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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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Heart and Secrets

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Heart is the very basis of your character. Order defines you, forte distinguishes you, but heart is your purest, truest self. (It is not, however, your soul. We’ll discuss souls soon enough.) It suggests your most basic nature. Each of these is keyed to one of the classical elements, important because that means that each is keyed to one of the four families of cards in a Sooth Deck. Those families have associations far beyond just the four elements, so each heart also has an animal and an object. (These associations may not seem intuitive initially, but from the perspective of the entire setting, they make more sense.) When a Sooth card of the character’s heart is turned in gameplay, that can sometimes have a specific effect for that character.

Flameheart: You are fast in thought and deed. Quick thinking means you’re good on your feet, ready with an extemporaneous plan or action. Card family: Secrets. Animal: Raven. Object: Book.

Stoneheart: You are quiet and slow to action, but thoughtful. Rarely shaken. And you have great depths should anyone ever explore them. Card family: Mysteries. Animal: Rat. Object: Mirror.

Waveheart: You touch and are touched by the emotions and thoughts of those around you. Your words are wise and fall just right upon the ears of those who listen. Card family: Visions. Animal: Swan. Object: Blade.

Stormheart: Quick to potent action, you react with strength and emotion, a veritable force of nature all on your own. Card family: Notion. Animal: Cat. Object: Clock.

Some people drop the “heart” portion of each name, simply calling themselves a flame, a stone, a wave, or a storm. With the heart, we now have three of the four choices that make the statement about your character. “I am a [FOUNDATION] [HEART] of the order of [ORDER] who [FORTE].”


Practically a currency unto themselves, secrets in Invisible Sun hold great power. While they can take many forms, some secrets grant vislae new options or character abilities. Learning this kind of secret involves both story elements and game mechanics, but these singular character abilities can really flesh out or distinguish a character with a unique benefit. Abilities gained through secrets are incredibly varied. A character with a new secret might be able to cast their spells in a different way, allowing them to use a special component to extend their range. Another might simply never be blocked by a locked door again. A third might learn a way to literally steal someone else’s face for a while and use it as their own. Imagine discovering the secret to living without needing to eat, the secret language of corpses, or the secret of projectile dreaming.

Characters unlock secrets through a combination of gameplay and mechanics. Based on their story facets and other factors, characters earn points over time that can be spent on order or forte abilities, new spells, or secrets.



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    1. MageCore on

      Oh my god, this game is blowing my mind!

    2. Saajan 9000

      @ Oliver - Great adaptation!

      @ Shanna - Glad you like the quote, haven't read the whole book so can't speak to its quality.

    3. Oliver Peltier

      To Dare is the sword of Waveheart
      To Know is the moment of Stormheart
      To Will is the page of Flameheart
      To keep Silent is the reflection of Stoneheart

      Erasmus Velore,a Secret Storm of the Order of Vances who channels primal spirits.
      Author of Librum Lineage, Secrets of the Families.

    4. Shanna Germain Collaborator on

      @Saajan 9000: That is beautiful! I am going to have to find a copy of that book.

    5. Saajan 9000

      "To dare is the secret of creation.
      To know is the secret of happiness.
      To persist is the secret of success.
      To keep silent is the secret of secrets."
      - E.E. Rehmus, The Magician’s Dictionary