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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Perhaps appropriately, we come to the first word of the character statement last. In the sentence “I am a [FOUNDATION] [HEART] of the order of [ORDER] who [FORTE],” foundation represents the character’s past, their relationships, their living situation, and their general circumstances. In Invisible Sun, none of these things are inconsequential “character background” but instead are vital parts of the game.

Foundation names are adjectives such as Established, Connected, or Itinerant. Each sets forth a series of choices for the character that determine their financial situation (income and savings, if any), their home, their connections to various groups, and their bonds to specific individuals. And of course, foundations offer more story facets for players to build upon to create arcs for their characters.

The Vislae House: It is a rare vislae who does not have a house. The vislae’s house is as integral to their being as their spells or stats. Such houses are often haunted, filled with mysterious unknown rooms, bigger on the inside, or possessed of their own intelligence. This is all determined in the character creation process.

Connections and Bonds: As important as skills, connections rate a character’s relationship with important general groups, like the high society of Satyrine or its art and theater crowd, as well as more specific groups like the order of Goetica, the Handasa, or the Church of Midnight. Bonds are more nuanced, as each character has strong and not-so-strong bonds with various people (either NPCs or PCs), and these bonds can create story facets and offer benefits and drawbacks related to the strength of the bond and the status (and location) of the person the character is bonded to.

Completing Character Creation: Foundation is the finishing touch of character creation, and that’s why part of it extends into every campaign’s first session. Because through a fun subsystem, some of each character’s foundation—mainly the parts outside their control—is determined by the other players. Factors such as the vislae’s neighborhood and nearby locations, outside opinions and rumors about them, and the present effects of past relationships (good and bad, romantic and platonic) are all determined in a joint session of imagination and creativity.

Of course, character creation doesn’t ever really end. Characters continue to develop, change, and grow. One of the focal points of the Invisible Sun game is the creation of deep, meaningful story arcs for all characters, as fantastic as any book you’ve read, or any film or show you’ve watched.

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    1. Michael Pietrelli on

      I am a Questing Stoneheart of the Order of Apostate Who's fingers Drip with Color.

    2. Saajan 9000

      Put me down as someone who also likes the Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

      @ MidnightBlue - ah cool song…

    3. Oliver Peltier

      @Jim, I loved the Amber books, the Amber Diceless RPG and Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. Cool conversion :-)

    4. MidnightBlue

      House of the Rising Sun - Lyrics

      There is a house in New Orleans
      They call the Rising Sun
      And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
      And God I know I'm one

    5. Stormquiss

      @Jim Groves Amber with a hint of Gossamer Worlds? That sounds like my kind of game.

    6. Jim Groves on

      Lovely, View from Space. Brilliant.

    7. Jim Groves on

      @ Oliver, I think you might appreciate this.. If I recall correctly, I think you once posted a comment referencing Roger Zelazny's Amber novels? (If not forgive my poor memory). In my example above, 'far reaching shadow arms' is a nod and a wink to the Logrus.
      Assuming anybody knows what I am talking about, Invisible Sun strikes me as a really interesting way to depict the Courts of Chaos. Everybody can sort of shapeshift if they want, but they don't always seem to bother. Everybody is magical. We all live in this weird city. Everybody has their own house (or "Ways"). We move around to other planes where there is strange entities, like demons, ghosts, fire Angels, shroudlings, and Guisels (creatures described in some of RZ's Amber short stories)It's not a perfect analog, but not too shabby...
      My wife runs two different but interconnected campaigns in Amber and the Courts of Chaos using the Amber Diceless RPG (with new elements from Lords of Gossamer and Shadow). Moran is my Chaos character, who uses Logrus and Sorcery and Conjuration. I just did a quick conversion withe keywords.
      Again, if none of this makes sense, my apologies.

    8. David Simmons on

      There's a house I know that communicates through paintings - landscapes of desolation - one for each room. I was told of an impending family crisis through the medium of oils. A loved one's mental struggle rendered through a prism derivative of Friedrich. The golden frames have bullying tendencies. I think the frames are just jealous they can only express themselves through corners.

      There's a cat that pads softly through places and levitates when it's time to talk.

      The cat talks a lot of it's own needs.

      I'm not sure yet who's side I'm on.

    9. Oliver Peltier

      Love those examples, also want to see Playtest character sheet.

      Cassendre is a Mistrusted Waveheart Apostate who sees the future

      Rheece is a Proud Stormheart of the Order of Weavers who Shapeshifts

      Midnight is a Connected Stoneheart Vance who Astrally Travels

    10. MidnightBlue

      The Church of Midnight...heh.


    11. Missing avatar

      Dan Martland on

      Now that we have an overview of the character defining elements is there any chance of seeing an example character sheet as in use? Just some photos of stuff you guys are using during play test would be cool. Getting sight of the number and range of things included would allow us to better understand the likely level of 'crunch' in the game relative to the Cyphrr system and others.

      It doesn't need to be fancy, in fact hand written might be even cooler, as long as it's readable ;-)

    12. William Bidlack

      Good example. I wonder what the effects of such words/phrases would be? Or is it close to the description? Should I look to the Cypher system for examples? I'm new to MCG though I backed their Cypher System KS, I just haven't ordered the books yet.

    13. Jim Groves on

      Or.. Moran is a crafty flameheart of the Order of Makers who has far-reaching shadow arms.

      I love this game more every day.

    14. Stormquiss

      So an example character description might be...
      Violena is a reclusive stoneheart of the Order of Makers who is as light as smoke.