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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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A New Goal, and the Order of Goetics

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Yesterday, we reached a stretch goal that unlocked what we called "the Whole Box Upgrade." The box of wonders got even more wondrous. More cards, more handouts, more art, and now we'll design and create a really special dice set, unique to the game.

The next stretch goal is a hardcover book that will provide even more insight, detail, and stories centered in the weird and wonderful city of Satyrine (which you'll be hearing a lot more about as the campaign progresses). It's called the Secrets of Silent Streets and we're excited to reach that one, if possible. 

But we also want to keep looking even further ahead. As we've watched the campaign progress, we've noticed something that we think is fantastic. Players all across forums and social media are making plans to back this Kickstarter as a group, recognizing that since everyone gets to be in on the fun, no one person should necessarily have to shoulder the cost if they don't want to. Because of this, whole new game groups are being created, which in and of itself is fantastic to watch. We thought about how to best help out on this front, and so if we can reach $391,022, we'll create what we are calling the Vislae Kit. This will be an add-on specifically designed for a player, so that if the group is going in on the game together, each player still has something cool of their very own. The Vislae Kit will be in a beautiful box that will sit next to a Black Cube (same height and width, just less depth). The box has everything one player needs: a set of those cool dice I mentioned earlier, a Sooth Deck, a grimoire pad, one character folio for each order, and the cards, tokens, and sheets specific to the orders. Now, this isn't the game--it doesn't have the books, most of the cards, the handouts, the board, the Testament of Suns, and so on--but it has a lot of cool stuff, and it's the stuff one player will need.

The box will be a $36 Add-On for players, but of course, all backers casting Control the Black Cube and higher will get one for free, just like any product unlocked by a stretch goal. It's a great way to express that while the whole group only needs a single copy of the game, everyone might want to have a piece of Invisible Sun on their shelf.


Called pactlords by some and summoners, diabolists, and demonologists by others, goetics forge deals with powerful nonhuman entities in this and other universes and draw power from them in exchange for . . . various things. Allegiance, deeds, life force, or even more esoteric needs. Goetics call upon these pacts and the ancient rituals that accompany them to conjure, communicate with, and sometimes control spirits, demons, angels, and far stranger beings. They call upon these beings to serve them, help them, or simply do as they will. 

The Nightside of the Path of Suns is a concept (revolving around a particular current of magic) originated by the goetics. Summoners who favor demonkind over other patrons and servants call themselves Walkers of the Nightside. Sometimes they refer to themselves as “we who favor our left hand.” Those who call upon angels or other gifts of the Legacy, then, could be referred to as “those favoring their right hand.” Many goetics, however, eschew such frippery. 

Goetics must have a good understanding of the beings that they deal with. The complexities of entreating or attempting to control such entities make the undertaking tricky, to say the least. Dangerous to one’s very soul might be more accurate.

The Goetic Order is an intricate organization with a complex structure. Whole books of bylaws, guidelines, and requirements make it almost as complicated as the hierarchies of spirits that they interact with. As above, so below.

Players who like the idea of employing both diplomacy and domination mixed with a deep understanding of the immortal worlds and the complexities of magic should play goetics. They’ve got all the trappings of the classic demonologist if you want them, or you can go for something different if you just like the idea of summoning something else to do your dirty work for you, or to watch your back when you need it.







 N53˚ 11' 27", W1˚ 7' 10"

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    1. Shanna Germain Collaborator on

      jbrister: Check out the Seekers Google + group linked below -- it's a great place to start learning about the coordinates.

      Thanks for backing!

    2. Missing avatar

      jbrister on

      Sorry, new to all this but the game sounds amazing and I'm proud to have backed it. What may I ask are the importance of the coordinates?

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Miles on

      Paul - it will be the site of a geocache. The Seekers Google + group ( )have been documenting previous ones in the US.

    4. Oliver Peltier

      Finally one in the UK, sadly it's in Olde England. Those in Nottinghamshire will have the easiest time to check this out. I wonder if a secret or few may be found in Scotland.

    5. Gregory Morris on

      Looks like it's marking the wall of a field near Royston Grange farm, which is also the name of a cargo ship lost with all hands while carrying a cargo of butter. I have no idea whether that's relevant...

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Anderson

      Those co-ordinates at the end are getting me Peafield Lane on the Outskirts of the Sherwood forest.
      Anyone worked out the significance?