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The new RPG from Monte Cook. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table--and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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    1. Krzysiek Piwowarski about 7 hours ago

      Question with regards to playtest - is it just backers of appropriate levels that get access to the materials (and then its up to them to cascade to players that signed the NDAs) or does everyone who signed the NDA get the link to the materials?

    2. Jim Groves 3 days ago

      Thanks Sean! It was a good one (but they all are).

    3. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator 3 days ago

      New design diary! This one's about the importance of the First Session, where you get together as a group to establish connections between the characters and add interesting elements to each character's neighborhood.

    4. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator 4 days ago

      I'll present those questions to the rest of the team. I'm sure Monte has plans to address most of them in future updates, but I'll let him know that you're getting curious about those aspects. :)

    5. Jim Groves 5 days ago

      **Disclaimer** This is not a complaint! This is only enthusiasm!

      I am looking forward to the May Design Diary / Update. If we discount half of September for a rest period, we're just under six months now. Since a new Design Diary has not been posted yet, I was going to put a bid in for a few additional comments on the state of the project. Not out of worry, but good natured nosiness and curiosity.

      Examples: How does MCG think the playtest is going and anything they have learned or improved? (Since backers cannot comment per their NDA) How are the art orders going? The Black Cube had to be resized to accommodate more materials; how is that design going? Is Bear in charge of the physical Black Cube too, as well as the art? How about the rules primer; still on target for summer sometime? Last GenCon you were in talks with a company to do the Mobile App?

      I'm just snoopy. :) These felt like fun questions to ask.

    6. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 27

      If you're an Invisible Sun backer whose backer level includes playtest materials, keep an eye on your inbox today--we're sending out notifications for Round 3 of the playtest materials. (The software sends out notifications in waves so it doesn't look like spam, so it might take a few hours for the notification to reach you.)

    7. Saajan 9000
      on April 21


    8. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 20

      @Saajan I'm investigating so I can find where the break in the information link is. I should have an update for you soon. :)

    9. Saajan 9000
      on April 19

      hi i still need my playtest stuff - thanks!

    10. Krzysiek Piwowarski on April 19

      Is it November yet?

    11. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 13

      New design diary today about the thrill of hunting for secrets. :)

    12. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 13

      @Krzysiek Piwowarski in general, we'll send out a playtest update when we actually have new information ready to share with playtesters. Soon, though. :)

    13. Krzysiek Piwowarski on April 12

      Sean I've emailed you guys a few days ago but had no reply yet - what's the status on the playtest? Feels like I've missed something cause I haven't had any update since stage 2.

    14. Saajan 9000
      on March 16

      request for vislae to contribute to the story square-space:

    15. Michael Parker (Joatmon Publishing)
      on March 16

      I'm with Brett B and his BS! I'd love an official update.

    16. Missing avatar

      Brett Bloczynski on March 15

      When can we expect the next official KS update to come out?

    17. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on March 14

      There is a new Monte design diary about vislae death and vislae ghosts. :-)

    18. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on February 16

      Monte has written a new design diary about long form magic. :)

    19. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on February 6

      @Joseph Noll I've replied to you via email!

    20. Missing avatar

      Joseph Noll
      on February 6

      Sean - no email for me either. I submitted my NDA and I filled out a request for info form from the MCG website, and no response. I know you guys are busy making great games but I've got a play testing itch that only Invisible Sun can scratch.

    21. John Medany on February 5

      Ok - so not entirely sure why things went astray but only fair to say that Sean is on top of things :)

    22. Missing avatar

      David Bjorne on February 4

      I got an email yesterday morning.

    23. John Medany on February 3

      Did others get a mail ? Still nothing here :(

    24. Missing avatar

      David Bjorne on February 3

      Thanks, Sean!

    25. Oliver Peltier
      on February 3

      Thanks Sean, I am in :-)

    26. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on February 2

      Heya, folks!
      I see your messages about not getting the playtester information and I'm investigating. I have a theory. Please stay tuned!

    27. Missing avatar

      David Bjorne on February 2

      I did get the auto response saying my request had been received when I filled out the form the other night. Nothing otherwise, yet. I just used the Ask A Question on the FAQ here to ping MCG. Hopefully someone will see that soon.

    28. John Medany on February 2

      I should say thats the contact form Sean said to fill in - My NDA was returned mid December ...

    29. John Medany on February 2

      I am trying to be understanding - but its now been two weeks without even an email to say the form has been received (i've now filed it in twice 10 days apart) ...

    30. Missing avatar

      Martin Locqueville on February 1

      I can't review the details of my pledge on Backerkit anymore, it displays the project as closed (when a project I've backed three years ago still has the review details button). Is this normal?

      I'm pretty sure there's no problem with my account, but I like to review things from time to time.

    31. Oliver Peltier
      on February 1

      I've not received a reply to my submitted completed NDA yet. I reckon the team are super busy. Time differences make things interesting as well.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Bjorne on January 31

      Ha, just had a friend text me to see if I had an update on the playtest (he's one of the folks I got an NDA from). Guess I haven't checked here in a couple of weeks. I haven't received a playtest email yet, either.

    33. Oliver Peltier
      on January 30

      @John I'm sure that Tammie is busy upon her return to the office.

      Hope we receive our Playtest emails soon

      I also am not annoyed, really eager

    34. John Medany on January 30

      NDA was signed within 10 mins of it turning up. Still not had the play test email however.

      Not annoyed - just eager

    35. Oliver Peltier
      on January 27

      Just found an email from December � Grrr, requesting NDA �. I've controlled PDF Expert via my intangible black cube and just sent a signed NDA. I'll keep my senses peeled for responses and Playtest materia. ���

    36. Thomas van Iersel on January 20

      So uh is it november yet?

    37. John Medany on January 20

      Just sent form as instructed. Thanks

    38. Derek Conley
      on January 19


      Nothing yet. Form submitted per your instructions below.

    39. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on January 18

      We just sent out the playtest documents, so if your backer level gets you the playtest materials, please check your email. It might take a few hours to arrive, as the emails are sent in bursts so they're less likely to be mistaken for spam. If you still haven't received them by about noon tomorrow, let us know with the Contact Us form and we'll sort it out:

    40. Jim Groves on January 17

      Sean: I probably gush too much. I just want Monte to get that positive energy / excitement going.

      ...And I return you to Krzysiek's question..

    41. Krzysiek Piwowarski on January 17

      So about that's that coming along?

    42. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on January 16

      Thanks, Jim! We appreciate that you're excited. And we get it. :)

    43. Jim Groves on January 14

      Monte and Company,
      Thank you for the design diaries! I thought about asking for one, earlier this January, but I told myself to be patient because it was still in the wake of the winter holidays. It was a genuine pleasure to see my patience was rewarded. These design diaries do a lot to soothe the necessary waiting while you create and finish the game. I just wanted you and the team to know that I didn't take this update for granted. I look forward to hopefully reading another one next month!

    44. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on January 13

      @Doug Smith Do you mean the playtest materials?

    45. Doug Smith on January 13

      Any word on ship date?

    46. Krzysiek Piwowarski on January 6

      It's me.
      I was wandering through the mazes
      of sunlit Satyrine.
      I've drunk thought wine
      Played the Screams
      There's no vestige left within me
      Just a baleful harmony.

      Oh the spells, we used to weave
      and the marvels of Between.

      Happy (belated) New Year peeps!
      Still not November, I see. :(

    47. Jim Groves on December 30

      @Sean C Campbell- Thanks for the reply! Good luck to those able to participate.

    48. Missing avatar

      Shawn C Campbell on December 30

      @Jim Groves - Not yet. Early next year.

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