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A game of make-believe for creative kids and their families from the team that brought you Numenera and The Strange.
A game of make-believe for creative kids and their families from the team that brought you Numenera and The Strange.
1,514 backers pledged $111,750 to help bring this project to life.

Storia Needs Heroes—and You Can Help!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello, backers of No Thank You, Evil!

Media attention continues to roll in for our favorite forthcoming roleplaying game for creative kids and their families. Check these out!

  • In the RPGGamerDad podcast, aforementioned RPGGamerDad creates characters with his kids. It is, frankly, beyond cute. You definitely want to give it a listen!
  • NTYE was also covered in the Prismatic Tsunami podcast, which interviewed Shanna!

As awesome as it is to see media coverage continue to grow, by far the biggest way Kickstarter campaigns attract new backers is through positive word of mouth—and that means you. Yes, you! So we’re issuing a challenge!

New Character Types

If we get 1,000 social media posts, Shanna will design three new character nouns for the game. No, I’m not talking about grammar here—I’m talking about the types of characters you can play. A character in No Thank You, Evil! is defined by a descriptive phrase of up to three parts (depending on the player’s level of complexity): an adjective noun who verbs. Like a Kind Spy who Experiments with Science or a Cool Pirate who Loves Ooey Gooey Things. The current design of the game includes seven of these nouns, but if we reach this objective Shanna will design three more. They'll be included in both the Standard Edition and Kickstarter Edition of the game (and backers at the NO THANK YOU, PATIENCE! reward level and above will get to give these new nouns a try next month!).

The existing list of character types includes Fighter, Kid, Prince/Princess, Robot, Spy, and Superhero. You aren’t strictly limited to these types, of course. Kids are encouraged to “reskin” them to fit their character ideas. For example, if you wanted to play a Ninja, just use the rules for the Spy type!

That said, nothing fires the imagination like more options, and that’s what we’d like to add. If we make this happen, Shanna will design three new character nouns: Astronaut, Creature, and Wizard. A Super-Strong Astronaut who Flies Through The Sky? A Sneaky Creature who Reads Great Books? A Kind Wizard who Bashes Evil? You got it!

Storia Needs Heroes!

To make this happen, here’s what we’d like you to do:

Post about No Thank You, Evil! on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or G+.

  • Give it the tag #StoriaNeedsHeroes
  • Say something brief about why you think No Thank You, Evil! is cool, or why you backed it
  • Be sure to include the link to the Kickstarter campaign!
  • Don’t tag us (because in some social media platforms, that limits who gets to see it)

You can post several times if you like! (Remember that most social media posts are only seen by a fraction of your friends, so even if you post four or five times, most of your friends will only see it once or twice—or maybe not at all.) In fact, the more you post, the sooner we’ll reach this goal. Nobody likes spam, though, so you probably don’t want to do it dozens of times in quick succession.

Want to see how we’re doing? Like the No Thank You, Evil! Facebook page. We’ll update the progress there regularly.

Once we’ve had 1,000 posts/tweets, we’ll add these new character types to the game—and share a sneak peek at them with you!

Where Do You Want Your Autograph?

Backers at the YOURS TRULY, EVIL! and higher backer level get a signed copy of the game. We're currently contemplating whether the autograph should go on the box itself, or a separate component. On the one hand, we don't people to feel that they aren't getting a genuinely autographed game if it isn't the game itself that's signed. On the other hand, a game played by children is subject to a lot of wear and tear, and some backers have said they’d prefer the autograph on a separate component—something that won’t be handled quite as much.

What do you think? If you've backed (or are thinking of backing) at the YOURS TRULY, EVIL! or higher level, would you rather have an autograph right on the box, or on some other component that's less likely to suffer a lot of wear and tear? Visit the Kickstarter comments and let us know your preference!

Some Art!

As we usually do, we wanted to share a little art with you. This is an early draft of the Storia map by Michael Startzman. (He was profiled in our last update, along with our other lead artist Cathy Wilkins.) This piece is still a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely! If you’d like a more detailed view, we’re posting a larger version on the No Thank You, Evil! Facebook page!

Thanks for supporting No Thank You, Evil!—we’ll see you out in the social media!


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    1. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      I'd prefer the signature on something that can be framed. This box will take a beating over the next decade! :)

    2. Matt Chapman

      Hey, how about a Noun for "Grown-Up" ? Don't leave us out! Lots of kids dream about when they'll be grown-up, too!

    3. Alex Kammer on

      No Thank You Evil was mentioned on the recent Vorpal Chainsword podcast interview of Alex Kammer -