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The new RPG from Monte Cook. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table--and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
1,846 backers pledged $664,274 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Erik Freund 37 minutes ago

      This is great! I didn't expect the Black Cube to be such a hit with my ... kids ... but it's sturdy enough for them to climb on it and jump off of it, so it's become a beloved addition to the family room. (Which is good, because I have no idea how I'm going to store this thing.)

      Is there a forum somewhere where we can ask game questions? If not, I have a question! Where are the rules for what Geotics summon, and how they interact with the world? I'm not talking about colloquy or types of summoning, but what comes after that. I get that the level of the creature determines quite a lot about how it interacts with other players, but I don't know how I'd handle the simple case of a Geotic summoning an angel for a Guard action, and then the Vislae gets attacked by something else (i.e. the NPC-on-NPC violence). And that's not even considering special abilities (I summoned a fire angel, which is immune to the Cerberus's hellfire breath!). Is there a Goetic bestiary somewhere that I've looked over? (The Bestiary in The Path has only 1 angel and 1 devil, both of which are far too high level for a level 1 Goetic to summon.)

      Thanks! And great product!

    2. Oliver Peltier
      about 9 hours ago

      I also would love form-fillable character sheets, even a regular PDF which I could make form-fillable.
      The advantages of a PDF enable some visually impaired people to use a character sheet, to play an RPG and also helps people with poor or illegible handwriting.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jason Marks
      about 16 hours ago

      One thing I would like to see are some form-fillable character sheets.

    4. Missing avatar

      shai 2 days ago

      @Frank Branham, you should have 4 ten sided dice: 3 in one color and 1 of another. This is a list of components (though I don't know if it's up to date, IIRC more cards and tokens were added):

    5. Missing avatar

      shai 2 days ago

      @nathan, I remember the update, yet there are backers from other continents (I am one of them) and I wanted to know how will the fullfilment go with those backer. (We are a minority, but we are still taking a part of this project.)
      Thanks anyways.
      @Daryl, from what I understood, the sun based secret is set to the day you backed, regardless of changes one made to their pledge (we seem to agree on that). The medallion, on the other hand, is not necessarily the same sun as the secret is. (From the list of contents of the shipments in the latest update: "With one of eight random sun medallions".)
      The reason is, that "there will be equal numbers of each made". (From the campaign page.)
      If it was changed, I was not aware of that.

    6. Greg Krywusha
      2 days ago

      The cube arrived today! It's amazing. So...much... STUFF!

    7. Frank Branham
      3 days ago

      Is there a reasonably complete inventory of the cube somewhere? I think mine is missing dice, but I was hoping to check for any other missing bits before asking for support.

      Because this is probably the single most daunting game ever to turn up on my doorstep.

    8. Daryl McLaurine
      3 days ago

      @shai, nether is correct. I was communicating with the @creator to confirm. I was assured that the sun based secret and the medallion I had were set, even after I changed to "...with a key"

    9. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)
      3 days ago

      @Ross: Look under the insert of the second drawer for the token chitboards!

    10. Missing avatar

      shai 3 days ago

      @K. David, there won't be PDFs of the books, yet, according to @Jim Groves, there are searchable text files of the rules.

    11. Ross Isaacs
      3 days ago

      Also, curious about the keyfall. When are we supposed to receive those?

    12. Ross Isaacs
      3 days ago

      I just got mine and it's amazine. Overwhelming, really. Where are the punch out tokens? I can't find them.

    13. K. David Woolley
      3 days ago

      Cube has arrived, gonna wait until tonight to open it with the playgroup. Query, will PDFs be made available?

    14. Missing avatar

      shai 3 days ago


    15. Missing avatar

      nathan 3 days ago

      There was info and update about UK, Europe, Asia, NZ, Australia shipping in update #80.

    16. Missing avatar

      shai 3 days ago

      (It was supposed to end with a Q. mark)

    17. Missing avatar

      shai 3 days ago

      @MCG, in today's update (I'm assuming there is one) could you give a general timeline for shipping to the rest of the world (Not US, Euro and AUS).

    18. Demithyle the Exalted 3 days ago

      Saajan - I suspect any messages they've received over the past few days are simply forming a backlog in their system right now, while they're all hands on posting the cubes to US backers. It's annoying, I know (waiting for a reply myself), we'll have to wait for a little bit longer while they sort everything out.

    19. Missing avatar

      shai 3 days ago

      @Daryl, the medalions that go with the cube are random. (From the "Control the Black Cube" description in the campaign page: "fate will decide which medallion you get...")
      The sun based secret is according to the day you backed.

    20. Clinton Macgowan
      4 days ago

      @MCG Can you provide any further information regarding Australian shipping? You briefly mentioned AU in Update 73 about teaming up with a local distributor and the cubes going out more or less with the US but there has been not a mention of this since then. Is this still going ahead or are we waiting for a resend from the UK?

    21. Saajan 9000
      4 days ago

      I bought 3 Cubes only had a coupon for one(I have the Backer Kit confirmation).

      Nothing on medallion or keys I believe.

      Already sent a message to MCGames a few days ago, would love to get this resolved ASAP!

    22. Daryl McLaurine
      4 days ago

      I got the cube, but none of my addons, the right medallion, or the keys.

    23. Jim Groves 4 days ago

      Those who have had their Cubes ship received a searchable text file today. It’s like a universal game glossary that includes spells and card based information. I have it, so this is not rumor or speculation.

    24. Missing avatar

      shai 4 days ago

      @Tyler, if I remember correctly, there won't be PDFs for the books. Though there will be an App., that might have some of the rules on it, so you can play "on the go" (side scenes).

    25. Tyler Allen 4 days ago

      Just need copies of the PDFs for the main books now so I can study on the go!

    26. Tyler Allen 4 days ago

      Got mine yesterday in Oregon.

    27. Remi Letourneau 4 days ago

      Got my cube today... HUGE Beast! and very well packed

    28. Missing avatar

      Cameron Olson 4 days ago

      @Jim Groves Okay thanks.

    29. Missing avatar

      Steve Howes 4 days ago

      It’s here! Impressed an amazed by the contents, quality and design .... impressed by the packaging too! Can’t wait to dig in further.

    30. Demithyle the Exalted 5 days ago

      @Alyx - while they certainly don't like it when we do that, sometimes giving them a poke via Twitter helps with getting their attention if you have a serious issue (which I'd certainly class yours as)

    31. Brandon Ording 5 days ago

      @Jared The wicked keys and the Vislae Kits are not shipping yet. They will be coming separately later.

    32. Missing avatar

      Master Magus Kato 5 days ago

      Well mine just showed up, sans any notification at all. So who knows your cube could be on the way right now.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jared A. Thomas 5 days ago

      Yet to attempt contacting them - Figure they're all hands on deck what with summoning rituals taking place left and right. I am curious as well, though, if wicked keys or visale kits are in flight or still in construction...

    34. Jim Groves 5 days ago

      @Cameron: The Wicked Keys are not ready, they’ll be sent at a later time. There are a few other bits and add-ons that aren’t ready too, like the Order Medallions and the miniatures. The PDF reference is being polished up by Shanna and should be done in about a week. The App is close to being done but going through a round of beta-testing.

    35. Alyx Wulf 5 days ago

      Has anyone had any luck contacting MCG? I sent them an email (through the contact info in last update) because my coupon code 'vanished' from their website. I haven't heard back and I'm starting to get a little worried... :(

      tldr; I redeemed one code (pdf primer) went back to redeem other code (black cube) but it was gone.

    36. Missing avatar

      Cameron Olson 5 days ago

      Hey everyone. I just got my Black Cube in today and I was curious to know where the 9 wicker keys are located in the Cube? I couldn't find it in my brief unboxing.

    37. Missing avatar

      Shawn C Campbell 5 days ago

      @Demithyl. I figure it’s the all hands on deck at the warehouse situation. While I’m hating waiting, I have faith that MCG will make sure the wait was worth it.

    38. Demithyle the Exalted 5 days ago

      On a different note - we were told the cube itself would contain secrets. Has anyone found any yet?

    39. Demithyle the Exalted 5 days ago

      @Shawn - two guesses as to why we're not getting replies about our Bind the Cube rewards:
      A) they're all hands on shipping the cubes in their warehouse
      B) we've been told those higher tiers will be addressed in the next update

      Does it suck that backers putting down 4 digit sums for their product are being effectively ignored? Yup, but I guess these are the caveats of working with a small team on a large project.

    40. Jat 5 days ago

      Got my cube yesterday. I was too tired from work to start plumbing it's depths, but today I might be up to the task...!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jason Marks
      5 days ago

      I just got my notification from fedex today, I should get mine on Monday.

    42. Thomas van Iersel 5 days ago

      Congrats Bryant!

    43. Bryant Turnage 5 days ago

      Got my Cube today! Can't wait! I do love a good mystery.

    44. Missing avatar

      Shawn C Campbell 5 days ago

      @Master Magus Kato. If it makes you feel better, I’m still waiting to get a coupon for my cube. Messaged MCG here and through their web store and am still waiting for a response too.

    45. Missing avatar

      Master Magus Kato 5 days ago

      So my order is still being processed, has been since we could order, and my ticket hasn't gotten a response yet. Meanwhile other people have gotten their cubes. This is really frustrating.

    46. Jim Groves 5 days ago

      @Crab Tree: The Keys are not ready yet. The cubes are shipping without them

    47. Missing avatar

      A Crab Tree 5 days ago

      Question did anyone get their wicked keys with their order? Oddly enough its one of those things I don't ever recall seeing anything about all this time i've kept up with the project. Also I'm so happy it looks like my cube shall appear today :)

    48. Brandon Ording 6 days ago

      Anyone who has gotten their Black Cube already and wants to work together to figure out the secrets should come join us on the Cypher Unlimited Discord's Invisible Sun secrets channel:

    49. The Monkey 6 days ago

      Good news Demithyle!

    50. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Cue 6 days ago

      @Brandon Thanks!

      My cube arrived today - gotta wait for the Shadow World to fall aside so I can really get into it!!

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