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The new RPG from Monte Cook. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table--and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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    1. Missing avatar

      shai about 15 hours ago

      @The Monkey, context, the Pale Sun is a place known as Death.

    2. Missing avatar

      shai about 15 hours ago

      @the monkey, maybe take a look at the "Pale Sun" updates:
      Night side:
      @ Darius, Zero's is introduced in the "Nightside Path of the Golden sun":
      Is this what you meant?

    3. The Monkey 1 day ago

      Appreciate the pointers Sean! I loved the idea of Ghostwalk in D&D as mentioned in the video but though I got the book I never got the chance to introduce it into my gaming group... reason being that I thought of it as being too separate from the core idea of my campaign at the time. Invisible Sun sounds like it's going to integrate playing dead in a more inclusive way. Two thumbs up!

    4. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator 2 days ago

      @The Monkey
      I think you should read this design diary:
      And watch this video:…

    5. The Monkey 3 days ago

      Morning everyone. Intrigued by Sean's comment about death not necessarily being the end. Would be interested to hear more on this, about character development once dead (and that sounds strange but fun!) and what the ramifications are...what the character gains from being dead and what the character loses (if anything)...who they meet (divinities?) if they are separated from the Actuality or just changed somehow. Hopefully this can be touched on in a future design diary maybe?

    6. The Monkey 4 days ago

      Thanks for the reply Sean. I am really looking forward to the figurines as placing these in the table will help give a really evocative feel for the game. Any further figurines that might be planned would be fab...even if as part of a further KS. I am big into physical handouts for my RPGs and must admit that a big part of my decision to pledge was the Directed Campaign. Looking forward to this and seeing where it takes us...

    7. Darius Sayers 4 days ago

      I'm not finding it now, does anyone remember where, here/other website the blurb on Zeros was at?

    8. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator 4 days ago

      There are the five figurines that were part of the Kickstarter camp; other than that we haven't announced any plans for an Invisible Sun miniatures line. We'll keep your interest in mind, though, and if such a thing happens, we'll be sure to mention it in a Kickstarter update as well as on our website.
      Combat is a part of the game, but it's less about tactical positioning and more about managing resources, like casting the right spell at the right time. (In our playtest campaign, we've had several combats, but I don't think we ever really needed a map to handle the tactical elements of it.) Combat is very quick, and thus can be very deadly, but since death isn't necessarily the end…

    9. Krzysiek Piwowarski 4 days ago

      take on* silly board not allowing edits

    10. Krzysiek Piwowarski 4 days ago

      Well we did unlock those figurines during the campaign... honestly I don't think regular size minis would capture the oddity of Satyrine's inhabitants. As for combat - the system was hinted at as a d10 take one the cypher system so look to that as a hint of what it may be like.

    11. The Monkey 6 days ago

      Would there ever be a possibility for a miniatures line for Invisible Sun? I am a collector of miniatures, both for display and gaming, and would love minis for this game. Also, with this in mind, I'm interested to hear of how combat is dealt with in game. I get the impression thus far, whilst not being privy to playtesting and just reading up on articles, etc that it isn't that large a part of the experience, but maybe I'm wrong? Still...minis would be great. I'd want that cat, for sure...

    12. Monte Cook Games 10-time creator
      on July 12

      Hey, all, super sorry about the coupon code--there was a little switch in the back end we forgot to flip. On it now; it should be working within a minute or two.


    13. The Monkey on July 12

      I like the blinking cat, but it's a little unnerving as well...

    14. M. Sean Molley
      on July 12

      I can confirm that the discount code provided in the Sooth Deck Update is not active on the MCG Store site. Fails with "coupon [redacted] does not exist"

    15. Mattia Norando on July 12

      The discount code for the Sooth deck doesn't work!?

    16. James Fellows on June 28

      I do hope the Forbidden Game will be pulled from the Actuality into the shadow for us to play, we'll wait.

    17. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on June 27

      Shanna spotted this really cool Kickstarter—a customizable modular tile system for organizing board game tokens and components. This would be really handy for a game like Invisible Sun! The Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday.

    18. The Monkey on June 27

      Thanks Jim, yes that makes sense now. Hadn't read that before (shame on me!) but using the soothe deck looks like it'll have some interesting story repercussions in play, based on character heart, etc. Looking forward to learning more, but for now I'll just take another look through the glorious artwork...

    19. Jim Groves on June 26

      John, I gave you a hint down below. Every character is comprised of certain keywords, like a Numenera or Strange character. Invisible Sun characters just have MORE keywords. One of them is heart. Here's a link to an update article about the heart keyword.
      Check it out, some of the images kinda make more sense after you do.

    20. The Monkey on June 26

      Just wondering, what with all the symbology and the trickery of hidden codes that was a feature of the Kickstarter whether there's any codes in the soothe deck art...

    21. The Monkey on June 26

      Oh and btw I don't mind a bit at the slight delay...striving for genius should be allowed all the time it takes...!

    22. The Monkey on June 26

      Wow...thanks for the art PDF...some great images there, dreamlike, nightmarish, surreal. I see a lot of swan imagery. It all looks fantastic. February awaits, like some thief that's stolen the promise of November from us. Ah, the wait is an exquisite pain. Are you all Cenobites in disguise? :)

    23. Jim Groves on June 26

      @ Saint13- for more confirmation, do some research into the heart character keyword. You probably got it sussed already, but... its fun to see it confirmed.

    24. Saint13 on June 26

      @Claus, YES THEY ARE! I think I have figured out the suits and "face cards" for each suit.

    25. Claus Bo Christensen
      on June 26

      I just downloaded the IS Sooth deck art PDF. My goodness that is amazing.

    26. The Monkey on June 23

      The more I read about the focus on character and setting the more intrigued I am, and I'll be coming at this from the GM perspective, so really looking forward to the whole idea of creating a shared experience with my players. Sounds like this is going to be fun...

    27. Jim Groves on June 18

      As always, I want to thank Monte and the team for these monthly updates. They don't go unnoticed and they go a long way towards helping us remain patient and not bugging you guys while you craft this magnificent game. I have said thanks before, but I think the positive feedback is important. Looking forward to next month.

    28. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on June 15

      @Everyone I've posted Monte's new design diary about how players and GM work together to choose and build a story arc (instead of the GM dangling an adventure hook in front of the PCs).

    29. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on June 1

      @Krzysiek Piwowarski the backer whose group you're joining should forward you a copy of the NDA to fill out and mail to us, and then they can share the playtest materials with you.

    30. Krzysiek Piwowarski on May 26

      Question with regards to playtest - is it just backers of appropriate levels that get access to the materials (and then its up to them to cascade to players that signed the NDAs) or does everyone who signed the NDA get the link to the materials?

    31. Jim Groves on May 23

      Thanks Sean! It was a good one (but they all are).

    32. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on May 23

      New design diary! This one's about the importance of the First Session, where you get together as a group to establish connections between the characters and add interesting elements to each character's neighborhood.

    33. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on May 22

      I'll present those questions to the rest of the team. I'm sure Monte has plans to address most of them in future updates, but I'll let him know that you're getting curious about those aspects. :)

    34. Jim Groves on May 22

      **Disclaimer** This is not a complaint! This is only enthusiasm!

      I am looking forward to the May Design Diary / Update. If we discount half of September for a rest period, we're just under six months now. Since a new Design Diary has not been posted yet, I was going to put a bid in for a few additional comments on the state of the project. Not out of worry, but good natured nosiness and curiosity.

      Examples: How does MCG think the playtest is going and anything they have learned or improved? (Since backers cannot comment per their NDA) How are the art orders going? The Black Cube had to be resized to accommodate more materials; how is that design going? Is Bear in charge of the physical Black Cube too, as well as the art? How about the rules primer; still on target for summer sometime? Last GenCon you were in talks with a company to do the Mobile App?

      I'm just snoopy. :) These felt like fun questions to ask.

    35. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 27

      If you're an Invisible Sun backer whose backer level includes playtest materials, keep an eye on your inbox today--we're sending out notifications for Round 3 of the playtest materials. (The software sends out notifications in waves so it doesn't look like spam, so it might take a few hours for the notification to reach you.)

    36. Saajan 9000
      on April 21


    37. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 20

      @Saajan I'm investigating so I can find where the break in the information link is. I should have an update for you soon. :)

    38. Saajan 9000
      on April 19

      hi i still need my playtest stuff - thanks!

    39. Krzysiek Piwowarski on April 19

      Is it November yet?

    40. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 13

      New design diary today about the thrill of hunting for secrets. :)

    41. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on April 13

      @Krzysiek Piwowarski in general, we'll send out a playtest update when we actually have new information ready to share with playtesters. Soon, though. :)

    42. Krzysiek Piwowarski on April 12

      Sean I've emailed you guys a few days ago but had no reply yet - what's the status on the playtest? Feels like I've missed something cause I haven't had any update since stage 2.

    43. Saajan 9000
      on March 16

      request for vislae to contribute to the story square-space:

    44. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)
      on March 16

      I'm with Brett B and his BS! I'd love an official update.

    45. Missing avatar

      Brett Bloczynski on March 15

      When can we expect the next official KS update to come out?

    46. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on March 14

      There is a new Monte design diary about vislae death and vislae ghosts. :-)

    47. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on February 16

      Monte has written a new design diary about long form magic. :)

    48. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on February 6

      @Joseph Noll I've replied to you via email!

    49. Missing avatar

      Joseph Noll
      on February 6

      Sean - no email for me either. I submitted my NDA and I filled out a request for info form from the MCG website, and no response. I know you guys are busy making great games but I've got a play testing itch that only Invisible Sun can scratch.

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