Invisible Sun

by Monte Cook Games

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    1. Josh Parrish on

      I cannot express my joy enough at this. I do pretty much everything reading on my iPad. I find it not only easier to bring with me places, but I am able to read longer without as many ADHD related issues. So I have had issues retaining information from the black cube. This will help me so much. My appreciation (and that of my players) is with you!

    2. Monte Cook Games 15-time creator

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    3. Kenneth 'Kalah' Higginbotham on

      Excellent!!! Thank you so very much! : )

    4. Henry A Driskill on

      I have the cube, and the cube is awesome. It's also big and I can't carry it with me everywhere. :) There are times I want to read up on a rule or exercise a thought and I'm at work, or on a flight, or a trip, and having the rules on my phone or iPad will be wonderful then. So thank you in advance for giving us that option!!!