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The new RPG from Monte Cook. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table--and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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As We Reach the Pale Sun, the Black Cube Grows Stronger


As we sweep away the remains of the last few keys of a keyfall (some keys break when they land), we realize that amid the great storm, a momentous event has occurred. The infamous Black Cube, hovering in the Dark, has grown stronger. Its contents more plentiful and wondrous. Summoning the Black Cube just became more valuable to any that cast the spells that make it happen.

All backers getting a Black Cube at any level have their game improved tonight. The box now contains more cards, more player handouts, cooler (unique, deluxe) dice, and more art throughout the game. To give you an idea of what this means, there will now be more than a thousand cards in this game. And it's all thanks to you, vislae. Keep spreading the word. Invisible Sun is a game of secrets, but don't keep it a secret from your friends.

The Pale Sun

Today in our journey, we reach the Pale Sun. 

Death. The Pale Sun is death. Death.

In Shadow, we think of it as a state—the opposite of life. But in the Actuality, we know the truth: death is a place, as surely as any other. We travel there to stand beneath the Pale Sun when our life ends, but we can come back as well.

Ghosts are spirits of the dead on their way to the Pale. Once in the kingdoms of death, they take on a more substantive state. They take on—dare we say it?—a life of their own. Before they get there, however, or should they ever return, they can sometimes animate their former corpse. Or they can exert other influences in the material world. They can haunt. They can possess. In some ways, someone smart and willful gains more power in death than they had in life.

The most surprising thing we learn from the Pale, however, is that even things we don’t normally think of as living can have ghosts. A ghost—a thoughtform—is merely something that once existed physically, and had at least a spark of a soul. But many things that were never truly alive—works of art, books, songs, homes, and more—can have souls. We all know that to be true deep down. A ghost can fade into memory, but a memory can also transition into being a ghost. It’s quite complex.

Some say that there is a land beyond the Pale where the dead go when they eventually pass on. If this is true, it is likely a truth that the living cannot know. We’ll discuss death and its ramifications for the vislae at a later date, but for now, we’ll say this: it may not be what you expect. 

The Pale Sun embodies the future rather than the present or past (for it waits for us all). Its number is 6. The warden of death, known as the Monarch of the Dead, is named Xjallad. Empress Xjallad takes a very active role in her realm, ruling over a complex feudal system of vassals. She may be the most powerful of all guardians on the Path of Suns. Still, she fights a continual war with her Nightside counterpart, Queen Fazromir. And we’ll discuss that further in the coming days as well.

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    1. MidnightBlue

      Is there someplace that I'm missing that describes the expanded contents...or is that still to be determined?

      Are the added cards new cards, or duplicates of the original cards to allow for duplicated "classes" in play or some such?

      Does "more player handouts" include additional character tomes or grimoire pads? This one could make a difference on add-ons decisions.

      Anyway, just curious.

    2. William Driver on

      can't break free and I hear them call
      they want to plague you
      they're here once more
      they want to lay with you
      they want to take you
      to the shame of your past
      take the dream

      Fields of the Nephilim, Sumerland (What Dreams May Come)

    3. Frank K Krivak on

      Living ghosts know that
      Beyond death lies the Pale Sun.
      Invisible Truth.

    4. Saajan 9000

      " leave this world, it does not suffice to die. One can die and remain in it forever. One must be living to leave it. Or rather, to be living is just this."

      -Henry Corbin, Cyclical Time in Ismaili Gnosis, 58