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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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Production Update—Unboxing!

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Hello, wise vislae—

As promised, we’re posting an update every Friday to let you know how things are coming along with Invisible Sun production. This week we’re sending the update out early, because we have something we simply can’t wait to share. Have a look!

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This is the very first Black Cube off the production line, which was FedExed directly to us. As you watch the unboxing, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • As I mention in the video, this Black Cube came all the way from Jiaxing, China to us by FedEx—about as far as you can ship something and have it remain on planet Earth, and much farther than most of the shipments to backers. With all that travel, the outer box was pretty beat up, but fortunately the Black Cube was just about pristine inside.
  • We did find a couple of issues with this Black Cube, most notably the cloth maps. (Other issues were more technical in nature, like the markings on the outer carton.) We’ll of course make sure that this isn’t an ongoing problem at the factory.
  • Did you notice the extra card space in the second drawer tray? That’s where you can put your cards from Book M. The entire Black Cube is designed to hold the contents not just for shipping, but for the life of your Invisible Sun game.

It would have been nice to give Monte the honor of the first unboxing, but since this was our production inspection copy, it came instead to Bear and me here in the Kansas City area (Monte lives in the Seattle area). But Monte gets the second copy, which is on the way to him now!

Here it is laid out on Bear's LARGE dining room table!
Here it is laid out on Bear's LARGE dining room table!

Fog in Shanghai

While the unboxing is super exciting, we got some less exciting news this morning:

Our freight broker forwarded the following information to us, which I’m pasting in verbatim (apologies for the imperfect English):

“Please kindly note that Shanghai and Ningbo terminals are experiencing heavy fog currently and all vessel sailings will be delayed. Right now approximate delay lead time is 5 days. Depending on the situation, some vessels delayed 8 days for departure.”

Apparently Shanghai, Ningbo, and the Yangtze River estuary are suffering from long periods of severe fog, which are disrupting schedules for ship loading and departures. Delays are currently in the 5-to-8-day range, but this is an ongoing situation so that could change. We don’t know exactly where our Invisible Sun shipment is in the queue, but we do know it hasn’t been embarked yet, and there’s a good chance it won’t until next week. This is super-frustrating, but the sort of oddball thing that sometimes happens in international shipping.

We should know more next week, and we will of course keep you up to date at that time.

Finishing Up the Directed Campaign Website

We’re currently well into testing for the Directed Campaign website. It’s the platform you’ll use to receive and download content, tell us how your campaign is going, and interact with each other and the MCG design team—if you’re signed up for the Directed Campaign! Since you can start your campaign at any point over a one-year period, and then get tailored content over twelve months, the site’s delivery system required some pretty complex coding. But so far testing has gone pretty much without a hitch!

The Directed Campaign is as unique and innovative an RPG product as Invisible Sun itself. You get a load of content (enough to keep a typical party busy for a whole year), plus a bunch of mailings of physical props and supporting items, sent to you and your players. If you didn’t back at a level that gets you the Directed Campaign, it’s not too late—you can sign up now!

Shipping for Australia

Those of you paying close attention to the audio might have heard me say, “When these ship out to backers…[they’ll] hopefully be shipping from Australia as well.” That’s right, Aussie friends! We’ve worked long and hard to find the right partner in Australia to fulfill Kickstarter rewards for us, and we are very close to signing on the dotted line with them. Obviously, we’ll have more news and details to share soon (please try to hold your questions—since the agreement isn’t signed, we don’t have any further information to share with you now), but we wanted you to know your ears aren’t deceiving you. And we’re thrilled with the possibilities that this opens for you and us.

Numenera Preorders Are Now Open!

This is off topic, so I'll keep it short: If you missed the Numenera 2 Kickstarter, here's some big news: Preorders for Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny are now open, and we're offering a really nice preorder deal!

From Numenera Destiny.
From Numenera Destiny.

Join Us Tomorrow Night!

Join us Friday evening for our weekly Invisible Sun game! Monte GMs for Darcy, Shanna, Bruce, and Sean in his campaign, The Raven Wants What You Have. If you’ve ever wanted to sit in as the MCG team plays our games, be there tonight! Plus we’re live in the chat as well, so you can truly hang with us as we play. It all happens at 10 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. PDT. (If you’ve missed the campaign so far, you can catch up starting with the first episode on YouTube.)

—Charles and the MCG Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Rick Blair on

      Just rewatched the video. 💝

      I hope we can buy extra cards to provide replacements, cover players with the same spell, etc. it would also be nice to have one of each deck alphabetized and one randomized. I’m handling this so far with spreadsheets, which are nice but not as tactile.

    2. Matt Steele on

      Fantastic! Everything looks soooooo good. Like 30 lbs of goodness. Ironic that fog is slowing the Invisible Sun. ;=] Nice work y’all!

    3. Khalil on

      So big! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

    4. John Medany

      Looks amazing ... it’s been a long journey to this. As the books etc are printed are pdfs going to be released soon to cube backers ? I’d really like to get a start on my reading and planing ?

      Again - Bear looks amazing can’t wait to get my set in the UK

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Salamoun on

      @Bear The Cube looks amazing, but I am slightly concerned that I didn't see an obvious way to keep the various decks of cards separated, especially with how many there are. Is there an pre-engineered way to do this, or will I have to resort to an ad hoc solution?

    6. Oliver Peltier

      I can't wait to have that wonderful box in my hands. Great work Bear and the rest of MCG.

    7. Bear Weiter Collaborator

      @Jim - that's awesome. They really are beautiful. I'm thrilled with how everything has turned out. And obviously we'll have more to say about the app soon.

      @Rick - I can't recall exactly when the decision was made to make room for the Book M cards here (likely it has been a hope of Monte's all along). We've gone through several variations on the box design and it's size over the past year. But I'm glad there's room for the cards! (If it were me, I'd likely end up taking the foam tray out of the one shelf that holds the Testament of Suns and use it to store additional items, unless I was planning on moving the box around a lot. The ToS is resin-cast and will break if mishandled.)

      @Jay - yeah, that might just be a thing we need to do.

    8. Missing avatar

      Marie E Listopad on

      I can't wait to get The Cube, show it to may gamer friends and start a game. I have been reading all the esoteric books I have (Zolar's Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge, The Complete Works of H P Lovecraft, I Ching, Revelations, Book of Tea, Dinotopia) for MORE ideas.

    9. Jay Kint on

      Very cool. I just hope there is a repacking video later on so we know how to put all the stuff back in! :)

    10. Jim Groves on

      And noted on the App. Really that’s about all I expected to hear about it. Thanks!

      And of course, the Cube looks magnificent!

    11. Jim Groves on

      @ Bear: (I hope you see this), this is a bit off-topic but I ordered a full set of medallions (order and suns) for my wife for her birthday. It was a couple days ago, so I told her what her present was and showed her some pictures. She got so excited she started to cry! (Happy tears)

      After we watched the video and read this update, we had to go look at more pictures of medallions!

    12. Missing avatar

      Rick Blair on

      Thanks Bear. The fact that there are no apparent printing or manufacturing issues, just packing ones, is huge news! It's also exciting that there is space already there for the Book M (Dan O) cards. Was that part of the last cube redesign, or there all along?

    13. Bear Weiter Collaborator

      @Rick - they will be. The missing punch board is a prop, and it sounds like they're addressing it.

      @Michael - that's commitment! I applaud your spirit.

      @William - I can't answer the specific question, but I will say that's one of the uses of the app (yes, still in development, it will be coming, you will have access to flip cards for development mode face-to-face sessions, etc.).

    14. Blangis

      +1 with William and Michael : if we could get a mini cube box for our Sooth deck, the great cube would be as strangely perfect as a Satyrine day! ;^)

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Blair on

      Wow, I can't wait. Great video!

      Are all the punchboards present after all? It wasn't clear that you guys found them all.

    16. Matthew Dimalanta

      I loved the video!

      @Michael Parker: I'm so sorry. I didn't even think that there might be a secret INSIDE the box. Well, it's good to know that we can cross that one off, but I'm sorry for you!

    17. William Keller on

      @Michael - Ouch!!

    18. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)

      @William - I'm (only a bit) gutted that the cube doesn't come with the mini-Sooth Deck cube. In my hubris, I tore mine apart in the search for secrets thinking I would inevitably get another one with the Black Cube.

    19. William Keller on

      Looks great! Very exciting!

      Quick question - will it be possible to get the box that the sooth deck comes in for the people who pre-ordered? I was hoping the cube would come with a similar box, for times when you want to do a development mode session and not take the whole cube with you.

      Looking forward to next month.

    20. Brandon Ording on

      As someone who is often cursed with damaged shipments by the Shipping Gods, I'm so happy to see how well the Black Cube is packaged!

      Ahhhh, I'm so ready for my copy to arrive!

    21. Ross Isaacs

      I seriously can't even wait for this! MCG really hit it out of the park. Great job!

    22. Matthew Kennedy on

      It looks amazing 😊

    23. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)

      Time travel is cool.
      Here you got me all excited that it was Friday...
      Watching the video now! SO EXCITE@!