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A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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Overview of the Suns and the Silver Sun

Posted by Monte Cook Games (Creator)

Overview of the Suns

There are eight suns. You probably thought there was just one, but there are eight. Except, of course, there are really nine. But even many learned people don’t know that, for the ninth is a secret. Invisible. And now you know that secret as well.

The Path of Suns is a representation of the way magic works, the known levels of existence, the stages of a life, and the makeup of the mortal soul, all in one. It is a symbol. A metaphor. A diagram. A map. Each sun represents a different concept, a different “place,” and a different fundamental aspect of the universe. These different concepts are signified by the color of each sun, so that color ends up representing the sun and its attendant ideals. 


The Path of Suns connects all eight suns, from Silver to Green, to Blue, to Indigo, then Grey, next Pale, and Red, and finally Gold. The Invisible Sun is not a part of the path, but rather outside, above, and around it. There are some, however, who follow the Nightside Path, which is the Path of Suns in reverse. In the Nightside Path, each sun has an altered, often darker, aspect. It would be far too simple—and in fact quite erroneous—to call the Path of Suns “good” and the Nightside Path “evil,” but some do. 

The suns are planes of existence—distinct vibrational frequencies of one place: the Actuality. They are, so to speak, eight (nine) different slices of the same pie. Each sun defines a “realm” upon which it shines. But a sun is far more than that. Each governs aspects of reality, and entities within each realm are patrons of even more finely refined granules of that aspect. Each sun is an idea, or a group of ideas. Life, death, truth, falsehood—these are the fundamental building blocks of reality, and each is presided over by a different sun. In a smaller but no less significant fashion, however, each sun is also a fundamental portion of the soul of a thinking creature. The Path of Suns, then, is a map of reality as surely as it is a map of the human heart. 

Magical power and potential flows like water rushing in a river from the Invisible Sun through the other suns, with different currents of magic following different paths. (Although the main current follows the Path of Suns, not all do.) Each sun has a pair of gateways through which the magical energy flows no matter what path it follows. Only the truly advanced vislae learn to master these currents to better hone their spells, but to do so, they must parley with the guardians of these gates, which are called wardens. 

Each sun has a warden, and in that each sun occupies a position on two different paths, most actually possess two wardens, one that monitors the traditional path and another that oversees the Nightside Path aspect of the realm. Wardens are guardians, gatekeepers, protectors, and in some cases rulers. Their presence within the realm varies greatly. While there are exceptions, in most cases the warden is not a godlike monarch of their realm. Most hold a subtler existence—more a distant, hidden, disembodied caretaker than a prominent corporeal figure.

The Silver Sun

Silver leaves bloom on rounded trees 
Silver seas with regal whales
Silver guides display every pride
Silver brides with hidden veils
Spark of creation
First step of nine
Spark of creation
First step, mine.

Today we begin our voyage along the Path of Suns with the first of the eight (nine) suns: the Silver Sun. The Silver Sun represents birth, beginnings, and potential. It also exemplifies the past. It is the first step on the Path of Suns. Thus, its number is 1. To some, this is the crown sun, the sun of the true north. First Sun. Genesis. The origin of all things. Other people do not bathe it in quite so grand a light. Instead, they maintain, this sun is the first step of many—a more humble look at beginnings. The true act of creation, in this latter view, lies beyond the scope of the Silver Sun. In other words, it is the primary step on the path, but not the creation of the path or the one making the journey. 

The warden of Silver is Therim, and he is a tall, regal figure of sparkling light. His manner is solemn, and his words few. Therim can be called upon to aid in creation. The creatures of the Legacy are common in the realm beneath the Silver Sun. Sparkling rivers of crisp, clear water flow amid rugged, snow-capped mountains and mirrored cities of arched bridges and jeweled columns. White stone towers hold libraries of lore about all the various suns and the people who dwell beneath them, as those who study such broad topics desire a high perspective. 

Makers and crafters dwell in this land as well, believing that its nature will bless their endeavors. Cities beneath the Silver Sun often hum, roar, and clank with crafting wheels, kilns, and printing presses. The tools of creation never rest here. Artists work in studios, in open courtyards, and on rooftops. 

The lands beneath the Silver Sun are mountainous and cold, to be sure, but at the center of the realm lies Lu Ac Toor, the Silver Mountain. Known also as the highest vantage, Lu Ac Toor’s peak is infinitely high and colder than the coldest cold. Some of the most powerful rituals of creation must be performed on the slopes of the Silver Mountain. 

We will speak of the Nightside of the Silver Sun at another time.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Bruno Giuliano Nicolau on

      @Sean: Hahaha... So saaad, over at the google+ group we had even found a blogpost from Bruce saying 34 days just like you.. We were so certain we stumbled onto a new puzzle...

      I guess we might be going a little too far with the search for hidden puzzles and the significance of these numbers 17 and 8...

      Or maybe you guys are just doing a kickstarter that is a little bit too awesome... Your choice =D

    2. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Bruno It's been a hectic two weeks for all of us at MCG, especially the last 72 hours, so please excuse my error of saying 34 days instead of 32 days. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Bruno Giuliano Nicolau on

      @Sean: You mentioned in your comment that yesterday was only day 1 out of 34 days of the campaign while the counter says there are 32 days in the campaign.

      Was this an honest to god mistake? Or was it a Freudian slip? Or was it maybe an official attempt at hinting that on top of the two days per each of the eight suns, and two days for each of their night versions, there are somehow two extra days for the hidden sun that we are somehow supposed to unlock?

    4. James H. Lewis on

      There is one man on the Silver Mountain.
      The man on the Silver Mountain is Dio.
      Since 1975, "it is known."


      (Seriously though - it is known.)

    5. Keegan Fink

      @Sean: Thanks for the response. I'm looking forward to the updates, although I worry you might lose prospective backers by having mechanical information spread out across several updates instead of embedded into the main project description (although I guess you could hyperlink them for ease of access). More than anything, I hope the project does well, and I'm interested to see where this whole thing goes. I wanted to be a day-one backer, and was lurking on your FB page all morning waiting for MCG to sound the alarm that the Kickstarter was live and ready to rip. Again, thanks for the reply.

    6. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on

      @Keegan: I posted a reply to a comment on the campaign itself, I'm going to paste it in here as well.

      Q: Before I pledge, can you tell me more about the game, setting, and box contents?
      A: We have a lot of information to share about the game and the Kickstarter rewards, and we'll be revealing more about that as the days pass. This is day 1 of 34, and we've only just begun talking about it.
      (There will be updates that aren't written in-character, and which talk about creating player characters, game mechanics, and so on.)

    7. Jake Cotter on

      @Keegan I put in a buck just to agree with you. There's a time and a place for prose, but this is asking for A LOT of money, and I'd kind of like to know exactly what it is.

    8. Keegan Fink

      Any chance of illuminating the mechanics which drive the system beyond the flowery (but pleasant!) descriptions we have at present? I love the attention to detail regarding the "in character" descriptions we have right now — written from the viewpoint of someone active in the world of the Invisible Sun. HOWEVER, could we just get a cut and dry explanation of how the game works? I'm also a big fan of Burning Wheel, but their latest Kickstarter was sometimes annoying in respect to *every* update/post being written "in character". Reading between the lines to find out what is just thematic fluff, and what is actual rules, shouldn't be so demanding.

    9. Matt Trent on

      I'm reminded of Mount Celestia in planescape. Probably a bit hoity-toity for my tastes.

    10. Alan Sisco on

      Its allot like reading Blavatsky.

    11. Oliver Peltier

      Looking forward to hearing more about the other Suns