are others that are already in print that would come before Destiny and Discovery.

    13. Keeop on January 23

      @James yeah, I mean ultimately I save a decent amount of money by just waiting and getting them through my OGS. I honestly just wanted to support through the KS because I love their work and have collected the entire line so far. Turns out, I can actually still access my backerkit and make changes. I wrote to MCG to make sure i wouldn't blow up the internets by hitting "purchase" but haven't heard back yet. End of the day though, ...some of this stuff won't come out for 2 years so I'm not gonna lose sleep if I simply have to wait for retail and save money :) :)

    14. James Fellows on January 22

      Hey @Keeop, you probably get a good deal on pre-orders when that comes up, usually a month beforehand.

    15. Keeop on January 21

      Nevermind, I just now saw that backerkit closed Dec. 15. That sucks. Guess I"ll have to wait on retail.

    16. Keeop on January 21

      Hi there. Now that the holidays are over and I actually have money.... is the pledge manager still rockin'?

    17. Wyvernsrose
      on January 19

      well can't redeem my coupons as there isn't the stock..... O.o seriously

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on January 19

      Hi everyone. Great update. I sent MCG two inquires concerning my pledge but have yet to hear back. (This was two months ago or so.) Is there a way I can contact them to straighten out my pledge? Thanks in advance.

    19. Fiikragg on January 17

      any updates or news?

    20. Lance Hawvermale on January 6

      Update on my comment on December 25. I've still not received a reply from customer support. But I know you folks are busy; it's cool.

    21. Frank Roberts on January 4

      @Nathaniel - everything is managed through the MCG webstore, PDFs and physical products.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Gullion
      on December 29

      Are we eventually going to receive our PDFs via DriveThruRPG? Going through the store is not nearly as convenient as having them in our DriveThruRPG library-and Numenera is sold via DriveThruRPG anyway.

    23. Lance Hawvermale on December 25

      I received an email about my Start Set coupon on December 18, but the coupon is not in my account. I've emailed customer support but have yet to hear a reply. Thank you, and happy holidays!

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris Tolbert on December 25

      @ Yodo
      "If you have multiple items coming as rewards, you can mitigate shipping costs by waiting to have several of them shipped together. We guarantee that each reward will be available for a minimum period of one year from its official release date." - Quote from the campaign page
      Hope that's helpful

    25. Yodo
      on December 25

      So the shipping costs seem a little hefty for the shipping of the starter set by itself to Melbourne. Is it going to be okay not to cash in the coupon until the whole thing's done? And would that actually reduce shipping costs?

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on December 23

      @Stephen. I’m waiting on two books myself.

    27. Stephen Powell on December 22

      Coupons received, but unfortunately out of stock of The Ninth World Guidebook. Any idea when more will be in stock ?

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on December 20

      @Diana. Backer Kit closed on Dec 15x

    29. Diana Sharpe
      on December 20

      When is Backerkit closing? I want some addons but don't have the money right now. With fulfillment so far away, I hoped Backerkit would stay open for several months but I saw someone below mention it closing around Dec 17th but I can't find an official statement.

    30. Garth Cummings on December 19

      I got an email with the t-shirt survey today, asking for the size and such. I usually wear a men's medium, but sometimes have to go with large. Do you know if these shirts will be on the smaller or larger side for their size?

    31. Brent Rose
      on December 19

      @Creator - Can you guys take a look at the 'A Strange Box' campaign? There's folks there with questions about missing pledges and a question about what you all will do about the mis-sized boxes sent out.

    32. Michael Bedggood
      on December 19

      Just got my emails for the coupons for the two bundle deals (GM's Bundle and Explore the Ninth World Bundle), I am a little surprised at shipping costs, almost $60 to Melbourne AU. This is going to become very expensive with shipping when the all in pledge stuff starts wanting to be shipped. Can you check these shipping costs?

    33. Monte Cook Games 11-time creator
      on December 16

      Hi folks!
      My apologies - we'd hoped to get you the coupons for the Numenera Starter sets last week, but we didn't have sufficient inventory, so we'll be sending the coupons out as soon as we have inventory to ship. They should be reaching you this coming week!
      Thanks everyone :-)

    34. Alex Lopez on December 16

      @james fellows no coupon on my account

    35. James Fellows on December 15

      For coupons, I'd check out your Monte Cook games store account.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kevin Looper on December 14

      I haven't received a coupon yet, and was also hoping to run a game over Christmas break. Hopefully they're sent out soon?

    37. Missing avatar

      Christopher Williamson on December 14

      were the coupon emails ever sent out for starter sets? I still haven't received mine

    38. Missing avatar

      Kevin Melka on December 14

      >>Hi folks! Tammie worked it out so that we'll be able to do a rolling fulfillment of the Numenera Starter Sets, starting Tuesday, December 12th.<<

      Were the Starter Sets shipped? Was really hoping to run this for my players of XMas break.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tom Parke on December 12

      "The Miracle Worker" Epilogue

      Tal was already knee deep in the river, and Hughes tearing frantically with his sandal straps when Ei'ron surfaced. Both cried out his name as they helped him to the riverbank, Hughes lifting him in his arms for the last ten feet. Ei'ron dropped his glass-steel helm and breathed deep gulps of air. His friends were already tending to his burns.

      "It's fine, it's fine," is all Ei'ron could manage to say. The questions came in rapid fire: who was that? What happened? Why did you do that? Has your chest always been like that?" Ei'ron did not know how to answer. How does one explain your personal dishonor? A past that destroys the present? An unworthiness so deep you resent your own existence? There was no answer.

      "I thought your we dead for sure this time." Hughes said grinning and shaking his head. Just then there was a scream and wind gusts from beating wings as Ferguz's Xi'drake landed with a sub-sonic thud. "I may yet die today." Ei'ron said dryly.

      So this was it. He had devised a plan to protect Ellomyr from Ferguz, but there is no a plan for slaying a dragon. Ei'ron had no fight left in him. It didn't matter, he had done it, he had defended Ellomyr. He was now ready. This would be a good death.

      The Xi-drake folded its wings and clawed the earth with its great talons as it closed in on Ei'ron. Hughes and Tal stepped forward blocking its path, they were joined by others in the crowd: fellow guardsmen, shopkeepers, the elderly, even defiant children. A host of more than thirty in all came to Ei'ron's defense. "Not today dragon!" said Hughes as he held his crossbow backwards, absurdly threatening the beast with the weapon's stock.

      "Damn their loyalty" Ei'ron thought, as tears formed. For a moment it seemed the murdered villagers from his nightmares become flesh, but not to harm him, to save him.

      The Xi-drake stopped, thin lifted it great head looking over the crowd and looked into Ei'ron eyes, observing the white scales on his chest. The massive crest on the drake's head helped it to fly, and, somehow, allowed the creatures to read thoughts. It peered into Ei'ron's mind and for reasons only the dragon will know, beat its wings into flight and soared off toward the Golden Silver. The assembled crowd cheered.

      Ei'ron had always thought that only a miracle could redeem him for his crimes. Somehow, Ellomyr had worked that miracle.

      Ei'ron "the Pretender" a dishonorable Glaive who defends the weak.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tom Parke on December 12

      "The Miracle Worker" Part 3

      Ei'ron the Glaive came out of the Gut-Wagon tavern blinking uncomfortably in the early morning sunlight. He steadied himself and walked to the well at the center of the square. He pulled up a gulp of water to wash the stale taste of the Gut-Wagon's home brewed liquid depressant from his mouth. No one drank the swell for its taste, but the tavern's unpopularity is what made it perfect for Ei'ron: to be left alone, to drink, to forget, to sleep, and - hopefully - not dream.

      "You look like you've been sucked through a Falling Maw." The clear alto voice of Tal from behind him. Ei'ron turned to regard the tall wiry guards-woman. No longer the child of when they first met, she stood a head taller than Ei'ron, and could fight like a frilled-braul.

      "But then again, these days you always do." Ei'ron shrugged and sat on the rim of the well as Tal walked over, her smirk turning to concern. "We've been wanting to talk to you Ei'ron, your drinking.... it's gotten worse since last margr attack. I can see your in pain, don't ever talk about it. You protect everyone else, let us help you for once." Ei'ron stood, thinking of something to say to get away from his well intentioned friend when it happened. The Glaive knew something was wrong, some trouble, the prelude to violence, he could almost always feel it. Hughes was stronger, and Tal faster, but no one could smell trouble like Ei'ron. Tal recognized the look that she had seen too often over their years of service on the Ellomyr watch. "What is it?" She asked as the dark shadow of large creature in flight passed over them. Every head in the square looked up to see the white sleek gliding form of a Xi-drake in full flight. Little more than a speck, a rider on its back was clad in red armor and a pale yellow cape streaming behind it. With two mighty beats of its wings the Xi-drake banked and sped toward Ellomyr's lone mooring tower for flying visitors. Ei'ron turned and began running in the opposite direction.

      "Where are you going?" Tal called
      "To the Aeon Priest's Clave, that's where he will end up, no matter where he lands."
      "I'll get Hughes."
      "This is for me alone, but alert the guard, there will be trouble." Ei'ron yelled over his shoulder.
      "Ei'ron! Just because you always defend the weak doesn't been that sometimes you need someone to defend you!" Tal called out, but the Glaive was already gone through the crowd.

      An hour latter Ei'ron sat on the edge of a aneen water trough in the courtyard outside of the Aeon Priest Clave. Dressed in his full armor, his heavy mono-steel shield resting against his shin, his head uncovered with his front pate newly shaved and his braids just oiled, his battered Angulan Knight badge on his chest. The other Knight strode into the opposite side of the court yard. He seemed as wide as he was tall, decked in fully heavy synth-steel armor lacquered bright red, a gauzy yellowed cape of made of Stratharian War Moth wing hung from his shoulders. Under one arm was his great helm, across his shoulder a two-handed fail. His hair was the color of polished copper, oiled, shaved and braided just like Ei'ron's. The crossed swords of the Angulan Knights adorned his breast plate.

      Ei'ron stood, hefted his shield, but did not move. "Ferduz!" he called. The red knight named Ferduz stopped in his tracks and regarded Ei'ron in the manner one would upon finding a Crag Worm in your shoe. "Ellomyr is under my protection, I am the agent of The Charter here, you should move on."

      Ferduz quickly regained his composure, and rolled his head skyward in a roaring laugh. "That's Grand Knight Ferduz to you," he said in a lisping voice impersonating the oft used phrase of their former commander Jade the Hammer. "You're no knight, just a coward with no honor. And if you were a knight, a sad job you'd be doing here." The knight gestured around the buildings and the crowd backing off from around the two. "This city is crawling with mutants, and visitants, and worse. Word of Ellomyr's anti-human policies has spread wide, I'm here to clear this blight, and make it safe for the pure-blooded children of Midgard." Ferduz then smiled his lips pulling up to expose both teeth and gums, "But there is still room for your redemption Red Devotee Ei'ron, take up your sword with me as you did under the Amber Monolith, you may yet earn that badge you falsely wear." The memories came flooding back to Ei'ron unbidden, his hands slick with the blood of the old, the pleading of children still clinging to the bodies of dead fathers, chasing down the weak. The smell of fear and burning hair, and above it all the laughter of Ferduz of the Flame.

      Ei'ron said nothing but pulled off the velcro straps afixing his broiled leather breast plate. Moving it aside he exposed his bare chest, it was covered from collar bone to navel with small white scales just like the hide of a Xi-drake. Ei'ron had learned that you cannot carry 14 iron wind shield cyphers for two years on the Wandering Walk without suffering the exposure consequences.

      "I'm afraid I've grown quite found of mutants Grand Knight Ferduz. You are right. I am no knight. None of us are. Least of all you."

      Ferduz made a hissing sound as he sucked his teeth. "I'll burn you down to fat and grease traitor!" The red-knight donned his helmet and swung his fail from his shoulder. He then burst into flames from boot to crest, he raised his weapon that likewise ignited. With a cry he charged across the courtyard sending the gathered crowd fleeing.

      Ei'ron shouldered his shield with one hand and grabbed his own frosted glass-steel helm from behind the aneen trough. He then spun on his heel and broke at a full run away from the flaming Knight. He could hear the scream of rage and "Coward!" from Ferduz as he ran.

      Ei'ron snaked through streets he knew like his own hand, dodging the crowds as he made his way to the Angry Red River. Finally, he reached his goal: the bridge. He ran up its graceful arch and at its apex stopped, turned, and waited.

      In moments Ferduz burst from street at the foot of the bridge. Two crossbow quarrels protruded from his right leg, the Knight's halo of fire consuming the wood of the projectiles. From behind the Knight Ei'ron could see Tal and Hughes, both armed with bows trying to get a shot without striking the crowd. Damn them for their loyalty.

      Ei'ron had his heavy shield on his back, his scimitar still sheathed at his hip, the opaque frosted glass-steel helm firmly on his head, obscuring his features. He opened his empty hands and raised his arms as if to hug a child.

      Ferduz yelled and charged up the bridge like an animal mad with rage and pain, the flames and cape streaming behind him. Ei'ron stood, waiting, remembering the fighting lessons of his mother, closer, closer, the Red Knight was upon him bringing the fail down to dash his head to pieces.

      Ei'ron then moved in low and wrapped his arms around the flaming Knight's waist in a great hug, he involuntary screamed in pain as the flames burned his hands, arms, chest, and neck. Then with a great surge he pushed Ferguz into the railing of the bridge which gave way like spun sugar and both warriors fell eighteen feet to the water below like a burning comet, until striking the river water with a loud hiss of steam. Hughes, Tal, and the watching crowd stared slake jawed.

      When they hit the water force stunned Ei'ron despite bracing himself. Ferguz took the bulk of the force and he went slack for a split second before struggling with the strength that only a drowning man can summon. Ei'ron let the combined weight of their armor and weapons drag them to bottom of the river channel. Ferguz's halo of fire was dosed by the water, but his body and armor were still hot to the touch. Ei'ron watched the Knight's eyes through the slits of his great helm: burning with rage, becoming wide with fear and realization, squinted with pleading, until finally rolling up into his head in death.

      In the hour before it had been simple enough for Ei'ron to loosen and remove the bolts securing the top section of bridge's railing. In full uniform no one had challenged him as he worked, leaving the railing appearing solid, but not attached to the bridge structure.

      It had been lucky that the Aeon Priest had a re-breather cypher that Ei'ron could attach to his helmet allowing him to breath underwater with the helmet on for up to twenty minutes. The Priest also said the cosmetic hair oil Ei'ron used on his braids and arms was fire resistant, but he could tell by the pain it did not work near as well as the re-breather.

      After Ferduz went limp Ei'ron released him, slipped out of armor, dropped the shield from his back and unbuckled his weapon belt, and kicked up for the surface.

    41. James Fellows on December 10

      Hopefully MCG will confirm, but I doubt the Deluxe bookset will be out in general retail, unless specific retailers have ordered it through this Kickstarter. None of the MCG deluxe editions are generally available. I am very sad I didn't get in early on Numenera!

    42. Missing avatar

      on December 9

      @Monte Cook Games - Look like having to make a choice between upgrading to the Deluxe version of the core books or the All the Books in Print pledge, so have re-read the updates etc. before making a final decision, but still want to confirm the following:

      1) Will the Deluxe set of the core books be offered later at retail?

      2) When the books that have been unlocked during the campaign eventually appear at retail, will those that have been upgraded to include printed maps etc. via SG also include them at retail, and will print/pdf combos be available at retail as in the campaign (although I assume at a higher cost than those listed for the pledges/add-ons during the campaign)?


    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Little
      on December 7

      Just to confirm, the pledge manager closes On December 15?

    44. Monte Cook Games 11-time creator
      on December 7

      Hi folks! Tammie worked it out so that we'll be able to do a rolling fulfillment of the Numenera Starter Sets, starting Tuesday, December 12th.

      So around that time, we'll gather the list of people who will be getting NSS's who have completed Backerkit, and we will issue NSS coupons to those backers which they can immediately redeem if they choose :-)

      Hope that helps!
      - Darcy

    45. Missing avatar

      Gene Hurley on December 7

      I've yet to receive an answer to my question. And I've gone to MCG site twice.

    46. Missing avatar

      Richard Sands
      on December 7

      Been watching for response to the Starter kit questions. Has anyone tried messaging MCG outside of kickstarter? Seems like this should have been easy to fulfill unless they realized they did not have nearly enough and are printing more.

    47. Missing avatar

      Apostolos Kotselis on December 7

      i think the starter set will be delivered the next year...

    48. Alex Lopez on December 6

      Ive asked several times about the starter set and have gotten no response i hope its soon

    49. Missing avatar

      Christopher Williamson on December 6

      starter set coupons were supposed to be delivered in November whats the hold up, my D&D group keeps asking where the set is we need a change.

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