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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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Monte Cook Is a Jerk

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello, wise vislae—

Now that we have your attention, we should say that we don’t actually think Monte is a jerk. Far from it, in fact. But he did have a specific vision of what he wanted Invisible Sun to be, and he stuck to his guns in ensuring that the game we made fit that vision.

From the very beginning, when Monte was designing Invisible Sun, he had an uncompromising idea for the form he wanted the game to take. He envisioned not just a game that was fun and compelling, but also an amazing box to open and explore. He wanted to really celebrate the game group as an entity that gathered together around this physical object—the Black Cube.

But then we ran into a problem. (Not a terrible problem for a game company to have, but a problem nonetheless.) Demand for Invisible Sun was far higher than we’d originally anticipated. By the time the Black Cubes were finally assembled (no small task!), on a ship, and making their way to North America, the game was already sold out. We did a Kickstarter campaign to fund a reprint—because it’s a very expensive game to make, as you can imagine—and we began doing the math. When we compared the ever-increasing demand with the real world limitations (time, materials, shipping, etc.) of physically producing this incredibly deluxe game, we realized that we would probably never be able to keep up.

People had been asking for PDFs of the Invisible Sun game since we first announced it. Was Monte going to stick to his guns and insist that MCG retain his vision? Was he going to continue to be a jerk who kept the digital version of the game from existing, in light of all these people who simply weren’t going to ever get the game otherwise?


The deluxe nature of the Black Cube itself was keeping it out of the hands and away from the tables of many people who wanted to explore the surreal world of the Actuality. Presented with this fact, Monte ultimately had to relent, and admit that making a digital version of this game was necessary. Monte’s a gamer at heart, and wants nothing more than for people to play the games he makes. The play’s the thing, and while the digital version might not be the absolute optimal version of the game, it’s more than enough to get people started playing Invisible Sun. And that’s what's important.

But Monte insisted on one caveat: We had to be true to the people who had faith in this game. That meant that our Kickstarter backers (and those who preordered the game from MCG) had to be rewarded for seeing from the start that this was going to be something special. So Monte proposed—and we all immediately agreed—that the digital version of the game should go to all of those people, automatically and for free.

The upshot of all this is that after much deliberation, we’re going to release Invisible Sun in PDF, and if you backed this campaign for a Black Cube, you’re going to get a copy of Invisible Sun in PDF.

In the days to come, look for a redemption email coming your way. When you receive it, follow the instructions to claim and download your copy of Invisible Sun in PDF. (If you didn't back for the Black Cube, and would like to purchase Invisible Sun in PDF, it will be available in the near future.)

Monte’s original vision for Invisible Sun remains, in our minds, the ultimate way to experience the game. The tactile nature of the many great components—the cards, the tokens, the counters, the dice, the Sooth Deck, the props, the board, the Testament of Suns, and on and on—make the physical game by far the best experience (and, for the money, the best value). But even for owners of the Black Cube there’s a benefit to having hyperlinked PDFs of all of the books, printable files for the props, and many of the other digital elements. And as Monte pointed out, there are thousands of gamers for whom the physical Black Cube is simply not a practical option.

Thank you again, wise vislae, for making Invisible Sun a reality. We hope you enjoy the PDF!

—Charles and the MCG Team


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    1. Henry A Driskill on

      I have the cube, and the cube is awesome. It's also big and I can't carry it with me everywhere. :) There are times I want to read up on a rule or exercise a thought and I'm at work, or on a flight, or a trip, and having the rules on my phone or iPad will be wonderful then. So thank you in advance for giving us that option!!!

    2. Kenneth 'Kalah' Higginbotham on

      Excellent!!! Thank you so very much! : )

    3. Monte Cook Games 15-time creator

      Please help us stay in touch with you by not commenting here, on an individual update. Instead, please click on the Comments tab at the top of this page, and join the conversation in the main comments section. Thanks!

    4. Josh Parrish on

      I cannot express my joy enough at this. I do pretty much everything reading on my iPad. I find it not only easier to bring with me places, but I am able to read longer without as many ADHD related issues. So I have had issues retaining information from the black cube. This will help me so much. My appreciation (and that of my players) is with you!