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The new RPG from Monte Cook. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table--and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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    1. JJ 4 days ago


      Just sent an email to enquiring about cancellation and refund, looking forward to a reply.

      Thank you.

    2. Jim Groves on November 16

      Cross posted with the update.

      Is there any chance that backers might be able to purchase medallions, if they did not do so during the campaign or the backer kit?

      I know, snooze you lose, but finances have gotten better… And frankly they look way cooler than I ever expected or imagined.

      Sorry if I didn’t have faith, but… Be kind, it’s meant as a compliment.

    3. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)
      on November 15

      Speaking of Darcy Ross' Invisible Sun game with One Shot: I thought I'd put this here in case anyone here missed this!…

    4. Jim Groves on November 13

      I watched the whole thing. I hope Darcy does a follow up with an actual play (not that this wasn’t cool). It would neat to see these guys actually play.

    5. James Fellows on November 7

      Go watch this! Darcy Ross runs Session Zero:

    6. James Fellows on October 22

      Yes, that's a misspelling because the name was already taken:

      I find the MCG team way more active on social media, as opposed to here.

    7. Giovanni Castelletti on October 19

      Can't wait to receive my Black Cube!
      I will patiently wait the release, I promise! But it would be nice to have some official news about the Rules Primer now that the final product is going to be printed and assembled. Just to soothe the eager anticipation :D

    8. James Fellows on October 18

      For anyone reading the Timeline, it's out by 3 months... for at least the Black Cube and the Directed Campaign. It's in update #56. Will other things come on time? Most likely!

    9. The Monkey on October 10

      Thanks guys...I'm in for the directed campaign as that was clincher for me, but it's always nice to have on hand a couple of modules that can maybe be used as side quests. I used to write - a lot - so back in the day could pen loads of adventures (talking D&D here) that could be used if the PCs went off piste but nowadays, with a 3 year old devouring time like a Lovecraftian entity I don't get to write so much...hence published modules always good! ;)

    10. Jim Groves on October 9

      @James and the Monkey: Yeah, we pretty much funded an entire robust one year product line with multiple releases. That was one reason I had to upgrade to Control the Cube with a Key, it was just too good of a deal. Though a couple glimmer style pdfs would be most welcome, but then again, the Direct Campaign will also work for me.

    11. James Fellows on October 9

      @The Monkey - well, in the timeline there's already books with stuff in them planned until early 2019. However, I would expect/hope more examples of what you can find under various Sun. Not sure about scenarios, if all stories are individual character arc based. Who knows!?

    12. The Monkey on October 9

      As well as the directed campaign I'd like to enquiry whether there are any plans for official published scenarios in the future after this hits retail? Just interested in plans for Invisible Sun for 2018 and beyond if that's something that can be revealed or teased a little at this point...:)

    13. The Monkey on October 6

      Good news Jim, good news..!

    14. Jim Groves on October 6

      Lots of posts and tweets from Shanna in the last few days (of this writing), about the entire game going to the printers. Ray (the Editor) has been doing last minute proofing checks. Exciting times!

    15. Oliver Peltier
      on September 23

      I received my Sooth Deck earlier in the week. I decided to open it last night with my future players. The inside was damaged, but the cards are beautiful. @Dave Rozenweig, the exterior of my box seems ok. It’s the inside which was torn and bruised.

    16. James Fellows on September 21

      It sounds like the possibility is high, since I had Tammie answer my question: The Invisible Sun Free Rules Primer will be available in 6 to 8 weeks.

      I'll ask again in December. :D

    17. Jim Groves on September 19

      @Darius and @James: Hey fellas, Darcy gave us an official answer in the comments of of Update #59. Granted, they don't have a specific answer yet, they're at least aware of our interest and they're working on it. Beyond that, I'll let Darcy's answer speak for itself.

      It's the most I could hope for. They're on it.

    18. Darius Sayers on September 19

      @James I'm in the group, which hasn't gotten an official answer, that's why I asked here.

    19. James Fellows on September 19

      Join the G+ group for talk regarding the PDF rules primer:

    20. Jim Groves on September 18

      I am curious as well.

    21. Darius Sayers on September 18

      We know the Cube will be delayed into next year, will this affect the pdf primer as well?

    22. Veronika on September 15

      Thank you So much :) I am so looking forward to the game!

    23. Monte Cook Games 11-time creator
      on September 12

      Hi! I believe you should have indicated any add-on pledges via your Backerkit for Invisible Sun, and Backerkit says you've answered its survey and indeed selected the stretch goal books that you pledged for :-)

    24. Veronika on September 12

      I somehow lost track of what surveys I answered for which project. I hope I did not overlook something. Was there already an opportunity to order the stretch goal books I pledged for?

    25. Leinad
      on September 8

      @ Dave Rosenzweig - my message didn't contain all the information. I actually submitted my trouble ticket more than a week before I got a response (due to Gen Con), it just so happened that I got a response just as I was posting follow up messages.

      I did not get an instant response but I did (and always do get) great customer service from the team.

    26. Darcy Ross Collaborator
      on September 6

      Hi @Dave! I am SO sorry - yesterday Tammie and I spent most of the day working through customer service tickets together because we HATE keeping you waiting and there is quite a backlog (partly because I'm new, we had Gen Con, everyone got sick, and I had a family member pass - August was a rollercoaster!).

      Since we were working together, we had to start at different ends of the queue. It was very useful though, since I was able to ask tons of questions and get her help in real time, so now when I do customer service I can do much more of it on my own, and we can stagger our work through the older backlog. I hope this sheds some light on what we're doing - we've got a plan in place to make sure backlogs don't build up like this in the future.

      We will be getting to your issue very soon, so sorry!

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave Rosenzweig
      on September 6

      Wow, @Leinad gets a response immediately. It's been 10 days for me and not a word. I've been a fan since the Books of Might days but this is getting discouraging.

    28. Leinad
      on September 5

      weirdly - just got a response as I was writing this - thanks!

    29. Leinad
      on September 5

      Hi - I've left a couple of messages about my sooth deck box that was damaged. I submitted through the website and for some reason it associates it with "a strange box" when I submit the form. Couldn't see how to upload photos either. Please let me know!

    30. Oliver Peltier
      on September 4

      I'm looking forward to receiving my extra Sooth Deck,

    31. Darcy Ross Collaborator
      on August 30

      Hi @Dave! Sorry for the wait - we're still working through our Gen Con backlog of messages. We'll get to you as soon as we are able! Thanks for your patience :-)

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave Rosenzweig
      on August 30

      @Sean K Reynolds Sent the message via the "Contact Us" form on the web site, five days later still no response.

    33. Missing avatar

      Shawn C Campbell on August 29

      Saw this article and the images made me immediately think of Invisible Sun. Thought I'd share with the rest of the community.

    34. Missing avatar

      Dave Rosenzweig
      on August 25

      @Sean K Reynolds Will do. Thanks.

    35. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on August 25

      @Dave Rosenzweig it sounds like you received a defective box! Please message us through our website's Contact Us form (which will let you attach photos of the damaged box) so we can get you a replacement copy.

    36. Missing avatar

      Dave Rosenzweig
      on August 25

      I just got my sooth deck, and the box looks pretty beat up. Splits on two of the outer edges and inside the rectangle shape that holds the deck is torn front and back so the cards sink to the bottom and when I close the box the front lip of the lid extends past the bottom edge. Anyone else have this problem?

    37. Jim Groves on August 25

      My wife and I got our extra sooth deck yesterday too. We were thrilled, its gorgeous. [Except the spider drinking from the corner of of a guy's eye, which I forgot to warn her about and made her shriek]. Wonderful!

      @Leinard - I *think* so. Mine had the same secret that was shared in a photo in the G+ community. We'd need more comparison to be sure.

    38. Leinad
      on August 24

      Received my (extra) sooth deck today - found the secret behind the cards - I'm wondering if the secret is the same in each deck!?!

    39. Vivian Circle
      on August 24

      I currently do not have a game group but with the impending arrival of IS, I was thinking of creating some special invited for the gamers that I do know as a way of enticing them to play. Any ideas?

    40. William James Hartley
      on August 23

      i was a little saddened with the widespread closing of all the MCG backerkit projects, it has been my experience with all my other backerkit using projects that you could review your choices years after they had been locked and even delivered. this was the case with all the other MCG projects until the backerkit for IS was closed at which time all other MCG projects were also closed.

    41. Missing avatar

      shai on August 20

      Tomorrow (Aug. 21) the people who are under the Gray Sun (at certain areas in the North America region) will witness a total eclipse.
      Prepare your rituals and remember to stay on the Path of Totality.

    42. Adam R
      on August 10

      Hey everyone. I remember how amazing and how much fun this community was and have only had that experience with a couple kickstarter campaigns thus far. For anyone looking for a cool new prospect for a game and a pretty amazing community to get behind come check out Epoch the Awakening. you won't regret it.

    43. Thomas van Iersel on August 8

      Pale sun medallion looks gorgeous!

    44. Krzysiek Piwowarski on August 5

      Sean is correct - I was digging for a reminder of what I pledged for, not to change my pledge :)

    45. The Monkey on August 5

      Hope no one minds me mentioning but I've just seen the Surreal Dice Tower on KS and think it'd be perfect for games of IS...

    46. Jim Groves on August 2

      It is closed, I suspect I did misunderstand.

    47. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on August 2

      I'm pretty sure the BackerKit for Invisible Sun is closed, and that Krzysiek just meant they checked the original confirmation email to see what they decided on when the BackerKit was open.

    48. Jim Groves on August 2

      Of course, the backerkit can be used to change your mailing address. It just didn't occur to me we could do more add-ons.

    49. Jim Groves on August 2

      Can we still access the backerkit?!?!?

    50. Krzysiek Piwowarski on August 2

      Nevermind - found the email. Getting both sets :D

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