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The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
The award-winning storytelling game for creative kids and their families.
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You Get a Cloth Map—Now How About a Whole New Product?

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Wow, what a weekend! Thanks to you spreading the word about this campaign, we not only funded on Saturday, we also hit our first stretch goal this morning. And you know what that means: The cloth map is now a reality!

As a reminder, this 20” x 32” cloth map is now part of BASIC BOX AND BEE MAIL! level and above. If you’re backing at a lower level, you can get the map as an add-on for just $20. (To do this, simply click the Manage Your Pledge button in the upper right of the Kickstarter page. Then increase the amount of your pledge by $20. After the campaign is over, we’ll contact you to confirm what the extra $20 was for.)

Alternatively, consider upgrading your pledge to BASIC BOX AND BEE MAIL!. For just $55, you get No Thank You, Evil!, BEE MAIL!, and the cloth map—a total value of $75. Since the cloth map and BEE MAIL! together are $35, it’s like getting the game itself for just $20. And if you already have a copy of No Thank You, Evil!, it makes a great holiday gift (or donation to charity), and we’re happy to send it directly to your gift recipient when it ships in November. When you redeem your rewards, you can have them shipped anywhere you like simply be entering the recipient’s address at the time of checkout!

If we hit more stretch goals, that value gets even better. Which is what we hope happens! Read on, because. . .

It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs!

Now that we’ve added the cloth map, let’s shoot for another awesome stretch goal: More adventures, more character standups, and a whole new print product!

First, we’re going to add another delivery to BEE MAIL! So if you’re backing at any level that includes digital stretch goals for BEE MAIL! (which is most backers), instead of getting three PDFs worth of content, you’ll get four…huzzah! Each of the adventures will be set in a different location in Storia, and will involve old friends like Woodlynn, Lucy Lawful, and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Then, we’re going to take these four adventures and turn them into a print book. We’ll include a bunch of character and monster standups, and turn the whole thing into a new print product, which we’re calling It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs!!

It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs! will be a reward for every backer level that gets all the unlocked stretch goals, starting with BASIC BOX AND BEE MAIL! It’ll also be available as an add-on for $25.

We’ll make the extra PDF of BEE MAIL! content, and It’s Raining Cats and Dinosaurs!, if we reach $55,000. That’s a stretch, but given the rate we’ve been going in recent days, if we all keep spreading the word we can make it happen!

--Charles and the whole team at MCG

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    1. Anestis Kozakis

      It'd be nice to see a reward level for those of us who already have everything created so far, but just want Bee Mail and all unlocked Stretch Goals.

    2. Vincent DiCello

      A Reward Level for $40 or $45 with just the new print book of the 4 adventures and the cloth map would be totally awesome. ;)

      Some of us already have everything else from previous Campaigns (or retail). And I won’t bother with PDFs if I can avoid it. Having it in print is always so much better!

    3. Ryan Heck on

      Sweet! I also like the extra copy gift idea. The $55 level is getting quite nice. Let's shoot for that $55k!