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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

The Seven Secrets of Vislae

1. They have secret languages. 
2. They have secret currencies.
3. They have secret souls with secret names.
4. They have secret other selves called modalities.
5. They have secret rooms in their houses that cannot exist.
6. They have secret ways out of death.
7. They have many more than seven secrets.

Player characters are all called vislae, which simply means “children of Visla.” Visla is the warden of the Invisible Sun, and thus an important figure in all studies and schools of magic. Everything in the Invisible Sun game revolves around the characters and their story arcs, so characters are intricate and complex, just like real people. Developing a character’s background, home, connections, rivals, and so on—all of which are called a character’s foundation—is such an important part of the game that the first session is always a group experience where all such information is created. In other words, a player creates their character, but the group helps create the context around that character in a formal (and fun) process that begins a campaign.

Once character creation is complete, each vislae can be described in a sentence: I am a blank blank of the order of blank, who blanks. Character creation involves filling in those blanks, which are called foundation, heart, order, and forte. So a character is a [FOUNDATION] [HEART] of the order of [ORDER] who [FORTE]. The game provides stylish blank versions of the four-page character tome a player uses to record all their information.

When creating a character, a player makes many choices, but none is more important than their order. An order is an organization that they belong to, and can advance within, which determines the way they express their magical talents. There are four (no, five) orders: Vances, Makers, Weavers, and Goetics. There are also Apostates, who eschew the orders. The different orders approach the use of magic in entirely different ways—each has their own “system” of magic. The character tomes are individualized based on order, so there is a different version tailored to each.

When referring to their order, Vances say, “Order of the Vance.” Weavers and Makers just say “Order of Weavers” and “Order of Makers.” Goetics sometimes say “Order of Goetics” and other times use the more formal “Order of Goetica.” Apostate character tomes have the words “of the order of” crossed off dramatically and messily and just say “an Apostate.” Collectively, all vislae are sometimes referred to as the Invisible Church, again showing their connection to the Invisible Sun and its patron/warden, Visla.

Players determine the paths of their own advancement. As they become more experienced, they can move up in degree in their order (gaining new knowledge as well as new authority), or they can advance by choosing new skills, spells, and secrets and never bother with degrees at all. Regardless, advancement is as much based on roleplaying actions and interactions as it is a strict function of game mechanics. This is a game for players who really love to devote time and attention to getting their character just right.


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    1. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      Ahem, that response was supposed to go on the main comments page, not here. :)
      Jim, we've had blank character sheets on our website for Numenera and Cypher System, I just need to find out if we're planning the same thing for Invisible Sun. :)

    2. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      Hello, folks. :)
      We understand you want to know more. We still have 29 days left in the campaign to show you many more things about the setting, game, gameplay, and the rewards. We're looking forward to doing all of that. We've put a lot of planning into this project and the timeline for talking about it. :) Some of this information will be here as Kickstarter updates, and some will be articles on our website.

    3. Jim Dovey

      @Sean Something like a Lulu print-on-demand option to get more character folios would be wonderful for folks planning one-shots for Con games…

    4. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Seth The corona page listing all the contents of the box says how many blank character sheets are included:
      "Character Tomes: The four orders of magic, plus the order-rejecting Apostates, each get their own unique four-page character tome. The game contains six blank copies of each type of tome, ready to use to create characters."

    5. Seth Petrus Woolwine on

      With the way character folios work, I would hope there is an App version for them that players can use a tablet or smartphone as an option, as there would be a limited amount of character folios to hand out and I'm guessing printer paper would break the immersion while an animated app version of the folio may help it (animating the letters a bit, animated page turns, etc.).

      I love what I'm hearing though. Has it been determined how many character folios will come with the core game? And can additional ones be an add-on?

    6. Oliver Peltier

      So we have Vances, Makers, Weavers, and Goetics with 4 “systems” of magic and Apostates who can steal magic. Vances communicate with Living Spells, Makers create magical items and constructs which are powerful but unstable, Weavers use threads of magic to weave wonders and Goetics make deals with Patrons who gift them with unique spells at a cost I ken.

      A hypothetical vislae: I am a [FOUNDATION] [HEART] of the order of Goetica, who [FORTE].

      I wonder if the Foundation maybe Character Descriptor?

      Heart could possibly be something like Glaive/Vector, Nano/Paradox, Jack/Spinner, so maybe Warrior, Arcanist, Expert?

      Forte could possibly be Character Focus?

      I know that the Invisible Sun is not the Cypher System, but maybe the character creation is similar.

      So my hypothetical Goetic Vislae:

      I am a Lucky Arcanist of the Order of Goetica, who Focuses Mind Over Matter.
      I am a Tough Warrior of the Order of Goetica who Rages
      I am a Clever Expert of the Order of Goetica who Leads

      I could be wrong, I'm looking forward to discovering more about the Invisible Sun

    7. Ben McFarland on

      Ordo Hermae vitae.