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The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
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Zoom! Buzz!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Dearest Heroes of Storia:

We have some glorious news for you! 

First up: the reprint of No Thank You, Evil! and the cloth maps have both gone to press. Barring anything unexpected, everything's right on time, so that's great news! 

Second, it's fulfillment day! If you ordered Uh-Oh, Monsters!; Story, Please!; I'm a Guide!; or the NTYE PDF, you should get an email today about fulfilling those orders. Also, fulfillment will happen for anyone who added on any additional non-NTYE products (such as the Numenera Starter Set and The Strange corebook). Regardless of whether you got an email or not, you can also go directly to your account on the Monte Cook Games store and check your coupons to see what products you have available to redeem. 

The first Bee Mail! delivery is on its way to you as well! It's Raining Cats and Dinosaurs is an adventure set in Into the Closet, and features old friends like Woodlynn the Bee Queen and Mister OddSwallow, as well as some potential new friends in the form of a kind giant and a lost cloud! 

We’re thrilled to get these products out to you!

Your Best Game Ever 

Whether you're six or sixty, there's always something new to learn about playing and running RPGs. It's one of the things that I love most about the hobby; it never gets boring because there's always something new to try! 

If you haven't heard, we're making a new book called Your Best Game Ever. It's a go-to guidebook for tabletop RPGs. Inside this gorgeous hardcover book, you'll advice and suggestions for enhancing your RPG experience at the table and away from it. Written by Monte Cook, it also has insights from some of your favorite gamers and game designers, including Matt Mercer, Matt Colville, John Rogers, Tom Lommel, and many more! 

This is an insider’s look at everything that goes into the hobby—finding a group, making a character, running a game, creating adventures, finding all the right ideas, hosting a game…and that’s just for starters. We hope you love it! 

Gen Con

We'll be in booth 2519 and our events will be in ICC (Indiana Convention Center) room 240, so come see us! Some of our events still have space, so jump in and sign up! We'd also love for you to experience a demo of Numenera, Predation, or No Thank You, Evil! in our booth. See you there! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Hockley on

      I'm not sure if this is what @Paul was getting at below, but I don't think it's entirely clear on what the relationship between the Bee Mail pdfs and It's Raining Cats and Dinosaurs is.

      In some places, such as this update post, you seem to refer to It's Raining Cats and Dinosaurs as the first Bee Mail pdf (and that's what I appear to have received in July) and in other places (e.g. the banner describing Stretch Goal #2 and the Backer Levels chart) it's talked about as though it is an entirely separate project from them.

      It looks somewhat as though the Bee Mail only refers to PDF versions and the references just to It's Raining Cats & Dinosaurs are talking only about the print book, but I would appreciate some clarification.

    2. Monte Cook Games 15-time creator

      Hi @Petr: Yes, those are print products. The cloth map was sold as an add-on.

      Hi @Paul: It was sent in July. We fulfill Kickstarter rewards through the MCG Shop, which puts you, the backer, in charge of redeeming them. We will notify you by email when it is time to redeem a reward. And then, you will log onto your account* on the MCG Shop, go to your Coupons page, and you’ll see coupon code(s) that make your reward(s) free on the MCG Shop. You then decide when to redeem your rewards, and--if your rewards include physical products--to what address to have them shipped. You may delay redemption of your rewards to bundle them together into one shipment to save on shipping costs. We guarantee a print product will be in stock for you as one of your rewards for up to one year after the product's release date.

    3. Paul Swift on

      When will the Bee Mail be sent please? I don't seem to have received anything yet.

    4. Petr Svarny

      Uh-Oh, Monsters!; Story, Please!; I'm a Guide! and the NTYE are all the printed books, right? I assume the cloth map is part of NTYE.