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The new RPG from Monte Cook. A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table--and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.
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    1. Thomas van Iersel about 18 hours ago


      Appreciate the dig! Cheers

    2. Jim Groves 4 days ago

      Hey guys,
      I just thought I would do a little digging and cite an official source. I know with a month to go that folks like to see the "official" word. This is from November 26th,
      The Coming Soon page at the MCG says March for the public street date.

    3. The Monkey 4 days ago

      @McG -looking forward to February and the wonderful delights it may bring....

    4. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD 5 days ago

      Thanks Jim, I was about to ask. I plan to get the Strange Box together with the Black Cube, can't wait much longer... :D

    5. Jim Groves 5 days ago

      @Thomas - Yes, MCG has stated on Twitter that Kickstarter Backers should expect Black Cubes to ship in February. The Pre-Order Customers should expect them to ship in March. I am very excited too. ;)

    6. Thomas van Iersel 7 days ago

      Preview Art is amazing, and had a fun time reading through the rules primer, cheerio! February still the goal? Looking forward to making my friends envious ;)

    7. Tyler Duckworth on January 11

      Thanks, Zakery. Found it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Zakery Oglesby on January 10

      If you log in to your Monte Cook website account with the same email as your Kickstarter account and go to your account page you'll see a tab which says redeem code. The redemption for the Primer is there.

    9. Tyler Duckworth on January 10

      I backed Invisible Sun, but I cannot find this e-mail with the Primer anywhere. A month ago, I can only find a Christmas e-mail talking about light in the darkness.

    10. James Fellows on January 6

      The PDF rules primer redemption appeared to backers as an email. No post or update.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Guzman on January 6

      Where is everyone reading the rules primer? Did i miss it in an update somewhere or was it posted here ?

    12. Corey Watson on January 5

      A month away, and this is almost always on my mind. Even at work I find my thoughts drifting back to Invisible Sun constantly. I've read the rules primer, I keep looking up more art. I've read the design diaries a few times. Gah! I can't wait to devour these books! x.x I need to sate this thirst. So excited. <3

    13. Jussi Myllyluoma
      on December 24

      Just to add a bit to the previous:

      I know, the design intent for the Black Box is described in phrases like "incredibly sturdy".

      However, the Strange box was also described as a "deluxe box ... of sturdy design, with a deluxe linen finish". And I am sure you agree, if anything, "deluxe" is an antonym for "flimsy". Yet in spite of the intention, flimsy is how it unfortunately came out.
      And no linen, BTW; just paper.

      And that is my point: I am confident that you never wanted or meant to turn out anything but exactly what you said — a deluxe, sturdy box, linen and all.
      Yet your supplier clearly let you down and delivered something ... else.

      So, now for the Black Box — do you have a plan to ensure that "incredibly sturdy" (the phrase implying something akin to an "Estate Vault" grade product) is what you supplier actually makes, this time?

    14. Jussi Myllyluoma
      on December 24

      I've backed the MCG Kickstarters for the Numenera box, the Strange box, and now the Black Box.

      The Numenera box— meaning the actual, physical enclosure — I am reasonably happy with; it pretty much does what it's supposed to, I feel.
      The Strange box ... not so much. The one I received had been literally torn to shreds in transport. I got a replacement, it wasn't in much better nick. The third one was pristine, but only because it had been packaged like an eggshell. This box seems prone to break apart as soon as you look at it.

      It appears then that you guys may have switched box suppliers between these two campaigns, or else just chosen a cheaper quality. Something clearly changed, anyway.

      The growing concern now is ... what's the Black Box going to be like?
      Like the Numenera box? Or even better, perhaps?
      Or like the Strange box? Or ... worse?

      What's the plan?

    15. Jason Bratley on December 21

      @Sean K Reynolds Thanks for the response. As to card replacements I should have been clearer, the cost to ship a single replacement card (and to sort through requests) would be too time consuming.

      My thoughts were about buying replacements of the entire card set.

      Also if they are standard card size, that is Wonderful news! If they aren't, well... I don't mind, I'm just too fired up about getting my players out of shadow.

      Oh and don't trust the Hendasa... They're lying...

    16. Eric T. Kilbride on December 21

      @James Fellows, I've been looking all yesterday and today and haven't come up with anything, in the images, text, or metadata. I think there probably are none, which is kind of disappointing? I just read over all the promises for it and no secrets were mentioned.

    17. James Fellows on December 20

      Anyone find any secrets in the Rules Primer yet?

    18. Missing avatar

      William T Carmichael
      on December 19

      Rules Primer! Woohoo!

    19. Sean K Reynolds Collaborator on December 19

      @Jason Bratley I haven't measured them, but I'm 99% sure they're standard playing card size.
      The decks will include some blank ones so you can add your own custom spells, incantations, objects of power, etc.
      I don't think we have anything in place for people to acquire single cards they've lost.

    20. Missing avatar

      shai on December 17

      @Cameron Olson, when the box is ready, we will order them from the site with a coupon, there we will place the shipping address

    21. Jason Bratley on December 16

      @Jim Groves, thanks for the info vislae :)

    22. Jim Groves on December 15

      @Oliver Peltier and @John Medany:
      Just sharing some information. Today is the last day to add on Numerenera 2 exclusive items. I tweeted Charles Ryan (who was warning folks not to miss it), and I asked about the Invisible Sun medallions. So, could make an informed decisions about spending discretionary funds.
      He replied that as of today, they still didn't know. They are still working on it, but don't have a definitive answer either way. At least that is not a "no." I'm just sharing as a community FYI.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cameron Olson on December 14

      Is there a way to change the shipping address for the Black Cube? I recently had to move to a new location and need to have the Black Cube ship their.

    24. Jason Bratley on December 13

      Two questions that spring to mind. Are the cards included in the Black Cube (not the sooth deck) standard playing card size? I was wondering if they would fit into protective sleeves.

      Also cards can get damaged/lost/eaten by the great void-wobbler of juliette IV. Would there be the option to purchase replacements should this happen?

    25. James Fellows on December 12

      For anyone wondering about the extra Sooth Deck, read Update #57.

    26. John Medany
      on December 12

      Quick question - as all preorders are getting an additional south deck should we with pledges (I'm at control with playtest) be getting one as well ?



    27. John Medany
      on December 12

      Thanks for looking into the Medallions Darcy - I was in for around $700 at the backer kit and adding the medallions at the time was a push too far ... now it would be doable - so if it was swingable that would be amazing

    28. Jason Bratley on December 10

      Thanks for the response :)

      See you in the Actuality.

    29. Oliver Peltier
      on December 8

      @Darcy, I'm with @Jim, I also am interested in the medallions.

      Awesome news about the Rules Primer

      Thank Visla that Unmasked is out (I'm busy tinkering away making NPC and Player Character masks (including Zanzibar N'Rab an Itinerant Gallant Goetic who Warps Time and Space, who fled Satyrine during the War and ended up in Shadow, 1986.

      Zanzibar is an Inquisitive Changer who Travels Back From the Future (Miriam Braun, a fourteen-year old student with a talent for languages and a love of poetry)

    30. Jim Groves on December 7

      @ Darcy—thanks for looking into those medallions for me/us. I'm still interested. That said, I'll survive if they're a one time deal. Life is filled with choices sometimes.

    31. Monte Cook Games 11-time creator
      on December 7

      @shai: Yep! There will indeed be compartments to separate out the various components of the Black Cube. :-D

      @Jason: Yes, those books will be sold in friendly local gaming stores as well as our own shop.

    32. Jason Bratley on December 7

      Hi. I was wondering if the books such as the Threshold and the Nightside be available to buy seperately? I forgot to back them at the time :/

      Also the t-shirts do look rather cool :)

    33. Missing avatar

      shai on December 7

      @Darcy, yep, that's what I'm asking.

    34. Monte Cook Games 11-time creator
      on December 6

      Hi folks!
      Just a mini-update to address questions.

      The Invisible Sun Rules Primer: It's written, it's looking good, but it's gotta go through layout and such still. It will probably be in your hands very early January :D

      Medallions: We don't currently have a way for people to purchase them who didn't get them through Backerkit originally, but I'm asking whether we might be able to work something out because they are indeed darn pretty.

      @Shai: I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Are you asking whether the different components of the game have different compartments within the Black Cube? I can check on where that stands, but want to make sure that's what you're asking.

      - Darcy

    35. JJ on December 6

      More than 2 weeks now and still not a single reply from MCG regarding my refund.

    36. Missing avatar

      shai on November 29

      @MCG, few questions:
      1) when should we expect the rules premier?
      2) Bear stated previously, the components of the game are compartmentalized. Does it go down to separating the different decks and tokens (for example separating artifacts and spells deck)? Or do they go together?

    37. Krzysiek Piwowarski on November 24

      JJ, out of curiosity - why do you want to cancel?

    38. JJ on November 20


      Just sent an email to enquiring about cancellation and refund, looking forward to a reply.

      Thank you.

    39. Jim Groves on November 16

      Cross posted with the update.

      Is there any chance that backers might be able to purchase medallions, if they did not do so during the campaign or the backer kit?

      I know, snooze you lose, but finances have gotten better… And frankly they look way cooler than I ever expected or imagined.

      Sorry if I didn’t have faith, but… Be kind, it’s meant as a compliment.

    40. Michael Parker (The Closet Gamer)
      on November 15

      Speaking of Darcy Ross' Invisible Sun game with One Shot: I thought I'd put this here in case anyone here missed this!…

    41. Jim Groves on November 13

      I watched the whole thing. I hope Darcy does a follow up with an actual play (not that this wasn’t cool). It would neat to see these guys actually play.

    42. James Fellows on November 7

      Go watch this! Darcy Ross runs Session Zero:

    43. James Fellows on October 22

      Yes, that's a misspelling because the name was already taken:

      I find the MCG team way more active on social media, as opposed to here.

    44. Giovanni Castelletti on October 19

      Can't wait to receive my Black Cube!
      I will patiently wait the release, I promise! But it would be nice to have some official news about the Rules Primer now that the final product is going to be printed and assembled. Just to soothe the eager anticipation :D

    45. James Fellows on October 18

      For anyone reading the Timeline, it's out by 3 months... for at least the Black Cube and the Directed Campaign. It's in update #56. Will other things come on time? Most likely!

    46. The Monkey on October 10

      Thanks guys...I'm in for the directed campaign as that was clincher for me, but it's always nice to have on hand a couple of modules that can maybe be used as side quests. I used to write - a lot - so back in the day could pen loads of adventures (talking D&D here) that could be used if the PCs went off piste but nowadays, with a 3 year old devouring time like a Lovecraftian entity I don't get to write so much...hence published modules always good! ;)

    47. Jim Groves on October 9

      @James and the Monkey: Yeah, we pretty much funded an entire robust one year product line with multiple releases. That was one reason I had to upgrade to Control the Cube with a Key, it was just too good of a deal. Though a couple glimmer style pdfs would be most welcome, but then again, the Direct Campaign will also work for me.

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