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The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
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Killjoys and Jinxes

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Dear heroes of Storia—

In No Thank You, Evil!, killjoys are robots who hate fun. They have sensors that detect games being played or jokes being told, and they steal fun wherever they find it. Jinxes have three eyes and tiny horns, and chatter nonsensically. Both are creatures you might encounter in Storia.

Unfortunately, some killjoys and jinxes have apparently slipped into our world and caused problems with delivering No Thank You, Evil! to you in time for Christmas.

In our last update, we mentioned that despite concerns about port congestion, No Thank You, Evil! had arrived in the US and been unloaded from its ship pretty much on schedule. Sadly, since then it looks like the killjoys and jinxes have been doing their best to slow things down. We were expecting No Thank You, Evil! to reach our warehouse early this week, for immediate shipment out to domestic backers. Instead, it just yesterday completed the process of leaving the harbor, clearing Customs, and being decontainerized. It has now been loaded into a truck, and is headed our way—but that still puts it several days from reaching our warehouse.

An actual photo from Long Beach harbor, taken when our ship was in port. These trucks have already waited several hours to get this far.
An actual photo from Long Beach harbor, taken when our ship was in port. These trucks have already waited several hours to get this far.

If you were hoping to put No Thank You, Evil! under the Christmas tree, we’re sorry that it won’t reach you in time. We’re sad and frustrated, and we’re sure you are too. International shipping issues are simply outside of our control, but regardless, here’s what we’re going to do to make this holiday as festive and Evil-free as possible:

  • No Thank You, Evil! will likely arrive at our warehouse within a day or two of Christmas. Although our warehouse is officially closed over the holiday week, we will ship out No Thank You, Evil! as soon as it comes in, regardless of when that is.
  • We’ve made special cards for you, pictured below. If No Thank You, Evil! is a holiday gift, you can download and print the card of your choice to use as a proxy. Simply click on the image to download a printable file.
  • To thank you for your patience, we invite you to take $10 off any purchases from the MCG Shop. You can use it to get a NTYE supplement such as Story, Please! or Uh-Oh, Monsters!, or for a grown-up game for yourself. Use the coupon code KilljoysandJinxes at checkout to receive your discount (valid through January 31, 2019).

Look for Your Redemption Email

As soon as we have a confirmed arrival date, we’ll send out your redemption email. The email will contain instructions on how to redeem your reward. We can’t ship your copy until you complete those steps—that’s how we get the shipping information we need. (If you’re not in a hurry, don’t sweat it. It can wait until after the holidays, if that’s more convenient for you. Just keep the email on hand, and don’t forget about it!)

We’ll send the redemption email as soon as a delivery date to our warehouse is confirmed. That might be a few days before the truck actually arrives. Please be patient if there are a few days between when you receive the email and when your copy of the game ships to you.

Overseas Backers

We’ve had recent confirmation that the shipment to the UK arrives in Felixstowe this week. If you’re in Europe or the UK, expect your fulfillment to begin in early January.

We don’t have specific details to share with Australian backers at this time, but things are moving along on schedule.

--Your friends at Monte Cook Games

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    1. Hawke Robinson on

      Any status update? Still haven't received anything from the large bundle. Thanks.

    2. Monte Cook Games 15-time creator

      Please help us stay in touch with you by not commenting here, on an individual update. Instead, please click on the Comments tab at the top of this page, and join the conversation in the main comments section. Thanks!