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The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
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A Couple of Important Notes for the Final Hours of This Campaign

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Thank you all for such a wonderful, successful campaign! Before the campaign reaches its end, I wanted to give you a little checklist of things you might do to make sure you get all of the rewards you deserve without any hiccups. Without further ado:

1. Double-check Your Pledge. Go right now to the Kickstarter page and make sure you the reward level you want. If you want any add-ons, make sure you’ve increased your pledge amount accordingly.

2. Credit Card. Please make sure your credit card information in Kickstarter is current and correct.

3. Last Minute Reward Add-Ons. Once the Kickstarter campaign is over, you won't be able to modify your pledge using Kickstarter. Add-ons should available, for a limited time, through BackerKit. We can't guarantee it, though, so if there's something you want, now's the time to be sure you get it.

4. Be Prepared for Additional Updates. The Kickstarter campaign is ending soon, but we’ll be interacting for some time—most rewards won’t ship for many months! Updates are the most reliable way of reaching all backers, so please make sure you read them and that they don’t go to your spam folder.

5. How Do You Spell Your Name? We apologize if this sounds silly or condescending, but it’s a real issue, and we have no other choice but to confront it head-on. Occasionally, in haste, people misspell or omit critical information when they provide it to us. This creates problems with shipping and sending rewards. When you provide information—your name, address, and so on—please pay close attention to all the details. If you live overseas, and your name or address includes special or accented characters, if at all possible please instead use the closest standard alphabetical character. Accented characters are often garbled as the Internet tries to convert them into American text; an "É" may come through the system written as "$%^", rendering your address undeliverable. Sometimes we can determine the correct spelling, but often not.

6. Spread the Word One Last Time! This campaign isn’t over yet!

We greatly appreciate all your support. Thank you for Being Awesome!

—Charles and the whole team at MCG

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