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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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Nightside of the Blue Sun, Stats, and a Token of Appreciation

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Nightside of the Blue Sun

The Nightside of the Blue Sun is sometimes known as the beginning of the end. As such, its number is 15. It is a darker blue, oppressive, but nothing like indigo. Vision is limited on the Nightside, not because of darkness, but because of an alteration of distance. A short distance is much longer than it should be in the domain of Nimragul, master of the Nightside Arch of the Blue Sun.

Nimragul, King of Languor, is a male figure with midnight-blue armor and massive weapons of all types that he rarely hefts. Gluttonous, lazy, and lustful to his detractors, Nimragul represents sex (without procreation) to his admirers. He is also the guardian of dreams and nightmares. As such, at one time or another, all vislae must deal with Nimragul. 

Certes, Qualia, and Hidden Knowledge

There are three stats in Invisible Sun for characters, although two are handled very differently than the other.

The first two are Certes and Qualia. Certes is everything observable and physical about the character, from strength to agility to fortitude to speed. If you’re using muscles to accomplish something, you’re using Certes. Qualia is precisely the opposite. It’s everything intangible—willpower, intelligence, spirit, soul, understanding, and so on. Each stat is subdivided into “core” and “refined.” Your core stat score comes first. If you use your shoulder to break down a door, you’re drawing upon your core Certes. However, over time you divert points from your core to your refined. Why? Because refined points can be used more efficiently to aid you when you use your skills and other abilities in which you’ve practiced and trained. In other words, core is the “raw” stat, usable for anything but inefficiently so. Refined represents how you’ve honed your body or your mind to use your stat with precision and skill.

You use points from these stats when you want to improve your odds of success in a task. This represents you trying harder. In addition, some abilities and all spells require the use of stat points (from your refined score). A few points return when you take a quick breather, and more when you rest longer.

The other stat is called Hidden Knowledge. It has no core or refined subdivisions, nor do points used from this stat return upon rest. Hidden Knowledge abstractly represents everything from the mystical lore to the legends, rumors, and gossip to the carefully researched secrets that the vislae knows. This stat is used to supplement any action the player and GM deem reasonable. Hidden Knowledge might aid an otherwise straightforward knowledge-based skill challenge, but it can also be used in an interaction with an NPC. If you’re trying to convince the leader of the Handasa to help you and you can justify using a bit of Hidden Knowledge to recall something to blackmail her with, that might help (although the risks are obvious). You could even attempt to convince the GM that you once read a bit of trivia on the best way to pick locks and have your Hidden Knowledge help you in that challenge (once).

Hidden Knowledge is amassed through research, study, conversation, eavesdropping, and so on.

A Small Token

As a gesture of appreciation to you, for reading through all these updates, here are 17 Invisible Sun stories you'll be able to use in your game. Done up as a nice presentation, you can tuck this into your GM's notebook and use them as you need them.

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